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Anthony Wicher

In my opinion, anybody who supports US involvement in the Obama-Biden-Nuland Ukraine war is not an America First Republican and must be defeated in the primaries by a true America First Republican. In my Congressional district of California, District 8, the incumbent is Jay Obernolte, who says he is against US “boots on the ground” in Ukraine but is in favor of sanctions and sending weapons. In my mind, that makes him no better than Biden. I told him I would watch how he votes next week on the 33 billion being sent to Ukraine. If he votes for the bill, I will understand that he is not an America First Republican who makes the well-being of the American people his highest priority, but one whose highest priority is enriching himself and the donors who put him where he is. I proceeded to look on the District 8 ballot to see if there might be a real America First Republican on it, and I found to my surprise that there is! His is Rudy Recile, He is a retired US Army major. Here is a link to his website. Listen to his radio show interview there and see if he does not impress you as a very good candidate. He could certainly use your endorsement.

Elena G.

Dear President Trump: Sorry to have missed watching the Ohio Rally tonight due to work, but it makes only the second time I’ve missed a MAGA Rally. I promise to watch it on youtube or re-runs on OAN or Newsmax. I need to share with you what is bothering me about the Governor’s race in Pennsylvania. Please be advised that Jake “the snake” Corman is just that…a snake. Audit the Vote PA and its sister groups worked tirelessly with Senator Doug Mastriano to get papers processed to have PA’s 2020 General Election audited. Jake “the snake” Corman talked a big game and then dropped the ball by squashing all the effort and progress. Senator Mastriano was ready to move forward when we all realized “the snake” duped Senator Mastriano. Corman IS NOT to be trusted as far as you can throw him. Here in PA, we and Senator Mastriano learned the hard truth. Thank you, Mr. President. God Bless


Safe travels President Trump. Hope you are getting enough rest though. You have been hard at work for us. If it weren’t for you we would be down a very dark road.


Thank you for your Rally. Ron Desantis, whom you’ve already supported, would also make a great “America First” President. Possibly he could follow your next Presidency or be your Vice President, although he is sorely needed in Florida ? I hope, that you stick to your statement of doing, “what is best for America” and not having any “ego” battles with others, who are as loyal to America, as you are. May God hold your health up, as you move forward, allowing you you to lead Patriots in their need to ” Make America Great Again”. God bless you and your family. Thank you for your dedication to the USA.

Meg P



It’s s time for a new House Republican Leader to stand up….. NOW!
Kevin McCarthy is not the answer!!! McCarthy is a RINO!!!
The GOP must have new blood. The GOP must have courageous leadership. The country is in crisis. We can no longer look the other way and pretend this is not happening.

EVERYONE needs to read and heed this warning—-Here is what Dean Bachmann said today, in her interview with Olive Tree Ministries, about a GOP Speaker of the House—

‘Dean Michele Bachmann:” If I could stand up in the front of the Republicans for five minutes I would tell them about the urgency of the hour. That is the most important thing. We are literally watching the twilight of Western civilization. My Republican colleagues, I don’t have a sense that they understand how little time we have left to hold on to this nation. I would say that somebody from the House of Representatives needs to say now to the whole American people, “I’m going to run to be the new Speaker of the House… I’m going to run to be the new President of the Senate.” And they need to give the 12 to 15 things that they’re going to do to fix this country. That’s what people are looking for. Who in DC is going to fix this country and do it urgently? As audacious as Becky Anderson was at this World Government Summit, that’s how audacious the Republicans and conservatives need to be about their plans to turn the nation around. We don’t have the luxury of time. I am shocked at how fast Joe Biden and the administration has destroyed this country.”

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I’ll be watching!!!

bijaya k d brian d grover

u1 take office now before it is to late – stop the charade – u can run again after



