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Meegan Fixler

We can’t blame them. This is not how America does things.This was to be expected from a soulless leader who is being ordered by Obama in the basement, or some other evil entity!


Mr. President, please stop pushing the shots. No shot protects better than natural immunity. Push therapeutics but, in regards to the shots, you were played. You did a great job expediting a product that you believed was legitimate. But the product isn’t something advisable to associate yourself with any further. Thank you!


My grandfather got a purple heart and lost his leg in WWI. Our Soldiers have fought for years for our freedoms, and to see this embalmed fraud Tell them to stand down when they were ready to take out the enemy, to see him let a suicide bomber kill their brothers and sisters, to leave our equipment. All of it. He is a disgrace and a despicable monster as well as those who are instructing him. He is not only be responsible for the lives of our brave and beautiful 13. He is responsible for all of our military who are now having PTSD and worse because of this. He spit on our men and woman. What a shameful souless POS!


There’s one race on earth,the human race,we should start acting like it.

Kathryn A Malone

That’s laughable. One race. Just like one god. Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Just means you don’t see it.


I’m proud to be American.GOD bless America, GOD bless all Americans, were ever you are!

Debra Puddy

We all have record low morale,we continue to watch our nation go down the tubes, we don’t have a real leader..we have no confidence of anyone in the White House.


They hated trump for calling them suckers and losers which is funny because he’s the loser!


Poor stupid, you !


You’re a “prize” alright . . .


So CNNish. The only one being called a sucker and loser, is you.

Last edited 1 year ago by THosk

President Trump…Sir, if you can and are willing..please address this Nation with the Truth of what has occurred! I know they are trying to silence you, but you need to tell every News Agency you can or have influence over to please show the people what is going on over there! People need to see and hear it!


That is what happens when you have a FAKE President and WOKE generals!
God Bless and GOD Save the USA!

Michael Jenson

morale is low cause there made to feel like there time and contribution means nothing and there commander in Chief is playing kids games in the big guy’s world. Jed Clampett said it best “pitiful”


This is not a time for us to be Proud of our Military TOP BRASS!! We are ALWAYS proud of our Military Men & Women on the front lines TAKING ORDERS! YOU..STAND STRONG!! YOU…STAND PROUD!! YOU..ARE AMERICA!!! YOU..REPRESENT!!! DO NOT WAVER IN YOUR RESOLVE TO STAND FOR JUSTICE & ALWAYS MUSTER THE COURAGE IT TAKES TO STAND! We are praying for you all! GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS!! WE SALUTE YOU!!

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

No wonder! With Sleepy Joe gifting 85 billion dollars worth of fine equipment to the terrorist Taliban and leaving American citizens behind in Afghanistan, then there is the “woke” Milley and Lloyd Austin. These are really sad times for our Country.

Florida Robert

The new line is “the past 4 presidents lied about Afghanistan”. WRONG. Trump did not lie about it. Do not throw Trump in with the crap presidents!!


Who wants to fight for a no win cause?

barbara white

Record low for the rest of us too. God Bless us all

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