Remember, though, controversy only makes things “hotter”.

“I have spent some time watching The Open Championship (formerly known as The British Open), and it is terrific! But as almost all of the great players, sportscasters, and golf aficionados know, the greatest site and course of all for The Open is Turnberry, in Scotland. It is truly a magical place, the players want to be there, and at some point in time the players will be there. But this course was not chosen for The Open because they consider a wonderful person, and many-time Club Champion, named Donald J. Trump, to be too controversial – this is, of course, a false reputation caused mainly by the Fake News Media. Remember, though, controversy only makes things “hotter.” In any event, Turnberry is also the course where the greatest match of all time was played, nicknamed “The Dual in the Sun,” which boiled down to an Open between the great Jack Nicklaus and the great Tom Watson.

Turnberry is on the ocean with the most spectacular holes, sightlines, shots, and seaside views of any course in the World. It is a shame that the phenomenal Turnberry Golf links, the best in the World, sits empty during Open Championships, while far lesser courses are on display. Oh well, life proceeds forward! Someday The Open will be back at Turnberry.”

By Donald J. Trump

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Joe mama

Have you never heard of St. Andrews?

Philip Hazel


Kathryn Vass

Yep, and when The Open is back at Turnberry, I suspect they’ll have the proverbial red carpet rolled out for America’s President (again) Donald J. Trump. ♥️🤍💙


100% Correct Kathryn!

Jeffrey P Piccoli

A masterful derision.

Nikki Cavin-Grace

They continue to cut off their nose to spite their face….


Stupid Is As Stupid Does!

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