Saturday Night Live, and other late-night Losers, is total Fake News.

“The story that I asked the Department of Justice to go after ratings-challenged (without Trump!) Saturday Night Live, and other late-night Losers, is total Fake News. It was fabricated, there were no sources, and yet the Lamestream Media goes with it. I did say, however, that Alec Baldwin has no talent, certainly when it comes to imitating me. The one who had what it took was Darrell Hammond. With all of that being said, however, I do believe that the 100% one-sided shows should be considered an illegal campaign contribution from the Democrat Party, hard to believe I got 75 million votes (the most of any sitting President) despite all of that, together with a very Fraudulent Election. 2024 or before!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Dan Chism

Totally agree. This is such a double standard and we need to have you back at the helm, making sure America is first. Biden is unfit and illegitimate. What a sickness these people have. Anything to take power and take away our liberty and freedom

Gamer With Guns



As usual, you are 100% Correct!!


A horrible show, i stopped watching it, well before that, deranged psycho Baldwin started parodying you. Remember, when these pill eating leftists start pointing fingers at someone, there are always 4 pointing back at them. Funny, no one on SNL mocked Alec Baldwin’s fake Latina wife.

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