Rally in Delaware, Ohio

President Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America, will hold a rally in Delaware, Ohio, on Saturday, April 23, 2022, at 7:00PM EDT.

Saturday, April 23, 2022, at 7:00PM EDT
President Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America, Delivers Remarks

Delaware County Fairgrounds
236 Pennsylvania Ave
Delaware, OH 43015

Timeline of Events:
8:00AM – Parking and Line Opens
2:00PM – Doors Open and Entertainment Begins
4:00PM – Pre-program Speakers Deliver Remarks
7:00PM – 45th President of the United States Donald J. Trump Delivers Remarks

Special Guest Speakers:
J.D. Vance, Candidate for U.S. Senate in Ohio
Rep. Mike Carey, U.S. Representative for Ohio’s 15th Congressional District
Max Miller, Candidate for U.S. Representative for Ohio’s 7th Congressional District
Madison Gesiotto Gilbert, Candidate for U.S. Representative for Ohio’s 13th Congressional District

General Admission Ticket: Click Here

Media Request: Click Here

All requests for media credentials must be submitted by Thu, April 21, 2022, 05:00 pm (EDT)

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cheryl weinberger

We need to get rid of DeWine!!!

Dean Anoia

You’re getting closer to Pennsylvania all the time. ☺️🇺🇸

My Man Trump

Ohio really needs you. Please, please, please get rid of Tim Ryan. He has never done anything good for the people and he is a commie in the shadows. He has been wasting tax payers dollars for years now.


People are getting more anxious for these rallies. With all that is being exposed to the public, we are pissed off. It’s hard to believe such things are happening in our country right under our nose. It’s the evil in this world headed by our own government and using our hard working money. It has to stop. No thanks to fake news or good journalism, the truth will prevail.


Well Said Cindy!
Thank You!

Strange Brew

I agree Stuart! You KNOW I so!


Fox is Fake news you guys no that right. There a Bunch of idiots just like the Trumps

My Man Trump

Fox news isn’t as “free” as it use to be before that rino Ryan got on the board. You commies have to ruin everything. Nonetheless, they are not fake news like you people watch. And the only idiot here, as usual, is you!

Canadian Prisoner

Trump…please if you do some how get to be president again can you please rid Canada of the Nazis that have taken over our government. Trudeau wants to make all unvaxxed the enemy of the state. He wants to make it so that anyone unvaxxed will not get medical, social services, retirement and anything else that falls under federal. If he passes this bill which he has now a majority government because one of the other parties partnered up with liberals to make a bigger liberal government…..he will start hunting unvaxxed. Trudeau has already ruined the lives of many that choose freedom over their body and as soon as he gets this past he will finish the rest of the unvaxxed off. He is more worried about Ukraine and taking away Canadian citizens rights and freedoms. He lies costantly to create his own narrative with his bobble head freeland at his side. She twitches with anger towards Canadians and especially the unvaxxed. We are becoming more than just prisoners in our own country that we cannot leave and trapped in. He doesnt need bombs to destroy our lives …he just needs to put us all on the street without jobs and keep letting foreign buy up all our houses and land. It is tragic what is happening in Canada and due to elite media they are putting a spin on all news and not reporting it properly. PLEASE HELP FREE US FROM NAZIs!

Last edited 11 months ago by Canadian Prisoner

Do you even know what the Nazis wanted? Hitler wanted all Jews killed. KILLED. Trudeau is trying to help keep people alive. Can we disagree on his methods? Sure… But he sure isn’t trying to kill people out of a belief that they are less than him. That’s what Hitler wanted.


Hitler didn’t start out by killing the Jews. He started by denying them rights given to other German citizens and treating them like second-class people. Anyone who knows anything about history should be getting chills hearing about Canada right now. That’s how these things start. Trudeau doesn’t care about people, he’s a power-mad tyrant.

cynthia powers

seriously the health care system,
people are dying waiting for free health care n illegal taxing, forcing killer shots on people yeah he cares about no one but himself


Nazis??? Put a cork in it Adolf!!!


Heil Criminal Biden!

