Program Speakers for Florence, Arizona Rally

“President Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America, will be joined by endorsed candidates, members of the Arizona Congressional Delegation, and other special guests on Saturday, January 15, 2022, in Florence, AZ.

This Save America rally is a continuation of President Trump’s unprecedented effort to advance the MAGA agenda by energizing voters and highlighting America First candidates and causes.”

Saturday, January 15, 2022, at 7:00 PM MST
President Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America, Delivers Remarks.

Canyon Moon Ranch
20585 E Water Way
Florence, AZ, 85132

Special Guest Speakers:
.Kari Lake, Donald J. Trump EndorsedCandidate for Governor of Arizona
.State Representative Mark Finchem, State Representative from Arizona’s 11th District and Donald J. Trump EndorsedCandidate for Secretary of State of Arizona
.Representative Paul Gosar, US Representative from Arizona’s 4th Congressional District
.Representative Andy Biggs, US Representative from Arizona’s 5th Congressional District
.Representative Debbie Lesko, US Representative from Arizona’s 8th Congressional District
.Dr. Kelli Ward, Chairwoman of the Republican Party of Arizona
.Dr. Alveda King, Donald J. Trump for President 2020 Advisory Board Member
.Boris Epshteyn, Donald J. Trump for President 2020 Strategic Advisor and Advisory Board Member
.Mike Lindell, CEO of My Pillow

Timeline of Events:

8:00AM – Gates Open
2:00PM – Doors Open
4:30PM – Program Begins
7:00PM – 45th President Donald J. Trump Delivers Remarks

General Admission Tickets: CLICK HERE
Request Media Credentials: CLICK HERE

All requests for media credentials must be submitted by Thursday, January 13, 2022, at 3:00PM MST.

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Meegan Fixler

I wish I could be there to see you, Mr President. It is a dream of mine to meet you in person and thank you for all you’ve done and are doing for our great country! But I will be watching, am so looking forward to it!

Hugh Janus

Don’t let the liberal media tell you how to think and feel! If you have hate in your heart let it out! 

John F. Brzezinski III

Would LOVE to be there with the tech I KNOW could keep me ‘in the loop’ as I am deaf, BUT…MICHIGAN…smfh…

And some of you wonder what I mean….simple fact of the matter is YOU simply have not been incorporated into ‘the system’ the way I WAS……

You pop killers back out into the streets via ‘parol’ which is based on ‘good behavior’….blah fucking blah….

two decades and no incidents with EVERY OPPORTUNITY at my hands during those years???????????

Michigan asked for it

AND NO…Michigan isn’t the only one…..plenty others…’s a shame people can’t put themselves in other people’s shoes simply because they are good little robots who appease the so called gods of fake money

John F. Brzezinski III

HA….invite those NOT ‘endorsed’ and ask the right Q’s…it isn’t rocket science

Michael Quinn

Looking forward to the next Resurrection!! MAGA!!

Mark Rakow

“The next Resurrection.”
Good one.

Hugh Janus

You spelled “insurrection” (failed) wrong. Let’s Go Trumpers.

My Man Trump

What a line up, Sir. Your rallies are so invigorating and gives people hope. We love to see the country’s best President ever, then and now, always fighting for us. I love what you are doing for Arizona and can’t wait to see Mike Lindell. I definitely won’t miss it. You are OUR President, Sir. And always will be. Treason is never going to change that.


I apologize that this is unrelated, but had to put this out there…I just saw an article today about a January 6th prisoner who is basically starving to death because he has celiac disease and isn’t receiving proper food. That made me feel sick. I don’t care what these people did, even an ax murderer should be treated better than that! What happened to “innocent until proven guilty,” anyway? If I treated a pet like this I’d be hauled off to jail myself. This isn’t about politics, this is about humanity. It’s 21st century America, but I feel like I’m reading a history book about dungeons in the Middle Ages! It probably won’t do any good, but I called my two senators and my congressman about it this afternoon. At least I feel like I did something; maybe if other people do the same it will call attention to the issue. I know I read that last spring Elizabeth Warren and some other democrat (Booker?) were concerned about what was going on with the prisoners but doesn’t seem like anything came of it. Anyone who thinks this kind of thing is okay has a sick mind.


Amen! God grant these political prisoners some relief. Hurry back President Trump….QUICKY 😉

Antifa / BLM / and all the other radical commie groups have gone unpunished for destroying thousands of businesses and attacking Trump supporters.

Does anyone remember way back at our REAL Presidents 1st inauguration??? Go look up the video’s! Now THAT was a real demonCratic led insurrection!…… trying to stop the signing in of a duly elected President DJT, who won DESPITE the voter fraud that occurred back then, trying to install Killery Klinton.😈😈

Mark Rakow

That’s not at all what happened. But I have no doubt you remember it that way – for whatever stupid reason.


Uh duh Marky Mark. The internet remembers EVERYTHING. It is exactly how it happened.

Mark Rakow

Tab – My cousin has celiac disease, so your comment instantly drew my attention. I did a little research into this, but I’m finding conflicting information. A couple of sources have mentioned an attorney named McBride, but neither specifically says that he is the attorney representing the individual in question (C.Q.) This is potentially significant; an attorney-of-record may not be properly able to represent the interests of that individual, who, it seems to me, needs immediate assistance.

There was also a statement from an individual, who one source described as the jail’s superintendent. That statement struck me as “dismissive,” if I may put it that way. Point being, I didn’t much care for the tone. At any rate, I’d like you to know that I’ve asked one of the interns in my office to look into this a little more, and please report back to me before the end of today, which is Wednesday – as I’ve mentioned previously, I’m an attorney. Erick has agreed to do so. I selected him for this task because I’ve found him to be particularly aggressive in this type of fact-finding, but he’s also sensitive to, and mindful of, the subtle differences between activism and advocacy, in terms of proper legal representation. I’m confident he’ll do his usual thorough job. I might add that Erick’s unique skills might be useful in this regard, if not essential.

Thank you for posting this comment; please be assured that I’ll continue to monitor this situation. It so happens that I’m licensed to practice in Virginia, should that be a consideration, either now or in future action. Obviously, I don’t know the exact nature of the charges he is facing (if any) but at this juncture, that’s entirely beside the point. I agree with you in the concerns you’ve kindly shared; this is indeed about humanity. And it’s absolutely not OK, not under any circumstances.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mark Rakow

I just noticed your reply, Mark, and want to thank you so much for looking into this. This is what America’s supposed to be about–people can disagree on everything politics but still care about humanity. You’ve just restored a little of my faith in human nature. Yes I’ve heard about the woman who runs the jail being a rather sadistic person. Please keep me posted if you can.

Meegan Fixler

I agree and feel for these people locked up and literally being mistreated by the gistapo! I wish I knew what to do for them, but I will call my senator and congressman. I can do that!


A veritable Who’s Who of election deniers!

My Man Trump

You guys sure are. Maybe you can be real and legitimate in your next life.


Sounds Great President Trump!
Rock N Roll in Arizona Sir!



Elizabeth Headley

Wish I could attend! Az being so close to Texas! I have filled out A LOT of “contests” to attend, but I’m so hacked by D.S. I’m pretty sure they aren’t even counted….still, I’m grateful you’re back to doing Rallys! Why not AUSTIN, TXS???? PLEASE!? THANK YOU! Your site ALWAYS says I’m not applying!! I AM!


Awesome lineup nice if Dr Alveda King will be able to lead the crowd in prayer four nation ✝️ Yeshua is coming soon


Wish I could attend…maybe someday.


There will be more good news. Praise God.

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