President Donald J. Trump’s unprecedented success in 2022

“President Donald J. Trump has endorsed over 330 candidates this election cycle. President Trump hosted 30 rallies across 17 states over the past 18 months.

President Trump hosted over 50 in-person fundraisers in support of candidates up for re-election.

President Trump delivered remarks on over 60 TeleRallies and automated calls in support of Republicans.

President Trump raised nearly $350 million this election cycle for Republican candidates and Party Committees.

Make America Great Again Inc., the main Super PAC for President Donald J. Trump, has spent $16.4 million in 5 weeks in support of U.S. Senate, Gubernational, and Attorney General races across the country.

• $4 million opposing Mark Kelly and supporting Blake Masters in Arizona
• $3.6 million opposing Raphael Warnock in Georgia
• $3.4 million opposing John Fetterman in Pennsylvania
• $2.4 million opposing Tim Ryan in Ohio
• $2.1 million opposing Catherine Cortez Masto and supporting Adam Laxalt in Nevada
• $1.0 million opposing Gretchen Whitmer and Dana Nessel in Michigan


Trump-endorsed candidates for U.S. Senate were 21-0 in primary elections during the 2022 election cycle

When President Trump endorsed J.D. Vance on April 15, 2022, he was polling in 5th place for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate. His endorsement led to a resounding 8% margin of primary victory by Vance among a 7-candidate field. In the general election, Vance was outspent by $35 million.

President Trump endorsed Blake Masters on June 2, 2022, when Masters was polling in 3rd place for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate. His endorsement led to a tremendous 12% margin of primary victory by Masters among a 5-candidate field. In the general election, Masters was outspent by nearly $70 million.

President Trump endorsed Dr. Oz on April 9, 2022, when Oz was trailing his opponent by 7%. Through President Trump’s endorsement and relentless support, Oz won the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate. In the general election, Oz was outspent by over $16 million.

President Trump’s early endorsements of Herschel Walker, Ted Budd, and Adam Laxalt led to enormous margins of victory in their Republican primaries.
• Walker won with a 55% margin of victory among a 6-candidate field.
• Budd won by a 34% margin of victory among a 14-candidate field.
• Laxalt won with a 22% margin of victory among an 8-candidate field.

Walker, Budd, and Laxalt were collectively outspent by over $145 million.

2 of the 3 Republican U.S. Senators up for re-election this year, who voted to impeach President Trump, retired, instead of facing voters in a Republican primary.

An additional Senator who voted to impeach — who was not up for re-election this year — resigned.


President Trump’s early endorsements of U.S. House candidates strategically enabled key Republican recruits to win their nominations without runoffs or, in some cases, any opposition.

President Trump endorsed Derrick Van Orden (Wisconsin-03) in August 2021. One year later, on August 9, 2022, Van Orden won the Republican nomination without opposition.

President Trump endorsed Monica De La Cruz (Texas-15) and Wesley Hunt (Texas38) in February 2022. Three weeks later, De La Cruz and Hunt won the Republican nomination without a runoff, despite running in crowded primary fields of 9 and 10 candidates, respectively.

8 of the 10 Republican U.S. Representatives who voted to impeach President Trump either retired or were defeated for re-election.

One Republican who remains survived through the diffusion of votes against him, spread across 6 other candidates. 34% of Republican votes were cast for the Representative who voted to impeach — 66% of Republican votes were cast against him.


President Trump endorsed Kari Lake on September 28, 2021. Throughout the Republican primary, Kari was outspent by her Republican opponents by a 5:1 margin. Despite the spending disadvantage, Lake won the Republican nomination by over 4%.

President Trump’s endorsements of Governor Kevin Stitt (Oklahoma) and Derek Schmidt (Kansas) resulted in overwhelming primary victories.

Trump-Endorsed U.S. Senate Candidates:

• Katie Britt [AL]
• Kelly Tshibaka [AK]
• Blake Masters [AZ]
• John Boozman [AR]
• Leora Levy [CT]
• Marco Rubio [FL]
• Herschel Walker [GA]
• Mike Crapo [ID]
• Chuck Grassley [IA]

• Jerry Moran [KS]
• Rand Paul [KY]
• John Kennedy [LA]
• Eric Schmitt [MO]
• Adam Laxalt [NV]
• Don Bolduc [NH]
• Ted Budd [NC]
• John Hoeven [ND]
• J.D. Vance [OH]

