Remember Arizona

“Remember Arizona, your so-called “Speaker,” Rusty (an appropriate name because he is Rusty, just like steel gets rusty and weak) Bowers, is absolutely terrible. He is “weak” and wrong on everything, including your horrible Open Border and pathetic election “counting.” Vote him out!”

By Donald J. Trump

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My Man Trump

LMAO! President Trump, you bust me up. Great analogy. Get OUT, Rusty.


God bless and Godspeed President Trump 🌹🦁🇺🇸 I’m praying and trusting the plan. If anyone can bring justice I know you can 🙏. It takes courage to expose the truth!! MAGA 💝

Preserve America

“Make Arizona Great Again”




We the People are the only ones who CAN Drain THE SWAMP!

We all need to stand together or we all will keep falling by tyrants.

Wether you like or dislike Frm. President Donald J Trump “the presidency is a position For and Of the people NOT A BESTIES CONTEST; Donald J Trump (without ego trip) IS OUR SAVIOR to A PROTECTED AMERICA AND THE AMERICAN(s – ALL)

Haters will hate, until it is their heads getting the swirly (like with the current admin.) “two-three words, (Treason- Whitehouse Lawn)
Love thy neighbor as-if it were yourself.

Outside of that “out of 7 running in Florida, and Marco Rubio is the only one to get on the ballot (rather not on the ballot because of being the only one)
*•something sounds fishy to me•*


Bye-bye Rusty. We need strong patriotic politicians who will support America and the citizens.

Lenora Thompson

I was wrong! There isn’t one Fake #Biden. There are least two Fake Biden lookalikes and they look nothing alike! Also, I may know why he’s not blinking.

Lenora Thompson

Tell Rusty to Hit the Streets and DON”T COME BACK!

Michael Jenson

hear Ya hear Ya…

YOUR Help is Needed

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