Ron DeSanctimonious is being CRUSHED

“Ron DeSanctimonious is being CRUSHED in the polls, all of them. Many GLOBALISTS are having second thoughts. RINO’S Karl Rove, Pauline Ryan and Jeb, “Low Energy” Bush, are beside themselves. They have rarely witnessed a CRATERING of this magnitude. Maybe they should have told Ron that trying to destroy Social Security and Medicare, three times, is not a good thing to do. ALSO, his record on the China Virus, Crime, and Education is, despite his ever spinning P.R. Machine, ABYSMAL!!! 71-17 anyone?”

By Donald J. Trump

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we love you president you are the best.


The AMERICAN PEOPLE Are AWARE of Desantis Globalist Ideas and DO NOT want this Rino in the White House!
Desantis IS TOAST!
TRUMP 2024!

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