Program Speakers for Florence, South Carolina

President Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America will be joined by endorsed candidates, members of South Carolina’s Congressional Delegation, and other special guests on Saturday, March 12th, 2022, in Florence, SC.

This Save America rally is a continuation of President Trump’s unprecedented effort to advance the MAGA agenda by energizing voters and highlighting America First candidates and causes.

Saturday, March 12, 2022, at 7:00PM EST
President Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America, Delivers Remarks

Florence Regional Airport
2100 Terminal Dr.
Florence, SC 29501 

Newly Announced Special Guest Speakers:
Drew McKissick, SC GOP Chairman
Brandon Judd, President of the National Border Patrol Council
Lou Holtz, Former American football player, coach, and analyst
Graham Allen, Entrepreneur, author, media personality, and combat veteran

Previously Announced Special Guest Speakers:
Governor Henry McMaster, Governor of South Carolina
Russell Fry, Candidate for South Carolina’s 7th Congressional District
Katie Arrington, Candidate for South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District

Timeline of Events:
8:00AM — Parking Opens
2:00PM — Doors Open and Entertainment Begins
4:30PM — Pre-program Speakers Deliver Remarks
7:00PM — 45th President of the United States Donald J. Trump Delivers Remarks

General Admission Ticket:

Media Request:

All requests for media credentials must be submitted by Thursday, March 10, 2022, at 5:00PM EST.

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G Miklusak

Kick Tom Rice to the curb


who is tom rice?





Johnny Appleseed

T, you playing “I am the media”? Lol


You my friend, need to write a book or get your own webpage.

You always seem to have lots on your mind to pontificate about.

We will call-it “The Desk of Appleseed” lol

Last edited 1 year ago by THosk
Johnny Appleseed

Yeah…. I have been accused of talking too much….

By just about everyone I know.

This stuff is important.

Right now everything we have built is on a cusp.

All I have is writing. Trying to get people to think.

Not just think but care.

I will pipe down and let things go…

But… this is all very razor edge.

Currently we are in the fight of our generation.

Perhaps… I ain’t helping anything.

Maybe I am.

I don’t know.

I don’t know a lot of things.

I do know God uses idiots like my self to get people to think.

I am doing like I always do… giving everything I have.

Which isn’t much… but it’s all I got.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
Johnny Appleseed

If you know our history….

Our country has been on this cusp many times.

And the worst has happened.

The deep state won.

Wars happened.

I just am hoping the best will happen this time.

It really is a great idea the ones that died had.

If we would just give it a chance…

Get past the worst of our natures and understand instead of just jumping with out looking believing the worst in everyone.

Do the right thing for everyone instead of feeding the beast our children.


we are winning and the left hates us.

Johnny Appleseed

Arlington belonged to George Washington.

Robert E. Lee inherited it from Washington’s grandson.

It was made a cemetery to remind those of us that know….

It was telling us…

If you believe in freedom… we will kill your brethren… and bury them on your home.

So if you wish to fight for freedom… not the illusion we portray…

Their blood is on your hands.

So yes…. I am scared shitless….

And the Bible says to change when you are scared.

It’s what I have been doing on the only sight that has not kicked me off.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed

You ever heard of market over-saturation?

There is something to say about the term “short and sweet”

Modern attention spans are relatively short.

If you print it and no one reads it…..what has been accomplished?

Condense and consolidate are words for the wise….(and will get your words of wisdom out more efficiently and effectively) just my opinion….


Finally, something we agree on.


A million monkeys, on a million typewriters.

Johnny Appleseed

Okay monkey….

Here is the torch.

I pass my dads and grandfathers torch to you.

Do your best.

Their words are louder with no one saying them.

I have said them all.

Y’all know in your hearts right from wrong now.

I have buildings to keep running.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed

My intention was not to insult or offend. (I sincerely hope I didn’t)

It was just to offer some constructive criticism. (Do as you choose, of course.)

(The monkeys comment was directed at Prize, as a way of saying if we both type enough comments, eventually we will agree on one.)

Last edited 1 year ago by THosk
Johnny Appleseed

Okay… I mis fired….

My aim sucks today…

I will go to my room and shut up….

I am sorry t…..


Not a problem safe



Johnny Appleseed

Mr Putin,

As a Christian myself.

Babylon was punished for going too far.

Too far in traveling is just as bad as not going far enough.

I am trusting God to guide.

Mr Zelenski,

Remember your people.

God made you both Shepards for a reason.

The fait of the world is in your hands.

Johnny Appleseed

What is happening right now is called memory wipe.

The population’s memory is short.

