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Excellent commercial Mr. President.


Great Commerical President Trump!
FJB! and the Libs!

Rosanne. Choate

Very prejudiced against America.
Probably like the Clintons who are evilly clever in knowing how to stay out of prison. These creatures are too.

My Man Trump

Brilliant!! Right on. Absolutely spot on, brilliant ad…and so truthful. It’s hysterical. Great timing of a great ad.

Cheryl Driscoll

Amen! We can all come into agreement with these words! MAGA A!


waaaayyy too
soft if ya ask me!


The funny thing is that they continue to push their lies, but most people have woken up to them.



Rosanne. Choate

That whole bunch above ought to be arrested themselves, convicted and in jail, Mr. President.


They will never stop because they are evil. This is exactly what they want – to destroy America and Americans. This commercial is probably for the normal people still watching CNN and wondering what’s happening. I just look at it and think it’s dumb. What part about Armageddon do you not get? God’s calling, and Americans better answer before it’s too late.

laura Petralia


Just Me

I believe that Obama came out of nowhere to become Senator, within 4 months was a Presidential candidate that could not be defeated, all because those who believe a black, albeit mixed race, male as President would somehow right all the wrongs of humanity since Eve ate the “apple” in the Garden of Eden; and, his victory was guaranteed by his promise to hand of the US to our enemies, doing so while emulating the famous crocodile on the Nile.

Donald Trump’s victory derailed Hillary’s continuing the transformation of the US into a country in the One Hemispheric Government in the One World Government.

These, who are implementing the demise of freedom, independence, nationality, history, moral behavior with a Judeo-Christian foundation are NOT going to allow the US to recover any aspect of our former status, no matter how many children or civilians they have to murder, no matter how many children and adults they have to sexually mutilate, no matter how many plagues they have to bring on us; it is their goal that we never recover.

The January 6th fake-“insurrection” is a pre-planned, well-orchestrated trap. When President Trump failed to remain quiet and to stay in the White House on January 6th, he stepped directly into their trap.

Recall the Al Gore-George Bush the 2nd election: It was OK for “hanging chads” to delay Presidential election certification; it was OK that mail-in ballots received after the date of election were discarded, even if the ballots were mailed in from US military vessels at sea; it was OK to delay certification to the point of requiring the Supreme Court to rule that George Bush the second was the duly elected President.

Back then, every single day, Al Gore was on the news ascertaining that he won, demanding the vote not be certified, accusing Florida of voting illegally or failing to count all legal votes. He did so with the full support of the media and entertainment industry, the Democrat party, and some of the Republican party.

Today, every single day, we are told Donald Trump is a criminal for “challenging the results”, asking states to “look for legally cast but uncounted votes”. Today we are being told his daughter did not and does not believe any election irregularity existed in 2020, his son-in-law does not support him, his election staff did not and does not support him.

The January 6th committee is finding guilty everyone who supported Trump. The NY DA is finding guilty everyone who supported Trump.

They are NOT going to let Donald Trump seek public office, again. I don’t think there is an act they will not take to stop him.

My Man Trump

Nice commentary, in the beginning. So what if Ivanka and her husband are short sighted and naïve. However, due to the fact that the election WAS stolen, DJT is still President. They will try everything and anything to prevent him going into office but they will fail. The deep state and the commies are on their very weak and pathetic last leg. Thanks to DJT. He will take what is his soon. Godspeed, DJT.


Totally agree. Can’t wait for Our President to be back in his rightful place.


This government scam is entirely on purpose. These politicians that are helping to overthrow our government establishment. They want control of our Country just to put themselves in power to do as they please. They couldn’t care less about “we the people.” They have become the rich and elite.
The population could just die, that’s what they want.
We need to take back our Country and secure our sovereignty. This really blows my mind on how this happened. Are we out numbered by the radicals in the White House?
Sorry I’m just venting, overwhelmed by all’s this corruption.
The radical Democrats should be abolished.
None can be trusted.

Rosanne. Choate

You said it, Cindy! The whole bunch are traitors!

Jim Rains

Democrats are out to destroy America.


Unfortunately, this is True!

Meg P

God Bless you President Trump, for having to go through all this abuse from those #*$%! Demoncrats for the past five years. Our belief is that due to their sheer blindness to the truth and to their sheer negation of the American people, this enormous sham will BACKFIRE on them. Evil makes one become absent of common sense. Their blind sightedness of the 75 million Americans that voted for you, Mr. President, which clearly would have led to your reelection, will be their DOWNFALL.

Fox, this evening, sounds like their old selves, focusing on the truth of January 6. Thank you, John Soloman, for reveling the timeline. Wow does Nancy P. look extremely guilty of not having your request Sir, for the National Guard’s presence, respected, and reflecting her own planned agenda.


I guess it’s a case of “Nothing worth while is Easy”. At least it’s very rewarding.


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