Pulitzer Prizes have become worthless and meaningless

“I have heard that the Pulitzer Prize Board is too embarrassed, or don’t know how, to respond to my letter dated Oct. 3, a copy of which is attached, about those who got the RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA Hoax completely wrong. These Pulitzer Prizes for totally incorrect reporting have become worthless and meaningless.”

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Save Our United States

The Pulitzer Prize took the political low road and self-destructed so who cares if the board responds? Nobody values their opinion. Same with Nobel.


I have sent the following email to pulitzer@pulitzer.org
Feel free to copy and paste or send your own email to Pulitzer.
I encourage all to do so.

To Whom it may concern,
I call on the Pulitzer Prize Board to immediately rescind/strip the 2018 National reporting award from the New York Times and the Washington Post.
Their “Deeply sourced” reporting was “Deeply flawed”. History has proven the reporting to be false!
In order to maintain the “Pulitzer Prize awards” to the highest standards in the publics eyes. It would seem prudent to immediately if not sooner to remove this Award.

My Man Trump

Everything has become worthless and meaningless, especially the Pulitzer. This what happens when controlling regimes weaponize and politicize everything. Elections have consequences and as I’ve said before, stolen ones have even bigger consequences. Especially when the judicial doesn’t do their jobs. When you get back President Trump, I think SCOTUS needs a wake up call.


Roberts is compromised by his many trips to Lolita island. He should remove himself or be removed.

Don’t worry, any Biden appointed replacement will be removed once Biden’s illegitimate placement gets revoked.

My Man Trump

Absolutely. You are so right on all of it. Can’t wait to welcome the real President back.

Don McKellar

The Pulitzers could ONLY regain credibility by:

A) Rescinding the one given for the fake Russia lies of the New York Times.

B) Rescinding the one given to Obama for doing absolutely nothing. And then when he was in office, he set about to give hope and change for ISIS, North Korea, China, Russia and every jihad group as they cause death and horror across the globe while he did nothing except shrug his shoulders.


Obama won a Nobel Peace Prize, not a Pulitzer. Trump is very jealous of this.

Save Our United States

Please do tell all of the readers why Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize in less than eight months after he was elected. When these organizations politicize, they self-destruct.

Our REAL founding father

Biggest award Trump ever won was a participation award in boarding school for golf.


Pulitzer Prize Board has no credibility they need to take the prize away from them and give it to you for all of accomplishments you made during your time in office.


It’s more reasonable to think they consider it too ridiculous to respond to.

YOUR Help is Needed

Only with YOUR help we can spread the word of the 45th President