Sad days for the Great State of Georgia

“Has anyone checked the background of Fani Willis, who lets Murderers go free to roam the streets of Atlanta and KILL, but wastes time, energy, and money on LETS GET TRUMP, who has done NOTHING wrong. RINO Governor Brian Kemp has lost control of violent crime in Atlanta, and Fulton County as a whole. To walk the streets is a death sentence, it has NEVER been worse, yet he wants to protect this incompetent prosecutor. Number 1 in violence per capita in U.S. Sad days for the Great State of Georgia!”

By Donald J. Trump

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I am not understanding how a DA in Fulton County can just up and review a phone call to the Governor. Is the Governor under the jurisdiction of the DA? Is the Governor’s mansion’s phone system under the jurisdiction of the DA? Does the DA sit around and review all of the Governor’s phone calls? Does the Governor have to report phone calls to the DA?

How is the sitting President of the US under the jurisdiction of the DA? You didn’t threaten to harm Gov. Kemp if he didn’t “find votes”, so you didn’t threaten a government official. You caused no harm nor created a threat of harm. How, then, does the DA have the authority to review and opine on the phone call. One can’t simply hijack a Governor’s phone call recordings and “look for crimes”. That would be abhorent and absurd. It certainly highlights major risks of letting DC become a state.

Democrat polling supervisors and election supervisors are always finding votes, in U-Haul trucks, in storage lockers, in suitcases under table cloths. Why can’t Republicans make sure votes weren’t in storage or miscounted? Lot’s of candidates reach out to those in authority and ask for a review of votes cast and counted. Al Gore and Stacy Abrams are two that come to mind. Did any DA review their phone calls?

I can just imagine the number of furious phone calls that were made the night Trump beat Hillary. LOL. I imagine some of those calls included some serious threats along the lines of “I’d better not find out you missed some votes”, “You better hope Trump doesn’t win (your) state”. Did all of the DA in the US review the phone calls in and out of the White House? in and out of Hillary’s location? Biden’s? Nancy’s? CNN?

There can only be two answers, two reasons this is happening. The DA is overstepping all known boundaries for the sole purpose of election interference in the 2024 election by eliminating Donald Trump as a candidate; and, the DA/Democrat party is punishing President Trump and his supporters for winning the election against Hillary and her one hemispheric government under one world government.



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