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Rosanne. Choate

For O’ Reilly to have claimed that President Trump lost to Biden seems just traitorous, he won by a landslide. O’ Reilly is delusive.

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Outstanding!! It was also great to read President Trump suing the “WOKE” AG Letitia James. We the People are sick of these bogus witch hunts.


Great Job President Trump!

My Man Trump

Rally your troops, President Trump. The country is now hungry for your leadership and America First MAGA agenda.


Why did you endorse Van Drew?! He is a fake Republican who votes with democrats. I don’t understand this.

Michael Jenson

the President who Loves his country the dem-witts cant’t understand how can a Leader be like Putin or XI those that love there country hold it, the winds blowing it say Manchin I can barely make it out oh, he saying LETS GO BRANDON….


I’m sorry but I have no idea what you are talking about! Are you saying Putin and Xi are good leaders and Trump is like them?! What about Manchin (who I have to say is a hero right now)?

Ken K

Media attacks Putin hoping he doesn’t squash the Nazis again that occupy the demokkkrat and rhino pedophile satanic mongoloid NWO party.
If Putin attacked the Nazis in the USA you bet your ass Putin would be the all time hero of mankind.
Problem is the nazis have infiltrated every government with the Nazi Soros dominion computer voting machines and wars and help from demtards.
Democrats might have got us all killed.
Women who’ve taken the fake vaccine have lost babies at 86%. Ones born alive die within days. Media hides it. Faucci is NAZI. He invented developed AIDS and killed Freddie Mercury. Media is NAZI controlled. FCC. CDC FBI CIA ATF HLS top military all Nazi.
Anyine who has doubts give Obama and Hillary a polygraph.
I’ll throw down $50,000 cash they won’t take the test.
Told to me from the high priest of Greece Orthodox.
Saddam protected Christians.
Miramar protected Christians.
Assad protects Christians.
Putin protects Christians and has built over 30,000 Christian churches.
Obama and Biden attack Christians.
NAZIS don’t want Christians on earth.
Polygraph them all.
#science #facts #factcheckme

Last edited 1 year ago by Ken K
Brad Gustafson

Thank you PresidentTrump. We are with you.

Yuk Chun Birch

Hope there will be some videos we can watch after this tour show.😍




Thank you for posting the pictures, kind of mutes the naysayer trolls that no one is attending. Not that anyone believes the trolls anyways.

I’m sure it was a great event, hopefully O’Reilly wasn’t saying some of the things others have been saying he said about the election.


There’s definitely more people there than at Hillary’s stadium tour a few years ago! Anybody even remember that? Now THERE were some empty seats!


Actually no, I just remember they were looking for her in the woods or something!

A few empty seats are one thing, but compared to the pictures being posted on twitter being taken well before the show started, and the lies that this picture is from the 2020 rally when it is obviously President Trump and Bill O’Reilly on the Screen behind them.

I don’t use twitter anymore, but will view links occasionally from emails like the one I got on this from WLT or We Love Trump newsletter.


Yes it was “An Evening with Bill and Hillary Clinton” or something…they had two events scheduled in Canada (don’t know who in Canada would care) and several around the US but it was really bad; I don’t know how many they actually did. I remember hearing they had to section off a big part of the room so all the empty seats didn’t look so bad lol. (Or maybe I’m mixing that up with one of her campaign rallies?) Rush surmised she was testing the waters for a 2020 run–I guess she got her answer!

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