• James Lankford [OK]
• Markwayne Mullin [OK]
• Mehmet Oz [PA]
• Tim Scott [SC]
• Mike Lee [UT]
• Gerald Malloy [VT]
• Ron Johnson [WI]

Trump-Endorsed Gubernatorial Candidates:

• Mike Dunleavy [AK]
• Kari Lake [AZ]
• Sarah Sanders [AR]
• Darren Bailey [IL]
• Kim Reynolds [IA]
• Derek Schmidt [KS]
• Daniel Cameron [KY]
• Dan Cox [MD]

• Geoff Diehl [MA]
• Tudor Dixon [MI]
• Scott Jensen [MN]
• Joe Lombardo [NV]
• Mark Ronchetti [NM]
• Lee Zeldin [NY]
• Mike DeWine [OH]
• Kevin Stitt [OK]

• Doug Mastriano [PA]
• Henry McMaster [SC]
• Kristi Noem [SD]
• Bill Lee [TN]
• Greg Abbott [TX]
• Tim Michels [WI]

30 Save America rallies:
Alabama, Alaska, Arizona (3x), Florida (2x), Georgia (2x), Illinois, Iowa (2x), Michigan (2x), Nebraska, Nevada, North Carolina (2x), Ohio (4x), Pennsylvania (3x), South Carolina, Texas (2x), Wisconsin, Wyoming”

By Donald J. Trump

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Just have to vent a little somewhere, because it’s incredibly frustrating that no one is saying this. Lee Zeldin came very close to winning the governor’s race here in blue New York, but lost by about 6% (I think). Meanwhile, Desantis won by a mile in what used to be a purple state but is now red. What hardly anyone acknowledges is that over the past two years people have been fleeing NY for Florida by the thousands. I hate being a New Yorker too but leaving isn’t an option for me. I know those who did made the right choice for themselves and their families, but I am feeling (probably unreasonably) a bit angry with them right now, because had they stuck it out here for a couple years, I think Zeldin would have won. We could have changed NY and brought sanity back. But now, despite our best efforts, it wasn’t enough. It feels like we conservative New Yorkers are abandoned and forgotten up here (because everyone thinks NY is all blue when in reality it’s only the cities that make it blue) and now we’re at the mercy of the Wicked Witch of Albany, Kathy Hochul, for who knows how many years. Meanwhile, it’s those NY’s and “refugees” from other blue states that helped give Desantis such an incredible victory. Looking at the silver lining, that’s a good thing, because NY will always be a loss when it comes to a presidential election, but Florida is vital to a Republican candidate and having it turn from a swing state to a red state is really exciting. I’m just really disappointed at having the best chance we’ve had in decades of a decent governor slip through our hands…


Mr/president Trump, you are a great patriot who has let those with spite and venom get the best of you.. “To make this country great again (hit them where it hurts more “Kindness and Honey – leave the sour and spiteful crap to those whom have nothing nice to say period” The parties-line divide(s) “While YOU can be the Line that brings both parties together” “THIS IS WHAT AMERICA NEEDS”!

Sometimes taking the backseat and watching Walker win on his own, will be the biggest honor well-deserved.

Trump- You are the man; but the name calling and other bs that the left is already doing “do the opposite – “the golden rule, and kindness over greedy-spite WILL BE THE BETTER DEFINING MOMENTS GOING FORWARD.
and next time you take office (best advice given) FIRE EVERYONE YOU CAN PERIOD “no playing “”fair, they-dont”

sincerely; p.s. apologize where warranted publicly would serve better to voters.

David Engstrom

Keep up the fight. You have done so much for America.


Those that agree, and support Donald J. Trump, agree and support the American way of life. True Americans know all that president Trump has done for America and continues to do.

It is sad that such a list needs to be written out to counter the anti American talking heads that constantly try to bring down Americans and the American way of life. Hence, Donald J. Trump.

If ever there is another American civil war, it will be due to the actions of Leftist / democrat politicians and their mindless minions. They’re placing targets on their own backs and will be the first to be taken down if such war takes place. Do not under estimate the will of the American people. You would need to nuke the hemisphere and it will only slow us down for a time. There will be no place on earth for such anti American, Americans to hide that we the American people won’t find you and destroy you.

NEVER will such a list of honorable achievements be written; as they’re written above, for a democrat working for a political candidate. For if a democrat writes such a list of political achievements it would read as a true confession of crimes / voter fraud committed.
We will never give in, we will never give up. I also see that the Leftist / democrats believe their endless bullying, cheating and out right crimes against Americans is some how going to break the will of good Americans? It will embolden us to kill in a inhumane way.