If they are not reminded of what is going on they will forget. And it will be supplanted in the past and steam rolled over to remove everything from the public eye.

Sort and go through everything leaving nothing out.

The smallest detail can and usually does change the narrative.

Don’t want to be “right”

Try to be correct.

Trust God.

The answer is:


Separate the wheat from the Chaff.

The truth drops to the ground heavy.

The lies float away with the wind.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
Johnny Appleseed

We are about to go through a period of the waters being muddied.

What I mean is no one really knows what the story is right this second. No one really knows who is on who’s side.

Think of it like political musical chairs.

Right now everyone is scrambling trying to do damage control. Because no one can actually communicate a “plan” with each other with out it being a “conspiracy plot” everything is going to be turned up side down.

Remember the pictures. The groups of people that took pictures together for historical posterity.

Just because the waters are muddied does not mean the teams have changed. Right now they are trying to figure out who to keep and who to throw under the bus for a political sacrifice.

This is the same things kids do right before an ass whipping.

They are trying to

A) hide as much evidence as possible.

B) confuse and make influencers look like they don’t know anything and discredit them.

C) it is a last ditch effort to regain the narrative.

Currently we know these things:

Ukraine is the focus.

Political influence has been over there:

A) making money.

B) influencing not only our but the world’s political structure to fit their agenda.

C) our suspected of election manipulation puppets are ass deep in the shit pool.

D) everyone involved is panicked.

E) nothing truthful is being set before us so they can stir things up and break our concentration.



Even I am quick to jump when things have gotten predictable and then we go into this stage.


I can be wrong.


I know these things:

We went through a plandemic.

(Where is it now that info is coming out?)

We got censored left and right.

We went to work scared we were going to kill our own by trying to provide for them.

We stood our ground and risked everything even our lives to see the truth.

Plandemic was muddied waters.

We are now in the muddied waters phase of Ukraine.

Be vigilant and even call me out because more than being “right” I want to be


Sometimes that requires being corrected.

We have to do this for each other.

It is called watching each other’s six.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
Karl Young

Don’t ever use the word “Plandemic” again. It makes you sound like a cable news parrot with no thoughts of his own. Write something original.



Last edited 1 year ago by THosk

We’ve all come to love you as our President Donald Trump; even those of us who had terrible doubts about you in 2016. But voting for Hillary was absolutely out of the question. Wish I could attend your rallies, but, being in California, well…you know.
Here’s an article I just posted that I think all of you fellow “Trumpsters” (or even his haters) might appreciate; and no, I’m not plugging my blog, as I make exactly $0 from it. So this is not spam. I just want to help get serious change going, in even this small way. So please share, if you will:


Must be so much fun when the circus comes to town !


Being the main CLOWN you ought to know.


We are “WINNING” Dean

Sorry bout your luck…..


Did anybody win “DINNER WITH DONALD” in New Orleans ?
Would have been epic to see Mr TRUMP promote US war with Russia…
Oh, you say he was just kidding…
Mr TRUMP will never let empathy get in the way of a good laugh…


We didn’t have to, we have heard nothing but promoting WWIII from your side of the aisle, and all the warmongering rino’s.

I notice you haven’t signed up and volunteered to participate?

COWARDS never do.


Not a very nice thing to say about your next President Dean.

Last edited 1 year ago by THosk
Karl Young

Could somebody reading this please ask Mr. Trump to say he is praying for the Ukrainians or something else fucking normal? Does he not have any incoherent thoughts about the people being killed or the psychopath (genius) butchering them? Does he ever think about anything other than himself? I’m not just a crank. I have constructive things to say. Nobody in this mob wants to hear it. I swear to God I have prayed that Trump repair some of the damage he has done. I’m too superstitious to wish anyone bad. But this is a cult now. That’s not an opinion or an attack. It’s just true. Don’t print this please. I’m not a doctor, and no, it never needs to be printed, but the man truly, honestly, with respect, needs an intervention. Do it gently. Do it kindly. Maybe his legal troubles will be less severe if he does some more good things with his platform. Recommend the vaccine more strongly. Denounce Putin. Never mind the 2020 election anymore. PLEASE PLEASE don’t let him say 2022 or 2024 is rigged. (He wont need to anyway, probably). If people don’t trust elections anymore, the United States of America is no longer a Democracy. Thank you.


And you subscribe to his emails WHY??????


Nothing constructive in that post, and you’re right nobody wants to hear it, or for that matter anything you have to say.

It’s not worth it to me to break your post down point by point, so I’ll leave that to someone who cares to think you’re worth the response.


