Ryan will fight against the Radical Left Democrats

“Under Ryan Zinke’s leadership at the Department of the Interior, the U.S. achieved Energy Dominance, increased federal energy revenues, and responsibly opened federal acreage for energy production. He was instrumental in expanding public access to public lands for recreation and rebuilding our National Parks and Forests infrastructure. As Montana’s Congressman for the new 2nd District, Ryan will fight against the Radical Left Democrats who continually block the America First policies we put in place. He will be a strong leader for the great Patriots of Montana. Ryan has my Complete and Total Endorsement for Congress!”

By Donald J. Trump

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barbara white

I think a great choice for GA Governor would be Kandiss Taylor. That lady is on fire. She loves the Constitution and loves her country. I see her on You Tube. People are being banned for having her and others on their shows. Shes a firecracker



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