You best back off and fly right / straight – we know you are incapable – so the clock is ticking and soon your time will end as you and your foul way comes to an end.

My next vote is for America – my next vote is for Donald J. Trump. If DJT doesn’t run for POTUS, I will not be voting again (that’s a bad sign). If DJT votes / serves his last term without harassment, I would evaluate a possible replacement. Otherwise, I’m done with the corrupt one sided political criminal system and look toward the only alternative – a civil war.


Well said, only don’t let Dems diminish your vote. Always vote.


Please listen, you can never stop voting as that would be giving in to the leftists commie democrats. The leftists continued control of the voting situation is the problem. Also the fact that RINO’S continue to stab maga in the back pouring $$ in elections around the country to derail Trump endorsed candidates along with the leftists commies. These people are responsible for a lot of what happened. McConnell & McCarthy should never be in charge of anything anymore. We need fighters, not pussy cats. We must stay the course and support President Trump for 2024. Msm, big Tech, alphabet agencies, and leftists communists democrats are on a mission trying to talk garbage about President Trump because they know DeSantis they can beat. That’s why they push this garbage 24/7 and if DeSantis falls for this, for whatever reason, he is mot using his head. I hope President Trump & DeSantis will refrain from getting into it and thus making our party look like ridiculous and divided. The World is watching the latest crap storm election. Arizona had Republicans in state who should have fixed mess from 2020. They did not. Problems in Nevada, Georgia, etc etc just like 2020.
We must stand and stay strong and Vote like our lives depend on it!! They do!!



My Man Trump

President Trump has done so much for us and he is the most hardworking individual I have ever witnessed. I never stop. I work from morning till night, physical work. He puts me to shame. Even my dem friends will tell you that (they still think dems are for the people and do not pay attention to who they really are}. I live in the heart of a dem city, hardcore for generations. But Trump, DeWine and Vance took Ohio, and my hometown of Trum. Co. And that is completely because of Trump and before Trump that never happened. Ever. Thank you so much, Mr. President, for all you have done for Ohio and the rest of the country.


President Trump is the best we could ever wish for. He is a very hard worker dedicated to his country and its people. In my life time I have never seen a president having so many rallies with such incredible success. When it comes to the candidates he has endorsed, anyone who double cross the president has no loyalty and is not worth reelecting. Who wants to vote for a back stabber as a politician?. President Trump is not a divider, he has been attacked 24/7 for almost 7 years. The twits were the only way he could talk to the public and defend himself, and that’s why he was banned. President trump is a fighter, that’s a great thing. Thank you president Trump. God Bless you


This certainly is a long list of endorsements and rallies. You certainly did work hard for the candidates that you supported. The problem with many of the folks you endorsed is, in many cases (key races), you endorsed people with little regard for their competency and experience. You endorsed conspiracy theorists who spouted your exhausting election lies. Oz, Lake (most likely will fall short), Masters, Walker, Dixon, and others could not pull off a win in the General Election. If you truly wanted the best for the Republican Party, you would have supported people who could have taken the Party over the finish line in the General Election. Instead, you endorsed people to stick it to the MAN. And you ended up sticking it to your own Party. I assume you realize in private that you also stuck it to yourself.

Just Me

There are no “election lies” from President Trump. “Election lies” is the term used by enemies of fair and free elections. The election in 2020 was manipulated. The level of manipulation should scare the snot out of you. If the US does not have free and fair elections, we have zero freedom.

A really good place to start in preventing this is to declare George Soros, a true and admitted German Nazi, a terrorist and put an end to his control of the Democrats. Another really good place to start is by having term limits in Congress. That way, we never, again, end up with a Pelosi, a Biden, a McConnell, or any other Congress person that has lost sight of the American people for the lack of being able to see past being elected, again.


Every time trump says the 2020 election was rigged and stolen, it’s a lie. Trump’s own election officials said it was the most secure in American history. People are sick of hearing those lies and it contributed to republicans losing. Soros is not a nazi or a terrorist and certainly doesn’t control democrats. Just more misinformation. I do agree with you, however, about term limits.


Also, a large portion of his endorsements are late in the election cycle and for people who are generally favored to win.

Last edited 10 months ago by Prize

That too! Also his list above touts wins in the primaries. At the end of the day, it is the General Election results that count. Not to mention, in most of the states where he held rallies, his candidates lost in key races. That’s why the many republicans do not want him doing a rally for Walker.


That list of accomplishments is exactly what I meant when I told a liberal here that you work hard and accomplish more than Ted Cruz can for the Republican Party. Very impressive sir, keep up the GREAT work.



