Presidential Records Act was fully adhered to by me

“Presidential Records Act was fully adhered to by me, but not by the FBI. They RAIDED my home (4th Amendment anyone?). Agent In Charge was just walked out of the FBI Headquarters Building for wrongdoing. He was also involved with the 2020 Election Hoax, the Crime of the Century!!!

By Donald J. Trump

By Donald J. Trump

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Follower on Truth

Mr. President,

If Mike Lindell does indeed have the PCAPS and they get entered as evidence, there is no way we the people will not sit idly. I am waiting for the news to break.

Also, Patel Patriot has made a very compelling case for your planning post 11/3. I, as well as millions of others, see what is happening.

If you do indeed have the receipts, it is time to play the hand. Destroy this communist world takeover. We the people implore you!!!



Corruption and evil are the trademarks of marxist democrats. That has NO place in the FBI.

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