Really BAD Polling for Ron DeSanctimonious

“Really BAD Polling for Ron DeSanctimonious. He ought to spend more time in Florida! Remember when Sloppy Chris Christie spent almost all of his final year, as New Jersey Governor, in New Hampshire, with his Security and much else paid for by New Jersey taxpayers? He got destroyed, left N.J. with a record low 8% approval rating, then got rejected by N.H., had NO SUPPORT, and dropped out of the race. Exact same thing is happening to DeSanctus. His Polls are dropping like a rock, including Florida!”

By Donald J. Trump

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The FAKE NEWS said your mugshot was you cowering into the camera huh what a bunch of garbage SIR POTUSDJT I’m with you and like 100,000,000 others are to the win, THANK YOU SIR FOR YOUR BRAVE FIGHT FOR OUR FREEDOM AND CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT I SALUTE YOU SIR POTUSDJT MAGA 454724 PEACE OUT ✌️ JPJ ✌️❤️


There’s absolutely no comparison, Mr. President. You got this! 💯. (But my biggest fear is that Calamity Joe will wave his illegal wand and make all illegal migrants within this country – into citizens. If they want our continued tax money to continue to flow into their pockets, they would have to vote Joe. Can that be headed off at the pass?!?) I pray this would be impossible. 🙏 Just ugly thoughts…!!! I 💕 Love the response to maybe the best pic of you ever!!! What an uplift! I want to hang it somewhere in my home..has anyone made flags of it yet? We Love You!!! De Santis needs to continue being a governor and stop coveting YOUR annointed position. He needs to tell his ‘first lady wannabe’ to take a seat and learn to appreciate being ‘second lady’! There’s plenty she can do in FLA…isn’t her house big enough? When I saw the gold dress with the bow, and all the ticker tape, I knew he was running before any announcement. Nobody can replace the lovely Melania either!!! We are waiting impatiently for your return to the W.H. Sir!!! Much Love! 💕. 😎🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊🌊 🏖️



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