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I say Mitch should continue spending his money on RINO’s. One, it shows us who not to vote for, and two, I’d like to see how much money he’ll lose by doing so.


Both are traitors! And Happy Belated Valentines to POTUS and FLOTUS, we love you!

Mark Rakow

Neither is a traitor, and the fact that you use that word in this context is sheer ignorance.


Right On President Trump!
Screw Ducey and Mitch “The Bitch”.




The old crow is an enemy of the USA! We need to get him out of office?

Mark Rakow

You’ll have a long wait. McConnell was just reelected in 2020. He won’t be up for reelection until 2026.

Mark Rakow

MAGA doesn’t get to decide. The voters of Arizona will choose their next Senator. They might even choose a Democrat.

If that happens, MAGA will just have to deal with it, and Trump can just cram it.

Kreg Vergith

I’m a registered Republican voter in AZ, and MAGA, slick!
Am I qualified per your standard?


Right On!
FJB! and the Rinos!

Mark Rakow

If you’re a registered Republican in the state of Arizona, then you’re probably qualified to vote. I can’t say for certain, though. For all I know, you’re also a convicted felon.

By the way, regarding “slick,” I appreciate the compliment, back-handed though it may be. As a MAGA, it seems unlikely the same could be said of yourself.

Kreg Vergith

My status as a voter is not subject to your approval, and neither is the status of anyone else.

“slick” is not a compliment. It’s a (deservedly) derisive way of addressing one who assumes more authority and insight than they actually possess, and can be easily dismissed.

In the big picture, you are inconsequential, as are those others who are determined to be contrary just because they can.

Maybe it’s past time for some introspection on your part. Jus’ sayin’.

My Man Trump

You know DJTs endorsement record, you can figure it out. When that happens, you will just have to deal with it, and while you are at it, you can just cram it.

Becky G

Well put…

Becky G

Even better idea… How about U CRAM IT…. UP, DOWN, & SIDEWAYS.. SILLY TROLL

Mark Rakow

Surely you have a cauldron to stir, or even a broomstick that needs riding.

My Man Trump

Don’t you remember….you took it back from her. And there is further proof she is not a witch. You’re still here.


I heard an article on a news outlet 2 days ago, that Mitch M was seen at a golf course with George W. Bush, Doug Ducey and others, of the “GOP” who were having a ANTI Trump policy discussion, to line up Republican running individuals in the 2022 races & beyond to keep Trump out of the 2024 Presidential race!!!! Mitch M has lost his mind & playing politics right along with other “corrupt” politicians, present or past! Donald J. Trump & his applied polices did GOOD for all Americans. Everyone knows it to be true! Shame on any & ALL Republicans who do not stand up for good policy making & Democrats included. If any politician does not want to do the right thing in Washington D.C., then get the hell out of the way, because you obviously do not love this country called AMERICA! Donald J. Trump, Ivanka Trump, Eric Trump or Don Jr. Trump in 2024!!! 99.99% supported by ALL people of this country! Period!

Mark Rakow

99.99%? Wow. Just wow.

Seriously, though, there are indeed a number of key Republicans who have been meeting, generally in private, to talk frankly about Donald J. Trump, and the increasingly difficult situation he is creating for the GOP. A significant portion of rank-and-file Republicans eagerly support Trump’s potential candidacy for 2024, but another significant portion strongly oppose such a notion.

Like it or not, those are facts. As such, this potential schism in the party could seriously compromise efforts to retake the House in 2022 – it’s unlikely they’ll be able to retake the Senate this year, so that’s almost a separate issue. Point being, obviously, the Party can ill afford to anger either of these two opposing factions. It could produce a situation in which large numbers of Republicans simply stay home. Or, worse yet, an actual split in the party, even nominally, greatly weakening chances for all Republican candidates, who might be forced to declare their allegiance to Trump…..or not. This could well end up costing them support, dollars, and votes this fall.

Meanwhile, Republicans must consider the very distinct possibility that Trump may wind up as their nominee in 2024, and the probability that this would be a losing effort – again, many would love to see Trump retake the White House, but the fact remains, many would not. After all, he’s lost the popular vote in both 2016 and 2020. Historically, that fact does not bode well for a third Trump run in 2024.

Largely unspoken, but very much on the minds of these Republicans, is a huge question: How do we ease Trump out of the 2024 race, without alienating either him, or a large portion of the base? Let’s be honest: In 2024, Republicans need the candidate with the best possible chance of winning. At the moment, insofar as winning the nomination, that appears to be Trump. However, this does not necessarily mean he has the best chance of winning the White House. It may be unwise to think so far ahead.

Complicating matters is the increasingly likelihood that Joe Biden will not seek a second term in 2024. Typically, that would suggest Kamala Harris has the inside track to be the Democratic nominee. But given her widespread unpopularity, that seems unlikely. The point here is that, while the Republicans have a theoretical nominee in Trump, no one knows who the Democratic opponent might be. That uncertainty is going to make this whole process quite dicey for the Republicans, who have little wiggle room.