Canadian Military

While you might think Trudeau is doing good he is not. Many of us in uniform do not agree with his direction, it is against everything Canada stands for. Canada has been taken over by something not Canadian and Trudeau is committing treason and he IS going after unvaxxed Canadians. I can see the comparison why someone would say they are Nazis by the way they are projecting on Canadians and not listening while trapping Canadians in Canada without a way out. Many Canadians want to leave Canada but are now trapped. Trudeau is not helping Canadians he is putting in place communism and a dictatorship. Trudeau is lying to Canadians and the world.


FJB! and Trudeau!

My Man Trump

Yes! He is a commie snake who let’s FJB show him the way.

cynthia powers

President Trump has no control over what Justin does


This will be gigantic. Possible mark a whole new start to everything


Rally size dwindling. North Carolina 5000 at best. Georgia 2500.

My Man Trump

LMAO. You need to start watching and reading credible news. That fake stuff has fried your brain.

Ted Carr

got to wake up the nornmies, get them on the wagon, you are our golden ticket from a man made hell to a DJT made in America Heven on earth….and just put up as many popups as you want or need ……its not a problem. LOVE YA WOULD LIKE TO BE YA!

Johnny Appleseed

There is a dream.

It is called the American Dream.

It is a dream made of rolling your selves up, getting your hands dirty, using ingenuity and getting off your ass doing the damn thing.

It is a dream that requires you to give all of your attention and time to. Every waking moment. Every second of every day.

It is a dream that you live.

It is not a bed of roses unless you make it your self.

Not every one gets to see that dream, but not because of someone stopping them.

It is because we have the ability to give up on ourselves. We have the freedom to do what ever we want not everything is good for us.

We can follow the rules all the time and be that guy that gets the snot kicked out of him and is pissed at the world no one else follows the rules.

We can break all the rules and try to out run the consequences. But eventually they always catch up to us. Sometimes jail or death is not the worst that can happen to us… we can realize our dream and have it taken from us like the rule breaking took it from someone else.


We can follow God and live to he best of our abilities following his command to be fruitful. Sometimes it means being a prisoner, sometimes it means being a billionaire President… sometimes it means being an asshole misunderstood step parent no one believes loves them because you are standing in the gap for them and can’t be the nice guy.

With that dream comes the freedom to make your own life how ever you want it to be… but that requires being brave, focused, and diligent. Even a party life requires a responsibility to make the party good and enjoyable.

There is a group currently trying to wake us up. Wake us from the slumber of being told what we can’t and cannot do.

We have been told when we could eat, when we could sleep, when we can be happy or afraid all of our lives by someone else that wants to keep their freedom secure by enslaving the rest.

But that is not the dream. That is the nightmare.

Never being in control of your own destiny because of someone else telling you what to do and not do.

We have been conditioned to be led around like goats on a rope.

This group is trying to get us engulfed and to care. They are trying to get us to see we the people determine our lives and our rules.

We the people make this country one day at a time with what we do and say.

They are trying to get us to remember:

We are the Americans building

The American Dream.


UR a nightmare Trump’s nightmare and a rotten apple

Johnny Appleseed

Wow…. You can read Gwen.

I am impressed.


Do you know what comes Nextie wextie wittle Gwen…

Honestly… if you didn’t always come at people sideways… they would probably talk to you decent…

But, you have to at least give it an effort to be decent to them first…

Let’s just call this me giving you a clue…

God put it on my heart to tell you that.

And don’t come in with some off the wall “orange man bad” bullshit off the top of your head assholism statements.

I told my kids a long long time ago…

If all you give me is asshole…

Asshole is all you are going to get in return.

Happy Easter, Glenn.

Last edited 11 months ago by Johnny Appleseed

Safe travels, sir…! 🙏


Keep the FIRES BURNING and send the Commie-Liberals TO Hell!


Keep it going!

Becky G

YES YES MR. PRESIDENT! Thank you for keeping us motivated! You’ve had our back..and MANY OF US will ALWAYS have yours!!!! ❤🇺🇸❤


Margaret ClarkPrice


Mary Geiger

Good. Love Trump rallies.

Patricia McDermott


Craig Barrett

GOD bless America




I know more people will show up than Boe Jiden could draw.


no way stINKY

Strange Brew

Oh Stinky, rallies do not equate with votes. Everybody wants to see the clowns at the circus!

My Man Trump

FJB doesn’t have a crowd. Those are a handful of staged actors. The sorry ass has even lost his Dem base. Everyone is awake now. Thank you, President Trump. See you soon.

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