ICYMI: “Free Cuba Protester Slams Biden, Says ‘Things Would Be Very Different’ If Trump Was In Office”

Read the full article for the Daily Caller by Jordan Lancaster here.

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Free America from Criminal Joe Biden and the Commie-Liberals!

True Americana

Sure. What else you got, Stewie?


What did you have with Russia, Russia, Russia; Ukraine phone call? A big nothing burger, but a lot of heartburn. For about 13 years now, you lefties have dragged our country to the lowest depths with your lies, and socialist ideas. Then you have the audacity to call Trump and his supporters fascists? My God, man… the very nature of a fascist is what you people do, not us.

Ralph Fleming

All this Cuba stuff started after a comment from some lady on this site. So I’m pretty sure Trump looks at the positive comments on here about him. I would be willing to bet there is some guy that reads all these posts and censors what Trump reads. Trump cares about Cuba? What happened to America first?

Mike Kissinger

I doubt Mr. Trump cares or thinks too much about Cuba. He reversed Mr. Obama’s opening up of Cuba, just because it was something that Mr. Obama did.

I do agree that the positive comments from here filter their way back.


Idiot Alert: the “Mike’s” are already dispensing their daily dose of unending hatred and stupidity.

Hey Mikie, you are convincing many people with your “leftist spin” an all the information feeds.

Your only problem is that you’re too brainwashed to realize that you’re convincing all of us that you’re brainwashed to the point of being brain dead.

You are either blind, moronic, or paid. Which is it?

Mike Kissinger

Mr. Trump, why do you think this article is a good reflection on you? During your presidency, you restricted commerce to Cuba, causing even more suffering for Cubans. Are you just trolling for positive articles for yourself? This one isn’t really positive for you, it just is a slight negative for the current President, which I guess in your mind is a positive.

UDATE: I see you have finally gotten your high web designer to correct the 45 in most places. The degree sign was funny and over looked.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mike Kissinger

President Donald J. Trump tighten the screws on the commies. The people have suffered under commie rule since the 60,s. When restrictions are relaxed the ruling elite buy more gold toilets the peoplr continue to suffer. Try and keep up Mile if your going to comment.

Mike Hunt

Web designers like to be paid & I guess the one who used the degree sign wasn’t!

Mike Kissinger

You gotta give some credit, it was removed in the main header at the top. Still shows in the header after you scroll down. I had a typo in my original update, forgot to put school after high…..but, that seems to work too.


Hey ,Right handed Lefty! Where have you been lately? How are you and your wife doing? You have been missing out on quite a bit around here. Its nice to have a Lefty like you who at least has half a brain back in the mix. Even though you political viewpoint is completely “out of touch”, you do make a good target. (Mike Hunt, Ivan and True American are very immature, repetitive and not very bright, among other things). I’ll be looking forward to pushing back on your inane comments in the very near future. Again, its good to have our leftist whipping boy back.


Since when are Americans so cowardly as to allow their presidency and congress to be taken over by usurpers???

Mike Kissinger

Since never. We the people vote for our representatives. None are usurpers.


You keep telling yourself that. We’ll see who ends up in prison.

Here’s a hint: they’ll all be connected to the Bidenophile.

Mike Kissinger

When will you admit you are a Sore Loser? …..and how is the audit going in AZ? Is it time for the re-inauguration yet?


You looking forward to 2024? C’mon, I know there’s a little leftist trepidation in you…I can feel it in the hate you project for Trump.

Mike Hunt

WHO? Let’s see, for starters it’s gonna be Matt Gaetz & possibly Ron Death-Sentence. Rudy’s broke so he’s gonna roll on someone; Imma gonna bet that it will be a tie between Don Junior & Ivanka if Junior doesn’t OD on cocaine first. Eric & Lara will be facing tax & wire fraud from the Trump.org & finally daddy will be facing treason for 1/6/2021

Mike Hunt

Poor little FloRo; does um need um’s safe space?


Still uninformed I see…..keep posting so we can keep laughing at you 👍

True Americana

Were one so inclined, dearest Roberta, one might wonder similarly about a sitting President who hides in the Whitehouse bunker at the mere mention of local civil unrest. Or one might wonder about the cowardly nature of a sitting President is was so personally offended that other, much more competent, world leaders made fun of his utter ridiculousness that he had to run away, crying, back to the safety of his security blanket (I mean, echo chamber of “yes” persons.)

Were one so inclined.


Thank God you are out of the White House after you nearly nihilated the USA! You will NEVER set foot in the WH again..and should be tried for crimes against humanity, Corruption and Treason!


YOUR Help is Needed

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