Ron DeSantis Fought Against Trump’s America First Agenda

“Make America Great Again Inc’s latest ad reveals how Ron DeSantis fought against President Donald Trump’s America First agenda while in Washington. 

As Ron DeSantis said in a leaked debate prep video, he “voted contrary to [President Trump] in the Congress.”

  • President Trump protected seniors’ benefits while Ron DeSantis voted several times to cut Social Security and Medicare. Ron DeSantis doubled down on his support for targeting Social Security in a recent interview with John Stossel where DeSantis said “younger people like me are receptive” to making changes to Social Security.
  • President Trump built over 400 miles of wall, which successfully reduced border crossings in those areas by over 87 percent.  Ron DeSantis voted against border wall funding.
  • President Trump cut taxes massively. In one year, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act put $2,000 directly back into the pockets of the average family. Ron DeSantis, by contrast, supported a national sales tax that would harm middle class families. 

President Trump is the only candidate ready on day one to deliver for Americans again.”

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