Sadly, I did!

“Just read in, of all places, The New York Times, that the Broken Old Crow, Mitch McConnell, has lost every single time to me in his cherished Senate races. I am 42-0 over the last two cycles, & never even tried to run up the score by opposing Todd Young of Indiana, or John Thune of South Dakota – They may be RINO’s, and puppets of Mitch, but they are just fine. Do I also get credit for endorsing Mitch himself, who was heading for a landslide LOSS until he begged me to Endorse him. Sadly, I did!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Sarah Luu

Dear Mr. President. If you would PLEASE direct me to some good sites to so that I can become more properly informed about Todd Young. I am in his congressional district & need to know much more about him & others running in my districts for other positions as well. You have my e-mail address. ANY info you could send my way about Mr. Young & others would be greatly appreciated. DON’T worry! I will NEVER EVER vote for a democrat, or ANYONE behaving that way in the slightest. GOD bless you & yours from me and mine, AND for ALL of our sakes, PLEASE BE CAREFUL!! With The UPMOST LOVE & RESPECT, Sarah Luu. P.S. and to ALL, Remember “In EVERY Revolution, There’s ONE MAN With a Vision!”


Commie-Lib McConnell will have NO power on November 9, 2022!

Save Our United States

If Republicans take control of the Senate, Senators need to vote for strong Republican leadership. Mitch McConnell cannot remain Senate majority leader. Longevity in the Senate has nothing to do with a persons ability to lead.

We need to record the majority leader vote of every Senator and make it very public. Any Senator who votes for weak leadership — McConnell, Cornyn or any of the other RINOs (and we all know who they are) — needs to be ousted next election cycle. They work for us and they need to be held accountable.

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You did but for honorable reasons. During the first impeachment hoax Mitch stood up for you and showed support, so you simply returned the favor by backing him. It was only until after he won his election did we realize his support for you was only because he desperately needed your endorsement to win in KY and against a George Soro puppet. I can only speak for myself by saying, I would have done the same thing. Now if KY could only get a decent real conservative to run for senate in 2026 the outcome will not favor Mitch. Good riddance.



it’s ok, he’ll be out next time around.


Anyone endorsed by Mitch lacks integrity as he does. Easy choice with American First Candidates endorsed by Our Great President Donald J Trump.

Kreg Vergith

Apparently, loyalty and gratitude are fleeting.

So, Mitch got a better offer?

Someone’s got him backed into a corner?

Keep him at arm’s length (but watch him closely)!

My Man Trump

You did what!!! The President’s heart is entirely too big. Never do that again. He is a commie democrat who still has no allegiance to Trump. Can’t wait till he is gone.



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