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So very TRUE!!!


100% CORRECT President Trump and the Commie-Liberals KNOW IT!

Sarah Luu

If this had happened to the commie, marxist, Mauist democrats there would have been and continuing massive rioting, burning and looting EVERYWHERE, murdering and assassinations and everything else EVIL happening and of course the media on every corner, with their cameras and body armor creaming in their pants loving every minute of it.


Absolutely right!


We need to go back to the Capital as a peaceful protest. (Cautious of the radical lefties infiltrate) Demand the removal of this illegitimate Biden regime.
We have that right.
They have done this unselect committee partly to stop the people from protesting against them.
They are truly scared of the people and the truth.


Not with the Capitol Police Gulag and the GESTAPO FBI!
These Corrupt SOBs will get theirs in Due Time!


We can’t be afraid of these traitor bastards!! UNITE AND FIGHT! We are Americans!


Your supporters went to the Capitol to put peaceful pressure on the House, Senate and useless VP to get them to delay certification of the election until the rampant election fraud could be investigated. Trump supporters do things legally. It’s who we are. It’s who Trump is.
The leftists have been practicing this color revolution, in other countries all over the world, for decades and they pulled it out and used it against their own government.
They are the insurrectionists. (Along with the media whom they have infiltrated pretty much 100% now.) The entire thing was yet another hoax.
The foolish Trump supporters who wandered into their trap like sheep to the slaughter, were icing on their poisonous cake.
But the poison has been eaten. The beautiful country lies there as helplessly as Sleepy Beauty. Will she rise again?
The prince can only come to save us if the TRUE Republican STATE legislators and Governors make haste and pass laws that completely (not the fake laws some have settled for. Those are more poison) PREVENT ALL election fraud.
Paper ballots like France, One day voting that ends at 9pm no exceptions, Triple verification of signatures with paper poll books, no email voting for deployed servicemen, no mail in ballots unless it is for a very narrow group of approved registered voters such as servicemen. Requirements for each county to clean their voter rolls regularly and no drop boxes anywhere, period. and MORE.
These things, are in many places, already the law but they cheated anyway.
So the Republicans, if they are, in truth, Republicans have to ENFORCE these laws and refuse to let the Governors of their states commandeer the entire election.
They need to sue NOW every elected official that certified where laws were broken.
LOOK at this show trial happening right now. The leftists are proud that they cheated. The trial is as well orchestrated as the color revolution itself. They sit inside the chambers, the same chambers to which they intentionally opened the doors and let the Trump supporters and their own evil instigators flood in on J6, and they mock us.
The Republicans are still on the ropes getting their faces pummeled. Sue them back for the sake of all the is truthful. For the sake of the country. and as the USA goes, so goes the world. Millions of lives depend upon the valor, or lack there of, the Republican law makers muster up. Considering how weak kneed most of them have proven to be, the circle is quite small. But remember Gideon and how few people God chose to help him. Judges 7:1-8
May God have mercy on us.

My Man Trump

Let it go, Sir. The country could care less about Pelosi’s staged “insurrection” to try and bring you down. That will never happen no matter how much they lie. You are frying much bigger fish and winning. You are also going to fry Pelosi’s ass along with the rest of them. If Paulie doesn’t bring her down first. Hahaha


Yeah, DRUNK DRIVING! Endangering the lives of others…and children! Imagine if Trump, Melania or anyone close to Trump had done that crime. It’s all so very sick, and so sad that so many Americans are still hoodwinked. That’s why Trump keeps at it, hoping the message will reach the ill-informed masses. The commies even want to rub our noses in their success with the steal:

My Man Trump

You got it!


Sure it wasn’t. 😉😉


This evil witch hunt is vindictive and evil! !!! I am praying for you President Trump and I can empathize with you.💓This display of the radical left is sickening!!! Why doesn’t the news media start exposing the real criminals ??? Why protect these demons who are guilty of crimes against humanity? Why can’t the news media acknowledge the truth? Why do people lie so much? I am losing faith in humanity, the judicial system, the government, the election system and pretty much everything!!!


Correct sir, the Stolen Election was the Crime of the Century and the American citizens were there to protest.
They can’t handle the truth. They refuse to accept the truth. They are the Big Lie.

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