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We the People didn’t ask for O’Biden & Harris, they cheated…we overwhelmingly voted for President Trump!!


I Received a notice that I can vote in the primary election. Nothing can stop what is coming~MAGA

My Man Trump

Nothing! We love you Mr. President! Can’t wait.


Come back sooner than later, please.

Last edited 1 year ago by Hannah

Put me in coach, I’m ready.

Jimmie Bowling

Great video! I say this all the time!

My Man Trump

Awesome commercial. The Kamala thing is brilliant. Of course if you wanted to show all the weaknesses and destruction, the commercial would actually have to be a documentary on Marxism.

  • It’s really alarming now, FJB and his KHarris muppet want a war by all means, to cover all their crimes and hide the election fraud, fake covid, fake vax and now to protect a muppet in Ukraine and all that for their own interests, they are globalist and don’t care about the USA! We had the best POTUS of all time and the swamp took him out by cheating massively during the 2020 elections! How can we stay quiet while all this is happening! Let’s fight to put DonaldJTrump back in office he should be in the White house right now.
Linda M

Well said. ❤🇺🇸❤


California’s top cop, slept her way to the top. We didn’t bus folks then, we took buses to school. Harris spent most of her High School years in Canada with her Marxist dad. She comes from high class and political party in India. She is a fraud and locked more minorities up for minor crimes, so they could clean the streets😡

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Absolutely. With China Virus unleashed, and next the George Floyd, BLM / Antifa garbage, the SWAMP stole the election of 2020 through FRAUD.
We knew what we are now seeing would be the case. An illegitimate and incompetent administration made up of a demented puppet, a worthless hot dog sucking cunt, and numerous other idiots and clowns in this garbage administration have destroyed our Country’s reputation and respect in the world.
85 billion dollars worth of equipment left for the Taliban, that disaster of the Afghanistan withdrawal, Our southern border open to criminals and terrorists, our biggest enemies have been watching the whole time, and sadly democrats and RINOS are complicit along with Fake News media & Big Techs to destroy the very fabric of our Country.
Well if stolen elections have consequences, then the time has come to hold all of these traitors and terrorists accountable.
Feckless worthless POS zombie Joe shut down our energy independence on day one in office.

Kimberly A. Walker

Omg throw this idiot out and come back😡. Miss you ☺️


Excellent Commercial!
God Bless America and President Trump!


Mr TRUMP should employ more competent people… poor production quality…


Maybe they could spend their time painting Chinese flags on planes and bomb Russia as trump suggested


Dean and Prize sittin in a tree. M-A-R-X-I-S-T.

Its leftist creeps like you two that makes me wish there was an ignore button for this website.

No value in the rhetoric you both spread. (No healthy debate, just hate.)

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They are BOTH on Commie-Liberal Dope!


we did not you used voter fraud that is how we got the filth in office.

Mark Rakow

Instead of whining, how about producing some actual PROOF of that claim?
The fact is, you have no proof.

Therefore, it’s your claim that is filth.

My Man Trump

You do not accept proof because fake news people do not air it. They are not allowed to air the truth. Or publish it. Are you afraid of the truth? Sounds like it. Until you commies reach out for the truth, you quit your pathetic whining.

Dan for DT

2000 Mules –PROOF OF FRAUD.

Craig Barrett

Fraudulent elections have consequences it’s called TREASON and the death penalty



Mark Rakow

It’s not treason, and it’s sure as hell not the death penalty.

My Man Trump

They will be exiled to Russia. LOL




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