Donald J. Trump Rally in Cullman, AL

Watch the 45th President Donald J. Trump Rally in Cullman, AL.


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Mark klozik

Why is no one mentioning that Elizabeth Homes the ceo on trial for the epi pen price fixing is the daughter of Joe Manchin




We the People are beginning to think your not one of us.


The Strategic Reasons are not in your data base of thinking, that’s all.

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Steven Friedman

President Trump, you need to stop talking about the vaccine beyond reinforcing how it is a freedom of choice issue whether or not to take it. Although you made historic deals with drug manufacturers to produce vaccines in record time, it’s not a winning subject at the moment. There have been way too many signs of foul play by the CDC, WHO and the US government in the creation of the covid-19 virus. Too many signs of collusion between gov’t and drug companies. Too many signs of American civil rights being violated in order to push the vaccine. Too many signs of government and corporate coercion against American citizens. Too many signs of censorship against opinions that differ from the official approved narratives with regard to vaccine efficacy. Too many bad outcomes after taking the vaccine, including death, while drug manufacturers are still absolved from liability, and too many signs of Nazi-like behavior from politicians.


it was a trick to get a boo out of the audience, which the MSM would surely report, using the MSM to show the normies massive amounts of people that hate the vacine. see for details.


The Military, the Cyber guys,Trump, they ALL know exactly what the Enemy is up to.They know what they want to say, when they need to say it. More important, the Higher Power does too.


President Trump We respect you and admire all that you’ve achieved! You are the most amazing President America has ever had even in the face of big pharma, big fake media, and evil cabal, Illuminati that run trillion dollar businesses like Black Rock and Vanguard! We pray for you, the White Hats, and the good people of the world! With the audits revealing the truth I hope you are back in office where you belong! Save the children, save America, and the world! Linda – Lady for Trump – (not the other comment from a different Linda)

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Just Me

President Trump,

I want you to sit down and watch old television news and interviews, such as Walter Cronkite bringing the whole world as one through the Kennedy assassination, through the first trip to the moon, through Apollo 13. I want you to sit down and watch the old TV interviews you gave, the ones from 20+ years, ago. I want you to watch the speeches you gave when campaigning for President.

I want you to find the focus on facts and find your manners. You received more cheers for using “bad” words than for anything else.

Nancy and her gang are up there pushing through laws for Congress to control the actions of the Supreme Court. The “Green New Deal”, like most Congressional actions, starts at the end, with no consideration of the damage being done from start to finish. China has effectively shut down auto manufacturing and others by not providing necessary conductors. The Taliban now controls the world’s largest supply of Lithium. China controls almost all of our medication production.

We need the previous version of Donald Trump, the calm man with the facts, the calm man with culture, manners.

You are The Donald and I love that version of you, too. I just believe we need cool, level-headed guidance, and less repetitive, sometime wandering, rhetoric.


Just Me, ~~ Ye of Little Faith. Just because we don’t see what we want to see, doesn’t mean the best strategies aren’t happening. White Hat Military Generals know a lot more about fighting a War than we do. Trump is in alignment with their Plans.

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I watched on frankspeech, Liddell TV.

its me

It was so awesome to hear a real leader speak. Bittersweet, though.

You know who we have to thank for the Taliban taking over and getting all those weapons? Dominion. Border over flowing with unvetted, un-vaxed people from every prison in the world? thank Dominion. Gas prices sky rocketing? thanks Dominion. Food prices shooting up? thank you Dominion. They think they are so wise and know better than the American people who we need to govern America. They rigged the election along with their cohorts and put a complete imbecile in charge of planet earth.
And then they sue or threaten anyone who says that the election was tampered with. Its not like we are saying Ford’s brakes are faulty. These are the election machines. We are not allowed to scrutinize the election machines, therefore, we are not allowed to scrutinize our own elections. They may be stupid about who to put in charge, but they certainly check-mated America and forced us to do their will, didn’t they?

This is what happens in the world when evil takes the wheel. Right now, evil has dominion.

Karen Davis

“Everything woke turns to shit” LOL. So true.


SALUTE, President Trump!!!!


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Rock N Roll President Trump!
Save America 2024!

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