Very impressive, you have done a great service for our Country and we Thank you and respect you..
With your Leadership and support we will get our Country back, Making it Great Again.

R Minoglio

Thank you President Trump. I’m so tired of all the HATERS. No doubt the demoRATS found a way to cheat again. I’m sick of it. We are going to lose this country. People need to wake up. We need ballot accountability. The demoRATS hate America and the American people. I want my country back!


When will this be in the news? Thank you President Trump. 🙂



My Man Trump

The commies have perfected the steal. After all, they got away with it in 2020. Nothing can stop them now. All Trump endorsed candidates really did win.


You’re one hard working president. Thank you sir. Many candidates won, but it’s sad to see this election stolen again! We know we won.

Kimberley Pearson

Thank you for all you have done to try to SAVE AMERICA!!! The fight is not over. We do not believe what the Murdoch’s are trying to do at this time through Fox News. God bless you and your family. We need a fighter to get us through this.


An historical achievement!! We know the elections were crooked. Millions of patriots pray that this time it won’t be allowed! We expect a historical rebuttal to the crimes by the communist regime!


Thank YOU, President Trump, for ALL of YOUR Hard Work!

Angela Hanson

I love your resume’. I am very appreciative of your hard work, determination, & love of country. Those who speak against you envy your success. That’s too bad for them. Thank you for everything that you do & have done Mr. President.


understood sir.


Trump has been working his butt off for the Republicans and every American. I don’t want to hear anyone say, they want Desantos to run for president. Trump has spent 2years putting everyone in place he needs to clean up the swamp, he knows the swamp, he has experience with swamp, and this time he is going to stomp all over the swamp. Go Trump 2024!!
Desantos 2028 once he has more experience

Nicola Spagnolo Jr

Excellent posting by President Trump. However, why is it the same States from 2 years ago are still messing up.
Arizona, they haven’t got a clear count yet. Plus a clear conflict of interest with Hobbs. Kari Lake is outstanding and praying for her VICTORY.
Pennsylvania, how that State managed to vote in a FETTERTURD and then not vote in Doug MASTRIANO for Governor is beyond me. Total absurdity.

Robin Seeber

laxalt won?? not according to TRUTH SOCIAL

Anna Leal

It was a formidable campaign, a crusade, even. A crusade to save America.
Thank you, Mr President

Never again

No. It was not a succes.
America First and MAGA lost big time. Stop foolling yourself. Our movement need new leadership than can secure true victories

Last edited 10 months ago by Never again
Just Me

It was a crusade. A formidable crusade, even. It just didn’t end with success in the general elections, at least not on the level we needed.

Remember, the word “crusade” does not mean victory.

Robin Seeber

too bad PA cheated like a poker player… ugh! I’ll never vote again, it just doesn’t matter

Bobba Sheftz

Robin, it does matter. Always vote. Those cheaters will get their day. Regards from Oz




No offense, but it’s people with your attitude who ENSURE defeat. Never, never, never give up that privilege. Then at least you can say you did your part, whatever the outcome. If someone you cared about, say, your child, was being physically attacked by a strong man who you knew you could never overpower, would you just stand aside and let it happen? “He’s going to kill my kid anyway, so might as well not try to stop him!” I doubt you would; no one with an ounce of courage and love would do that. You’d go down fighting if that’s what it came to. So I think it’s not asking too much for Americans who love their country to drive to a polling place and fill out a slip of paper once a year. If you don’t, you’re only helping the enemy.


The enemy?


Right On Tabby!

My Man Trump

Be nice. People are just frustrated and do not really mean what they say. Sounds a little judgmental and preachy.


I didn’t mean to, though admittedly I could have worded that differently. I’m frustrated too, and hearing people say they won’t vote is a huge hot button for me.


Don’t EVER quit!
That is what the Commie-Libs WANT YOU to do!

Glenn Shepherd

you still spreading that tworthless drivel loser!!!


FJB! and YOU Commie-Lib!

Kreg Vergith

The casting of a ballot in America is not only a God-given RIGHT, it’s an all-important OBLIGATION!!!

It’s the only voice we have as Americans, and it can only be heard after INFORMED
You’re on the right path by dealing with the fetid sludge you’ve already uncovered for yourself!
You’re doing the required homework. Keep it up! Our Country needs you!



Don’t give up. That’s what the left wants. We know they’re cheating, but we need to keep fighting.




I Agree.



Empower the voice of the 45th President with your support!