Saving America starts with saving the GOP from RIN0s

“Saving America starts with saving the GOP from RIN0s, sellouts, and known losers. My great Trump-endorsed candidate in Ohio, Max Miller, is doing both. After I endorsed Max, his RINO opponent, Anthony Gonzalez, was forced into early retirement. A big win for the GOP! Now, with Ohio’s new Congressional lines, Max will be running in the 13th District where he will help lead the path back to a strong GOP majority. Max will be a powerful voice for America First and will fight to rein in the Communist Democrats’ radical agenda. Max has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Lora Walter

Mr. President, you revealed the evil that has plagued us for decades. We’re getting tired of waiting. Circle back!!

My Man Trump

Get rid of all the rinos and hurry. We can no longer tolerate them. And watch out for the ones that play the rino game very well (K. McCarthy and L. Graham). That is why winners like Max are so very critical. Thank you DJT. Go get ’em Max.


Hopefully soon a strong patriotic true republican will step forward and run against Mitch Mc-CON-nell in Kentucky and send that RINO into retirement and btw Amy McGrath, I said republican, not you. Your part of the reason Mitch won the last time. If not for you running against him and the fact that he used President Trumps popularity he would have already been gone. Kentucky doesn’t want another Hillary in office.

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Mary Bora

I am so happy to see we are starting to heal from the inside of our country where corruption has taken a toll on our cities and states. I once heard that rich powerful people like George Soros uses his influences to buy these leftist Judges, mayors, Governors etc. to technically destroy a country from within. I believe this is what happened to a once very rich country Venezuela.

Johnny Appleseed



Keep Ohio Great!
Go Get Them MAX!


Rinos need to get out.

Ralph G Lamy

You have a second. All those in favor? All those opposed? The Motion is moved.

Ken K

It’s worse than anyone knows.
Started when Abraham Lincoln stopped slavery. Democrats started the kkk and went after Republicans and colored people ever since.
Bigger problem is the nazis infiltrated the KKK Democrat party starting with Prescott Bush.
They couldn’t get enough votes to indict him for treason because the kkk Nazis c9ntrolled the votes.
Then his son becomes head of the CIA?
They he has JFK killed?
Then he becomes president?
Then the kkk Clinton’s slide in and kill 1000s?
The George Bush does a false flag to attack anti Nazi countries killing millions.
I can go on all day but a simple polygraph would bust them all

Ralph G Lamy

Let’s not forget Biden’s mentor, Robert KKK Byrd.

Mark Rakow

Clearly, you don’t know why Byrd befriended Joe Biden, back in December, 1972. I could tell you what happened, but why waste my time doing so?

Mark Rakow

“Colored people?” Seriously….

BTW, Prescott Bush was a Republican. And he’s dead. So is his son. So is JFK.
So, just who will be taking that polygraph?

Racist, paranoid, and stupid. It’s the Republican trifecta.


That’s so true Mr president

Michael Jenson

fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me…………
love that Trump!

Michael Jenson

As far as the Politics Wildlife goes, oh look Rhinos made the vanishing list (they did it to there selves like the Dodo bird) say bye bye or just cry it…..



My Man Trump

LOL. Beautiful, man.

Elizabeth Headley

Ergo…he has MY VOTE AS WELL! Cleaning up the Republican party HAS TO BE #1 before the election!! Don’t want/need any of em getting voted in, by the uninformed!

Ralph G Lamy


Craig Barrett

The only thing worse than a demonrat is a Rino


Yes, sir. You’re endorsements go a long way.

Robin Seeber

but how can we be sure? I mean you were fooled by many during your time in office?? how can we really know they are for America?

Ralph G Lamy

That is why cleaning house is the first order of business.





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