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Tom Svensson

nothing negative in this thread, strange

Liberty Belle

Please save NC! They are trying to do to my state like they did VA and most recently GA!

Christine Shimko

I have a big favor to ask you. Can you add a closed caption on the video for us to watch your rally videos? Thank you


Well said President Trump! Biden and the rest of the liberal Democrats are destroying our country every day! We must get the House, Senate, and the White House back! Failure is not an option!


It is not just the United States that needs you back. Canada needs you back too, we have no-one to turn to here. The whole world needs you back. The sooner you President Trump are back in your rightful place, the sooner We The People of the World can start rebuilding our respective countries. Ridding them of the communist, socialist regimes. Helping the sadly abused children find the help and families that they need to start living a real healthy life.
Too many countries have nobody standing up to face off against the tyrannts, that will probably cheat anyway. We need direction from you and your people to know the right leaders to put into place.
God Bless You for allowing yourself to be used of God. I know all of this is God’s plan, and it is in his timing.


Every day there is something new, someone trying to discredit this Great Man. There is none so blind……

Rosanne. Choate

Fantastic!!! Right about everything he talked about. Amen, Mr. President!!!

Brittany DeWitt



Thank you for fighting for us!! Best President Ever!


Thank you MR.PRESIDENT For giving up a beautiful life to stand in the gap for we the people WWG1WGA

Johnny Appleseed

Sorry I missed it. Glad it’s here so I can view it.

It's me

Best line of the night : when speaking of election fraud, PRESIDENT Trump said :”Hang In There.”

Angela Partin

I was there. It was the most patriotic experience. I had the biggest smile on my face, along with a giddy felling similar to a kid in a candy store!


I would love to go to a rally sometime! But I don’t expect President Trump to waste valuable time in a blue state like mine…


Agreed! There are a ton of supporters in Oregon and it’s so blue its ridiculous!

Crystal Vanderpool

Honestly, I Truly Believe That If There Were Enough Time And Funding , President Trump Would Hold A Rally In Your State of Oregon Just As He Would In Any Other State. I Would Bet That He Would Not Hesitate To Hold A Rally In All 50 States And Would Very Likely Do So If It Were Logistically Possible And I Really Do Believe That He Would Do It With All Of my Heart. If He Did, WE WOULD SEE MASSIVE CROWDS GATHER TO PRESIDENT TRUMP’S RALLIES IN ALL 50 STATES !!! I’D BET ANYTHING THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT WE WOULD TRULY SEE ! Right Now, It Is The Proven Liers Of The MSM, The Liers At Local Affiliate Stations Of The Lying MSM and The Also Proven Liers Working As Pollsters Who Are Telling Us Which States Are Currently “Blue” and Which Are Currently “Red”. So According To Repeatedly Proven Liers, Oregon Is A “Blue” State. According To The Same Liers , My Home State of GA Is “Blue” When “We The People Of The State of GA” Know That We Voted Red. So Oregon & Other Syates Were Suppoedly “Blue” in The Nov 2020 Presidential Election. That Has Yet To Be Proven. Even So, Let’s Put That Thought Aside. After The Insane Amount Of Absolute, Deliberate Destruction That We Have All Seen Done To Our Country, The Personal Rights and Freedoms That Have Been Taken Away, The Lives That Have Been Destroyed, The Luves That Have Been Lost, The Completely Deliberate and Pre- Planned Assault On Americans That Has Transpired At The Hands Of “So Called Democrats”- The Party That When Supported By The Majority Makes Your State Blue. NO WAY DOES THE MAJORITY OF ANY STATE IN AMERICA SUPPORT THIS ! NO WAY IS THERE A “TRUE BLUE STATE” LEFT In Reality ! No Way ! But We Wouldn’t Know Because We Have A Media System In America That Refuses To Report What Is True Reality.


God bless President Trump and our first lady Melania and all the family. Thank you Mr. President for all you are doing for America! 

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Wonderful and a very important rally from President Trump! We need President Trump back in the White House ASAP!!!!


He is the greatest president ever

Dawn Sumner

We need you back now MR. President

Jose Rosales

The titan it is time for his return before Mr fraud lead the entire country to ruin. Already at this time the country is divided. And God forbid there could be a civil war very soon. Since the patriots are not accepting all the stupid things that his doing, and with great reason. God bless America again. Greetings from Mexico patriots. El titán ya es hora de su regreso antes de que Mr. fraude lleve a todo el país a la ruina. Ya que en este momento el país está dividido. Y Dios no lo quiera, podría haber una guerra civil muy pronto. Dado que los patriotas no están aceptando todas las estupideces que esta haciendo, y con gran razón. Dios bendiga a los Estados Unidos nuevamente. Saludos de los patriotas de México. 

