Ron DeSantis: Trump’s Border Policies Kept Us Safe

“President Donald Trump secured America’s border, just ask Ron DeSantis. 

In July 2021, Ron DeSantis tweeted, “The disaster at our border is a direct result of the Biden Administration ending Trump border policies that curbed illegal immigration, the influx of drugs, and human smuggling.”

Republicans agree with DeSantis. Morning Consult found that 70 percent of Republicans said they trust President Trump to handle immigration, compared to 20 percent who said the same of DeSantis.

President Trump has a bold plan to fight illegal immigration in his second term: 

“- Issue EO ending Automatic Citizenship for the children of illegal aliens

– Reinstate Safe Third agreements, Remain in Mexico, Asylum Bans, and prosecution of illegal aliens

– Build even more border wall

– Reimplement Title 42, and use it to end the child trafficking crisis

– Shift federal law enforcement to immigration enforcement, issue a policy directive making clear that a core national defense mission is to protect American Sovereignty, and move thousands of troops currently stationed overseas to our OWN southern border

– Carry out the largest domestic deportation operation in American History

– Invoke the Alien Enemies Act to remove all known or suspected Gang Members, drug dealers, or Cartel Members from the U.S.

– Deploy the U.S. Navy to impose a full naval embargo on the drug cartels

– Order my government to deny entry to ALL communists and Marxists.”

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He got something right, duh. He’s trying to ride on President Trump’s coat-tails.



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