Shana, you are 100% correct.

“Shana, you are 100% correct. If I were President, your wonderful and beautiful son Kareem would be with you now, and so would the sons and daughters of others, including all of those who died in the vicious Kabul airport attack. Civilians should have been brought out first, along with our $85 billion of equipment, with the Military coming out very safely after all was clear. I love you, and I love Kareem.”

Shana Chappell Facebook Post

By Donald J. Trump

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Miss Mo

If Trump had given the $85billion in arms to the enemy, he would be impeached and imprisoned, and rightfully so. But Biden gets a pass and to make sure we do nothing he says get vaxxed on my demand or I will take away your livelihood. America the Beautiful: it was nice while it lasted. Shana, Thank you for your son’s service. May God bring you peace some day. I am so sorry your beautiful son had to die under the command of a babbling fool who managed to be the most powerful domestic enemy this country has ever known: to steal the Oval Office.


Thank you Shana Chappell for putting into words – that cannot be “leftie spun” – what all of us feel!!

God be with you in your time of sorrow!

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Biden and his family are POS need to hang for treason.


Give it up you Trump lover

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Wow! You are a unique brand of animal.


Go hide in the same Hole as Illegitimate Joe, you Commie POS!!


this is heartbreaking.


That is what happens when you RIG an election with a FAKE President and his Criminal Regime! God Bless you Mrs. Chappell and Your Son!


we need to get rid of these crooks like biden.. americans are way sick of this crap.


100% Correct Mike! Americans are TIRED of the B.S. out of the Federal Government!

Cheryl Lueddeke

Amen. We all Love You and stand behind you Shana. God Bless You and Your Sons beautiful soul. WE THE PEOPLE WILL NEVER EVER FORGET.

Debra Puddy

we don’t have a free country anymore, everyday the radical left stomp on our freedoms.We are growing weary. People say to fight for their freedoms for future generations, well what about those who are elderly, who cannot fight for themselves? Are they just casualties! I pray for our nation, that this shit show would end soon! I also pray for the families who lost loved ones. It should of never have happened!


My heart hurts for the families impacted by Biden decisions. May they rest in peace.

Mrs. Sunshine

Shana Chappell speaks to everybody in the world whether they admit it out loud or not.


Trump is disgusting for publicizing this. He went to Dover 4 times in 4 years because he was afraid of being berated. He also killed over 400,000 with COVID


So then why there was not more dead people in 2020 than 2019, and even other years ?




It’s simply mathematics, duh !


You are really a big and stupid liar, Prize !

Anthony Strow

Everyone needs to contact all their state legislatures, governors, state attorney generals, and federal representatives and demand a full forensic audit of the 2020 elections including all down ballot races for their state even if their state went for Trump. TRUTH is needed to have light shined on it regardless if the results were a Trump victory. Our country and states need to put the fraudulent election data front and center for all to see. Trump won in the largest landslide ever and here in Florida, which represents all demographics of America as a whole, we need to show that, although a 400k vote win is a landslide win, but the real 1.4 million landslide victory absolutely proves complete support for Trump nationally. Another clear indicator is Ron DeSantis has a national approval level and voters from other states are, by in large, speaking out that they wish that he were their governor and that even includes other red states that have weaker Republican leadership. Get this done people!!! Make them get overwhelmed with correspondence that they have absolutely no way to ignore us all. This is crucial to maintain our republic!!! Live free or die!!!! A shout out to the great State of New Hampshire’s state slogan!!! It’s hasn’t been more true than now since the revolutionary war period!!!

Miss Mo

I did so. I will be happy to share my letter. I don’t know how long these posts can be but I can if anyone wants to see mine to take excerpts from or get data from.

Cary Miller

“Black Swan”, the fall of the Cabal, we need to take these “BASTARDO Yucks” out right now. Initiate “Project ODIN”, “Project RoG”, “Starlink” QFS & RV. What did you learn from “Looking Glass”? Deepdream and Mockingbird must be destroyed immediately. Were is “Strider Raven”?

“We will love how this ‘movie’ ends.” That would be great because all of the Popcorn in the world can’t help this horror show. How do you suppose “The 13” are going to like the ending? Oh that’s right, “The 13” are dead, dead, dead! Prey God has them firmly in his grasp. Trust the plan? Ok, I will, but you must admit, that is asking a lot. The “Dead eyed guppies are not getting it because as far as they are concerned, “No Winning” not for us anyway. I was “almost” tired of winning until the winning stopped, and now, my “Foxhole view” shows Deepstate Yucks are having their way and “Bad cops” are showing disdain for our Constitution!

Civil War is becoming I mean more of a possibility Obviously we don’t want that, But at some point there are millions millions that are going to conclude that that is the only way. As an FFF Operator, I don’t need to see that much death again. So I pray to my almighty lord in Heaven, to be with and Bless all of us that pray for his love and guidance. “The Natives are getting restless and desperate. We can’t let this continue, these evil satanic creatures belong before God so they may be judged. We can set up the meeting.

God Bless you Mr. President and all of those around you and PATRIOTS of the world. We pray for you every day and we are trying to save the children. We need to see a win! And, yes Sir I am doing 1000 times more than most, tho it still doesn’t seem enough. We need your help POTUS! God Bless you and hold you tight!


It’s time to fly our American flags upside down!
My fort and yours is under attack! When the commander in chief abandoned his own military, weapons and classified info for the Talibanto sell to China, we are at war! My heart aches for all the death caused by Biden’s actions. Also for the 200 K9 military left in crates to die! It’s time to arrest these traitors for treason!

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Cheryl Lueddeke

Black Flag NO QUARTER Herr in Jersey along w my 13 flags for these heroes murdered by that illegitimate demented treasonous criminal foreign agent and his regime Biden must hang for his crimes


prayers for you Shana and all the other families who have lost their sons, daughters, wives and husbands. Such an unnecessary loss of life. Many patriots stand with you. You are so right. Much blood on the hands of this administration and the military.



Vincent A Brenner

This fraudulent Presidency is not only a disgrace to our wonderful country, it is also endangering us all. May all the heros that have fallen rest in peace.



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