Marijo Makufka

It’s official. . . Our Beloved and Duly Elected (Second-Term!!!) President, Donald J Trump has perfected the intricate and interwoven ART FORM called oration!
IOWA RALLY 10-9-2021 aka President Trump NEVER LEFT OFFICE!
Praise our Most High Lord God in Heaven for

  1. Two-Term President Donald J Trump: the epitome of an enormous mental capability mixed with a wide interest in EVERYTHING love and truth and God; a TRUE and GOOD friend, always there for those he KNEW and KNOWS are TRUE and PURE; a man who GAVE UP his AMAZING LIFE and dragged his INCREDIBLE FAMILY to the HEART OF THE SWAMP to LOSE MONEY yet start a GRASSROOTS FOLLOWING based on GOD, the CHILDREN, on our JUDEO-CHRISTIAN NATION that GOD has ALWAYS OWNED and ALREADY WON. . .
  2. The amazing, brilliant, GOD-FOCUSED, greatest-ever First Lady, Ms. Melania Trump
  3. Barron Trump: proof of God’s Angels that I call the “NEW CHILDREN”
  4. Tiffany Trump: an incredibly courageous and BEAUTIFUL young lady somehow living a “normal” life among the riff raff sucking off her AMAZING FAMILY and MOTHER (Americans know about you, Ms. Fabulous Mother of Tiffany!!!)
  5. Erik Trump: Spirt of God Incarnate
  6. Ivanka Trump: Elegance and Truth and Intelligence and Passion and Commitment
  7. Donald Jr.: What can I say? You are your father’s son. . .what more must I add? Except that you look HANDSOME with a beard, clean-shaven, and probably every minute of every day!

We are HAPPILY and PEACEFULLY awaiting the Return of the REAL and TRUE First Family,
Marijo Makufka

Catherine M Savage

Please come back! We cannot wait 3 years. Biden is ruining the country!!! This is all illegal. He did not get The People’s consent for any of this. Why is everyone acting so powerless to stop it??? We know the election was fraudulent and have much more than enough proof already. The ballots belong to The People! Raffensberger is there to show it to us if we want to see it. His power isn’t in preventing The People from seeing it. He is out of line and out of his consent power. Why is Durham waiting so long? Where are the Generals? This cannot descend. Help us!!!

thomas ogden

Wow ..I just received this Notice ..they are a day behind…

Save Our United States

The single most important issue President Trump discussed and acknowledged as such is fixing our voting system. Unless we fix our election system, the politicians will continue to find ways to defeat it. Unfortunately, cheating has becoming easier to do with electronic voting machines and increased acceptance of mail-in ballots. We saw this in California after the recall election; it took no time for the legislature to pass voting laws to further establish mail-in voting. Why did they do this? Because it is now a proven and convenient method for rigging elections. The public knows it and the politicians know it.

Johnny Appleseed

Fix raising our children.

The school system is continually teaching our children to accept more and more rules they impose on them AFTER SCHOOL AWAY FROM THE CAMPAS!!!

This is the slow push for communism.

Save Our United States

I agree… but without fixing our voting system, none of the rest matters because if they get to make the rules, they get their way in the end.

Catherine M Savage

That’s right! The election fraud has a pre planned system so we must get out there and canvass these bad votes, get rid of the machines that WE THE PEOPLE DO NOT WANT. We tell them how it is not the other way around. People need to understand that We the People are the masters of Congress and Courts. They are not our masters! They ONLY get power from OUR CONSENT

Rosanne. Choate

Yes, paper ballots are better than electronic voting, which led to dishonest fraud on the third of Nov. Like someone put it, it turned out to be a false election that we didn’t know was happening till the following day.


It looked like Mr. Trump was in a happy place when he started to speak at the podium last night.

Save Our United States

I noticed the same thing. He came to the podium with a smile.


Yeah it was cool to see that he started to smile at America hehe

Patty strange things are in blue states like ny…where there is the Hocus pocus administration


Tell me about it…we went from Cuomo’s frying pan into the fire 😕


Very high level of Hospital Visit Reluctance, at the retirement community I visited yesterday. Sad when people do not trust hospitals.

Just Me

The huge corporations that now own and run the hospitals and allow only imported and rotated physicians dictate healthcare, who gets it, what kind of care patients are allowed to receive. It’s absolutely criminal.


“The cover up is worse than the crime” Fla Governor DeSantis’s wife took the Vax and suddenly she has breast cancer. This type of event has become common especially with the teens taking the vax. Please look into this!!!!


Karma is live and well!!


Expressing satisfaction over someone’s cancer diagnosis, no matter how much you disagree with them, is incredibly poor taste.


That’s because V is a scumbag that should go back to Norway and stop trying to fuck up our country. GO HOME.

Just Us in the USA

Killing Floridians is in poor taste too Scabby! Ron Death Sentence gets what he deserves!

My Man Trump

What a sick bastard you are. One thing I do have to admit….you are true to the Biden fascist regime. They all are just like you. I know you people don’t believe but I have to say it anyway. May God help you.

Save Our United States

I understand your concerns with the vaccine. However, correlating all health events to the vaccine is a bit of a stretch. The vaccine is not that good!


I have to agree, breast or any cancer is something I’ve not seen or heard any evidence of yet. Other than those with cancer and already having weakened immune systems could take a huge hit from having to fight the protein spikes created by the vaccine that’s supposed to create the antibodies needed to fight the Wuhan Virus. Than the effectiveness of is so bad everyone needs boosters for.



