President Trump Commemorates the 75th Anniversary Year of Israel’s Founding

Mar-a-Lago, FL— President Donald J. Trump released a video message commemorating the 75th anniversary of Israel’s founding.

“Against all odds, the State of Israel was born and now more than seven decades later, Israel has not just survived, it has prospered as a blessing of Almighty God to the entire world,” President Trump said. 

“As President, it was my honor to be the best friend the people of Israel have ever had in the White House. I withdrew from the horrendous Iran Nuclear Deal. I kept my promise and officially recognized the eternal capital of Israel and opened the American Embassy in Jerusalem.””

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Charles Anthony Gregory

If Dershowitz, “Get Trump” spends pages exposing problems with our socialist Democratic policies against Jewish population, then states inequivalently that he will still vote Democrat, Isarel may not survive to see 100th anniversary. I have a college friend from the early 70’s, once an enthusiastic Jewish supporter of Isarel during those questionable years of survival, who stop talking because I mentioned how much I enjoyed reading Benjamin Netanyahu, BIBI. How do we break through their ingrained voter perspective? Where Isarel is being attacked, and Biden states the US will not support or replace weapons. Is AOC really that powerful of an antisemitic movement controlling our House!


Thank you President Trump and God bless you and your Family.


GOD Bless Israel and the Jewish People!

Nancy A. Daylo

Dear PRESIDENT Donald J. Trump, You are a blessing to AMERICA, but also you are a key figure in the world. It is evident that Joe Biden is not doing the job or extending peace and prosperity to all the nations. Even our enemies benefit from your wise decisions designed for each nation. You were tough on those who needed toughness and could sit down to tea with the Queen and show your gracious love to her. You were never an appeaser who sold AMERICA out for money or deals. You fought for the best hand for AMERICA and TRUMPED every negotiation. There is none other like you, dear PRESIDENT. You are a NATIONAL TREASURE. I hope all AMERICA appreciates you. Nancy A. Daylo

Nancy A. Daylo

Dear PRESIDENT Donald J. Trump, Good morning! And good morning to Israel. May peace and prosperity heal the land of the many years of war and dissension. Some of the years were so destructive, but may GOD grant you peace and unity and HIS eternal love.
Nancy A. Daylo



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