Dean Anoia

Excited we are🇺🇸


Dear President Trump,
As a loyal patriot of USA, AMERICA FIRST and a “Trump supporter”, you need to publicly distance yourself from RINO/backstabber KEVIN MCCARTHY ASAP!! I don’t think he’ll get a warm reception at the Ohio rally on Saturday.
DITCH HIM or you will lose a LOT of supporters, Sir.
American patriots aren’t blind and are sick to death of RINOS lying to us (which is exactly what Kevin McCarthy did)!!
Please, tell RINO MCCARTHY to stay home and stop supporting him. He shouldn’t have been on a phone call with RINO CHENEY saying “you should resign”, he should have said that the Democrat planned “insurrection”, WASN’T AN INSURRECTION and that the election should have never been certified…IMMEDIATELY!! Instead, he’s stabbing you, and Americans in the back????! DISGRACEFUL and typical of RINOS!
An American patriot in
Maricopa county, Arizona

bijaya k d brian d grover

Follow the $


President Trump needs to rid his association with Kevin McCarthy and other RINOS. Loyal supporters won’t put up with that! We’re sick and tired of liars and traitors! AMERICA FIRST/MAGA …OR president Trump WILL lose support and our country will be worse off than it is now!
I want to hear president Trump PUBLICLY say that he is DONE with Kevin McCarthy as he does other RINOS!

Billy the Kid

I’m having difficulty understanding why you are backing Dr.Oz and JD Vance both Progressive assholes liberals fake conservatives you’re making me think you’re joining the other team by doing this and causing more Arguments for me sorry I’m a constitutionalist love you safe travels hopefully there’s a good reason and an explanation for you doing this


And his support for RINO Kevin McCarthy is VERY BAD! American Patriots are sick of backstabbing/lying/disloyal RHINOS like Kevin McCarthy!!! President Trump will lose a lot of support if he doesn’t distance himself from people like Kevin McCarthy and others!

Billy the Kid

There’s a reason for his Madness trust the plan


I wish! Not my state where I live 🙁

Rev. Fr. Laurence E. Kirchner

If you have any questions about my claim just give me a call at –

Meg P

Wow. We have been trying to get the word out how the GOP and the NRSC. They act like, one and the same when it comes to texts, how they alternate back and forth texts, one with multiple texts for a period of time and then drop off and the other starts up. We decided not to block but rather watch how they operate, and it’s been disgraceful. Both have been texting out such abusive and harassing demands to registered Republicans over the past year literally demanding money that we are totally shocked what the heads of this party is about. We left voice mails right at our Capital along with notices to them and nothing occurred.
This is what has led to individual good Republicans stepping out on their own and asking for financial backing via a flood of letter mail over the past 6 plus months.
What you are aware of makes sense to how some very rotten Republicans in leader roles are up to. They keep exposing themselves.

Rev. Fr. Laurence E. Kirchner

They stole money from me all the while I have been trying to get my non-profit up and running. It is named “St. Michael’s Veteran’s Support Center”. It’s a pilot program to provide some of the services that the Veterans Administration (VA) is cutting, particularly in the area of mental health. Our veterans have just been set adrift to fend for themselves with their PTSD. Then the VA is wondering why the veteran suicide rate continues to rise. As I stated before, this is a pilot program and when it is deemed a success, I intend to replicate it in other cities and other states. I’ve been an Anglican priest for over 19 years and this is the direction that my Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ is leading me. I will not stop until these thing are done. I myself am a veteran with PTSD and it is my faith that motivates me and keeps me going.
I stand for and with our veterans not only here in Colorado Springs, CO but with our service people every where in our country. I do NOT buy into the “out of site out of mind” mentality that the VA appears to operate from. I do not know where you live but if you could pass this message on to others, It would be greatly appreciated. I believe that the physical, as well as the spiritual needs to be addressed. Without Jesus in our lives, too many see nothing to live for.
By the way, St. Michael’s will also have a food pantry, we’ll address homeless veteran issues, we are even working with the idea of finding transportation to veterans that need transportation to be able to get to medical care & be able to get to work to provide for their families. I, myself will provide spiritual counseling the the veteran and his/her family.
I shall soon have our website up and running. My work Number is 719-461-4734 if you wish to call or text. I need thousands of people out there to open their eyes and support out veterans.

Fr. Larry Kirchner

Rev. Fr. Laurence E. Kirchner


Rev. Fr. Laurence E. Kirchner

two six two two two five seven zero eight four

A new leaf on the tree

Looking forward to the speech

I haven’t missed one since you came down the escalator

Michael Jenson

As long as speech is Free, I’m watching….

Rev. Fr. Laurence E. Kirchner

It would be nice if Trump would announce that he was going to investigate the stealing of monies from seniors, veterans and even clergy. The Red_Win agency taking monies for the Republican party goes back into your bank accounts after you do make a donation in response to the thousands of requests you receive. Mr. President, show that you listen to your supporters and make sure this stops and funds returned to the victims including the overdraft charges their stealing has caused.



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