Could somebody please ask your dumbass to SHUT-UP??

I thought most people were done watching CNN…..

Last edited 1 year ago by THosk
Johnny Appleseed

Hey, we do listen to you.

To make it to God’s blessings…. We have to weather the storm.

To gain anything from food to clothes to a home to live in… we have to do the work.

To make it from one point to another… we have to persevere.

In time when you know you have no control….

Know God does.

He is I am.

He is also I will


I do


I have done.

Right now…

I think….

Putin has to figure out how to with draw and not allow the evil ones safe passage to get away.

Thus they can leave to Russia.

Zelenski is trying to survive the war at all. I believe his life is actually in danger. Not by who we think by the media perspective.

The neozees want an escape rout away from Russia because they know there is no way they are going to win.

The people of Ukraine are stuck between the cannons.

Russia has their cannons pointed at the deep state.

Zelenski has his cannons pointed at Russia and the deep state with his people behind him instead of in front of him.

The deep state is hiding behind the people of Ukraine instead of “standing with them”.

The deeps state has one canon at Russia. One canon at Zelenski’s family….

And bombs aimed at the Ukrainian people.

This is what everything is telling me.

If I am wrong… I will admit it.

And as far as the plandemic….

Thank God he has delivered us from it.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
constition lover

America Is a republic.You don’t know that and there lies the problem with the USA.
The rest of you post is nonesence.

Patricia McDermott

I’m unable to attend, but I always watch your rallys. You give me hope that our Country can still be saved because you’re still working on saving it. I had no desire to watch sleep Joe’s State of the Union BS, but the news that his rating went up to 47% is astounding. Hopefully, it’s just more of the MSMs attempts at brainwashing those who choose to keep their minds closed to the truth. This sick, demented, lying and corrupt administration has already destroyed so much of our Country. I pray every day that it can still be saved. God Bless You President Trump.


Thank You President Trump!


Wish I could be there 🙁

Michelle whitmire

I have been waiting for a sc rally, He should have Mark Burns speak.hes really good and he’s running for congress


Please come to IL (at least S. IL), our Land of Lincoln is more like Land of Communism.


Make Illinois REPUBLICAN again like it was after Abraham Lincoln!

Howard Johnson

People are saying that the next rally will be in Moscow!

Johnny Appleseed

What people??


I saw flags and people marching all over this weekend with trump stuff….

Flags, hats, shirts, you name it….

But, I guess you consists of a people….

So technically you are right I guess….


Yes we’ve heard them saying how all the democrat/socialists are booking all the flights for there next round of marxist training conferences, as they have a BOGO special for the followup in china.

Accommodations aren’t as nice as the howard johnson or anything comrade but we’re sure you’ll adjust, after all it’ll just be preparation for what you want to bring back here to the United States.

Howard Johnson

Hey, Grifter – name me one Marxist principle


What, you forgot already? Now you want me to educate you about your chosen ideology, I think not, I suggest you need to get on the next flight to those conferences.

Be careful though you may just end up on the front lines in Ukraine.

Howard Johnson

I can’t, I have bone spurs!

Karl Young

Ukraine is a Democracy, you fool. Russia is a faux Republic ruled by a dictator. Neither one is Marxist. Marxist means that all land and all major industry belongs to the government.

Ralph G Lamy

I realize it’s a waste to have a rally in MA. We’re stuck here. I have a 5 year plan to move to TN, but given current events, that’s been compromised. You might be surprised at how much support you have in the Western Part of the State. We do have Quabbin Reservoir out here which supplies Boston. Secede( we have a greater connection with Hartford, CT, and or tax the hell out of their water) I mean, how the hell was Maine part of MA. We have a new nut-job U.S. Attorney General not to mention that a bigger mess that lies in the wait is Maura Healy for Gov. I do have my TRUMP 2024 flag to mount. That will go ever well here.


Tennesse is a “Great State”!
I lived there for six years and loved it!
NO STATE Income Tax!
Cost of living is in line!
Great weather!
The Volunteer State ROCKS!

Howard Johnson

“Let the ruling classes tremble at a Communistic revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win.

Workingmen of all countries unite!”


That’s why so many private sector workers are in unions right? Unlike the socialist/marxists in the government sector.

“The union membership rate of public-sector workers (33.9 percent) continued to be more than five times higher than the rate of private-sector workers (6.1 percent).”


We appreciate all the other speakers and will listen to them.

But there is only one speaker we want to hear from …. And that is the REAL President of this country … Sir, millions of us look forward to what you have to say…

YOUR Help is Needed

Only with YOUR help we can spread the word of the 45th President