Save Our United States

Excellent! Thank you again for these rallies. Please consider doing WV in the next few weeks…

Rosanne. Choate

And possibly Virginia, have a cousin who lives there with his wife, who most likely would love to see his President in a rally!


Was like an “oldies” act, rolling from town to town playing greatest hits & moldy oldies… same old, same old…


I think the oldies are the best!


A real snooze fest

Cary Miller

Yes Sir Mr. president, good job. It seemed to me that the “Folks” in IOWA are kinda “Tame/Lame”. Every single person should be screaming there heads off. These people need to realize that this “Shit Show”, absolute War between “The dark and the Light” is for ALL OF THE MARBLES!

A lot of people need to have more Honor! In fact, a great many need to start by looking it up in the Dictionary because they don’t act like they have any Honor at all, and if you press the issue, the “Honorless” can do nothing but name call or act like it “Doesn’t matter”.

I pray that the “Host of Kings”will touch their Souls and “They” can find HONOR. And Smite the evil and the dark. God Bless this Nation and ALL that love her and fight for her! ❤🙏✝️🇺🇸

wendy borchardt

help me catch and eliminate some pimping parents and illegals… its so much worse sadistic to these babes…im at a loss i hear it. daily.



Rosanne. Choate

Of course he did! Shouldn’t even have to run again! We all won! Why vote a third time, just because the crooks decided to turn into a sham of an election.


Excellent Job President Trump!
Keep Up The FIGHT!


Of course he’s lying. Trump’s lowest rating was 34%. Biden’s 38%.


Praying and holding the line. For the Glory of God.



Tammy Adams

Come back President Trump…America NEEDS YOU NOW! TRUMP WON!


We have to wake up more brainwashed people. It’s not the Great Awakening for nothing. We need to make sure we settle the 2020 election fraud before we even attempt 2022. Paper ballots and a receipt for the voter. On the Blockchain. Only voter ID can vote. We should not put up with these whining, complaining like super bratty spoiled rotten children that you just give in because they wear you down. We can figure out their plan and use logic and truth to expose them. Don’t give up until that cesspool of creatures are dealt with. I know with God’s mighty help we will succeed. It didn’t happen over night. We need to pray a lot and have patience. We all need to stick together, not divide. Get enough supplies to last 2-3 weeks. We are a strong country and the world is hoping we have this. They are suffering from these Marxist lockdowns and forced vax stuff. They’re killing us. Do you think God is happy that his prized creations are being altered into transhuman beings. What if God only wants natural humans in heaven? I hope not. Be strong. Don’t give in. Love to you all

P Chatary

Right now I’m waiting for Donald J. Trump ( the only President who sincerely cares about AMERICA and us DEPLORABLES ) on Real America’s Voice, the home of Steve Bannon’s Warroom. It’s a feel good moment………


Wish I could be there, but this is a democrat’s economy. Poor is the norm for most folks.

You must love the blame they are placing on benefits for the low job numbers. As if they (Biden Cabal) had nothing to do with it. Moreover; you must love the moronic concept of removing the benefits to force laborers back to a laborers job.

Making hardship for a person is not an incentive to go back to work. Dead end jobs are never a reason to want to work. The real incentive is a career path that could change a person’s life for the better and not make someone else’s bank account fatter.

Hell, here in Tn. the last minimum wage increase was 2019. Who can survive on a minimum wage? I love it when folks say to take a minimum wage job and work you way up lol. The norm is to work your way out the door. A minium wage empoyer would fire and hire or rehire to keep the wage low. There are folks from the age of 14 thru 60 working crappie low wage jobs. Most jobs moved to China.

Not to mention Joe Biden blames everything and everyone for the failed covid promise.

President Trump at the rally tonight do me a favor and give Joe Biden a shout out: ” FUCK YOU JOE BIDEN.”



Cary Miller

No, no, no…… it’s, “Let’s go Brandon”!

This CHUMP has got to GO!!!


Will watch on OAN. The only TV network that talks about “The Steal”


Most all the good people are gone now except Chanel Rion, besides they only air the speech. Some of us enjoy the whole experience of the rally that RSBN provides. Plus they actually report more on the steal than any other avenue, besides maybe Frank Speech by Mike Lindell

Maybe that’s why Trump links to them on this site?

Last edited 1 year ago by griffthegrand

We miss you already!!
Do you miss us yet??
Time to come back and finish what was started.

Last edited 1 year ago by Codymon2u

Let’s Go Brandon!!!!


🇺🇸God Bless you President Trump! The true Commander and Chief🇺🇸 Save America🇺🇸♥️🇺🇸


Hello from Canada, I think the whole North America needs a change, went from BC to Washington state for a quick cross border grocery shopping trip as a kid. That was memorable. Great nation you folks have there. I think we need great leaders in Canada and the U.S now more than ever. I think Biden and Trudeau are truly a couple train wrecks to our respective great countries.

Elizabeth Headley



Rock N Roll Mike!

Sue Mckee

We love you best President Ever. I will be watching on Newsmax. Thousands are waiting for you!


Rock N Roll President Trump!




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