Ron’s attack on both

“Social Security and Medicare, and Ron’s attack on both, have destroyed DeSanctimonious. His love affair with Jeb Bush and Karl Rove, certainly haven’t helped, but being a DISCIPLE of “Wheelchair over the Cliff” Paul Ryan, has been a disaster. Ron has lost his supporters and his support, and MAGA refuses to Endorse disloyal people!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Sarah Luu

“So SAD!” WHY GOVERNOR, WHY? You won’t be able to pull your ass out of the fire you’ve made. So Sad! Sarah Luu


I am glad this is happening, and sad at the same time. Glad, because it did not take long for De Santis to show his true colors. Now people won’t make the mistake to believe him. Sad because republicans just cannot stick together even in times when our country is in very big trouble. DeSantis could have waited a few years and get his turn. A blessing for us, we know who he is.

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