Last edited 1 year ago by Mark Rakow
My Man Trump

LMAO. You bust me up. Especially when you speak of things you know little about…unless you are an insider. Are you?

Wilhelm Schultz

I want to personally thank for giving this seat to the Democrats! You rock!


SHHHHH! Listen, can you hear it?………. Thats the sound of Hillary getting Lawyered-up.

Johnny Appleseed

Hey leftist..

I am going to give you an Epiphany…

(I know big word)

If your side got their way when you were born….

You would not be here to cause problems.


Fought to make sure you even had the chance to be a selfish little asshole claiming to have the higher moral ground…

Wow…. Whoa…. Dude…..

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed

chew em up & spit em out!

Chomp Chomp….Phhhhhhttttewwwwwwwwwwwwwyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


Right On JA

My Man Trump

He cannot have any clout any more back home. Right. He is just awful and needs to stand down. He is another rino that needs to be dealt with for dereliction of duty.

Johnny Appleseed


I am helping not trying to be a know it all.

There are different flavors of leftist.

You have the

Gay leftist
The pedo leftist
The mommie leftist
The daddy leftist
The selfish asshole leftist

You have the

some times a leftist sometimes shoved rocks up their noses

You have the power hungry leftist

And the

Femanazi leftist…

You have the rappa hoe leftist


the hipster leftist…

Are you trying to see what I am talking about here???

All you are selling is stuffy old pissed off asshole a conspiracy nut jobs like me.

But then…

It’s easier to sell one thing than a hundred changing things ain’t it…

Never mind I just told myself off.


R- is for the many ways we RESENT you.
I- is for the INJUSTICES you cause.
N- is for accomplishing next to NOTHING.
O- is for Trump Kicking you OUT.

Last edited 1 year ago by THosk
john schweers

Ditch Mitch the Turtle

Marijo Makufka

The BEAUTIFUL MAGA MOVEMENT needs your help, Mr. President, in discerning who are the RINOs and who are the true patriots.
We the People depend on your guidance.
We the People know you HAVE IT ALL!!!

Wilhelm Schultz

What it means is it will split the vote & a DEMOCRAT will win!


Enjoying your trip to fantasy land?

Mark Rakow

Many Republicans haven’t considered that possibility. Or they refuse to.
Or they’re afraid to.

But it’s a very real possibility.

And given the very close partisan split – for example, in the US House – they’d better start thinking about it. Unfortunately, thinking is a skill that many Republicans seldom use, particularly MAGA types.

This could cost them dearly in future elections.


Mark, again I implore you to try and keep TDS out of your comments.

It weakens your position, and just makes you look like a one-sided hater.

I’m sure if you try hard, you can do it! (Although it still might require therapy)

My Man Trump

So that is how they are having you spin this. The red wave that is going to hit. The commies are now talking like Republicans and they have sent you people in to further the lies and the spin. DJT will not be pleased when he returns soon.

Becky G

The old crow uses what lil energy he had to chase after and support those destroying OUR COUNTRY…


Mitch and his ilk are all in the same party as the dirty Democrats.


Somehow I think many of these RINO’s benefit as well from the dominion machines and other methods of election fraud.

It’s not certainly not limited to the democrat party

Johnny Appleseed

Griff, they all the same assholes.

One has a blue flag, one has a red flag….

But they all the same assholes.

There are to Republic loving people…

But there is a little group throwing the rest of us under the bus.

And they are cowards pretending to “stand for what they believe”.

Bunch of blow hards.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed
Dawn for Trump

Mitch McConnell is a Traitor to this Country! He needs to take his Honey Pot wife and live in China where he and his Honey Pot wife along with her Family have siphon off monies from China and the Cabal.

Terry Howardsenton

Thank you! Ducey is a total rino. Doesn’t believe in large budget deficits, government trade regulations, or assaulting Capitol police officers like us true conservatives.

Craig Barrett


Cary Miller

At the top of the list is Mitch.


100% agree!!

Elizabeth Curtiss

Absolutely! Ducey is terrible and so is RINO Mitch. They both helped the Democrats by refusing to do all they could to fight the stolen election.

Mark Rakow

They couldn’t do anything. Because they would have had to break the law.

Like it or not, some Republicans refuse to be criminals.


unlike Democrats (who are born criminal)…………………BOOYAH!!!


You’re being PLAYED – and lied to – just not smart enough to see it. Like aaallll the other Dem socialist Marxist nut bags out there.

Mark Rakow

I’m certainly smart enough to not be a Trump supporter.
Which doesn’t exactly take a rocket scientist.

Spread the word of the 45th President!

We need YOUR help