She acted like she was a know-it-all

“Fiona Hill was terrible at her job. The first time I remember hearing her name was during Impeachment Hoax #1, where she worked hard to say anything bad, but there wasn’t much. It was a total con job. She may have been in the Oval and conference rooms with me, but this was not anybody who I recognized. Then she acted like she was a know-it-all, but in reality, she had no influence whatsoever.

She was very close to one of the dumbest and most “crazed” people in Washington, John Bolton. Both of them didn’t say much and what they did say wasn’t listened to, especially after Bolton’s statement that he wants the “Libya Model” on North Korea in the midst of my negotiation with Kim Jong Un. He made that statement on “Deface the Nation”, or “Meet the Fake Press”—it doesn’t matter, they’re all the same. Fortunately, Kim Jong Un understood how stupid he was, and wouldn’t allow him at meetings or dinners (I liked that).

Fiona Hill was a Deep State stiff with a nice accent. Books are being written by people like her who had virtually no access to me, and who I didn’t even know. They write it as if they’re experts on “Trump,” but they know absolutely nothing about me. My function was to save our Country and Survive. Unfortunately, when you look at what is happening now with Afghanistan, the Border, inflation, etc., our Country is not being saved. It is in big trouble!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Cary Miller

We The People, absolutely will not stand for this. EVERYONE needs to “SEE” accountability, ‘Yesterday’. We are patient, have been patient, and now “We need to SEE” some success because we are not tired of winning yet!

God Bless and let the bodies hit the floor.


Trump just can’t stand smart women. Fiona Hill speaks Russian, has two masters degrees and a PhD from Harvard. She worked at the Brookings Institute, among other elite organizations and for this country. She was one of the few intelligent people working in his administration. Trump has such a fragile ego he has to put down anyone who speaks against him. Trump survived but he certainly didn’t save the country. To the contrary, he made it a laughingstock to the world.


Well said !


That is frankly a ridiculous thing to say, considering Trump is MARRIED to a woman who speaks about 5 languages (including Russian, I believe) and is a smart, classy lady, and also has two wonderful daughters. And there’s the array of smart ladies who worked for his campaign and administration. And Trump made us a laughingstock? TRUMP did?! Other countries respected us…Kim Jong Un, Xi, Putin all knew we meant business. We even had peace in the Middle East. Now they’re openly mocking Biden, and look at the disaster in Afghanistan. Biden is the one who’s made us a laughingstock, and it’s hard to believe anyone can honestly not see that.

Tracy Fusco-David

Dear President Trump,
I ALWAYS read your posts and can’t wait for the next one!
We the people, miss you terribly and NEED you back.
Our country has turned into a freaking SHIT HOLE, and it’s only going to get worse!!
We all know they will try their shit again and cheat on the voting….and we know you don’t like losing…. NOBODY LIKES LOSING…
But we NEED you to try again, for us.
PS… sing 🎤 🎶 🎵 along with us


Lets start from the head down. End the FED and coin our own money again. End Patriot Act. End DHS CIA FBI and about 50 other Gov. Agency’s.

Florence davis

Also Hillary Is the one that colluded with other governments to make false allegations. She is still the criminal.

Florence davis

They really hate America and they hate the average person in America. It is a double justice system. One for elites and democrats and another for republicans. It’s a shame they are lawless when it comes to burning police departments in Portland and other cities but double down on trespassing only at the capital. They have double talked since the Teaparty movement. They used the IRS and FBI then as a political club!

Michael Jenson

This is how I see it, they hate part or all of America (the dem-witts and part of the rhino-butts) and President Trump Love’s America, like water and oil they don’t mix so get it right people. Amen..


On behalf of millions of veterans throughout our nation. President Trump, all you have to do is ask. We will be there.

Last edited 1 year ago by WalterBlankenship

Well that gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling! Not! Quite the opposite in a democracy


Just shut both of your two faces.

My Man Trump

Well Fiona Hill, if you are a friend of Bolton’s, you are an enemy of mine. Mr. President do not waist your precious time on her. You are a very important man doing very important things. She is not one of them.


Best President America has ever had, POTUS Trump! GOD, Family, Country, Trump! Trump brought back “Merry Christmas”, free speech and law and order. Jobs, inventions, hope, prosperity, an incredible stock market and Truth. Never minded your Tweets President Trump. POTUS Trump always knew the truth and about how deep the deep state goes and how evil they are. He communicated that knowledge via Tweets. To us it was disclosure, to the left it was SO CALLED HURTFUL (BS). We surely miss you Mr. President. Following Bannon on War Room Pandemic and educating America on the steal of November 3, 2020. President Trump won 2020, Biden stole it electronically and with Biden democrats working with the CCP. We know they changed the numbers of the 2020 Election results when all voting was stopped overnight. Trump won and America knows it. We are supporting all efforts to decertify the 2020 election. AMERICA NEEDS TRUMP BACK! GOD BLESS AMERICA, God Bless President Trump and His Wonderful Family. #AmericaFirst #DownwiththeCCP


Fiona Hill your FIRED!


Little Stuart has his 12th birthday coming up soon !


Oh you’re so clever.

Just Us in the USA





Seems people like to twist stories to benefit themselves .
God bless America 🇺🇸

Tim Tates

Where in the Constitution does it state that if a President won the election by proven Democrat VOTER FRAUD that he can stay in office?

Stalwart Republican

Well, since the Constitution doesn’t mention political parties at all, nowhere you blithering idiot.

Interestingly, the Constitution DOES say something about whether or not someone who has engaged in an insurrection can ever hold public office again. Hint for you brain-dead Q-retard – Trump can’t ever hold office again. He’s a traitor who deserves to spend the rest of his life behind bars.


Look it’s fake news guy again lol. CNN still has you I see 😂. Someday I hope you research and learn things on your own and you will stop making a fool of yourself there bud.




You actually sound like a CCP traitor. If you knew anything about the Military, you would know that Q is military intelligence, and not Trump. The Military asked President Trump to run because they knew what Hillary was about to do and they knew how Trump could protect America. You have no idea how GOD saved us by TRUMP winning that day. You are still here because of it and have the freedom to speak your mind another day. PRESIDENT TRUMP is a Patriot, BUT it takes a true American to know that. Biden is a traitor in a REGIME and not President. He is ruler of the old corporation. BIDEN, hunter both work for CHINA’s CCP. Before you insult someone, get your facts right.

Stalwart Republican

Sure, dipshit. If you’re saying that someone with Q Clearance is the same as the Q-Anon hokum, you need to check your meds. Tell me, fuckhole, where in the Constitution does it mention political parties?

My Man Trump

Your the biggest fuckhole of them all. And stupid too.

Cheryl Lueddeke

Lmfao. Enter the unhinged just in time so we can share their hysterical content and have a good laugh on our other pages. Thanks for the ha ha please keep it up. You guys are actually pretty popular n u don’t even know it bwaaaahahaaa


Spot on!


So am I to assume you didn’t tune in to the (unethical) impeachment hearing where Trump was not convicted of any wrongdoing on January 6th?


Who has been charged with terrorism or insurrection????

So far, from those arrested in the FBIs massive dragnet over Jan. 6, nobody has been charged with terrorism or insurrection. Instead, most of those arrested are being charged with nonviolent picketing offenses, which is a far cry from the theory that domestic terrorism from Trump supporters is eminent.

Get your facts and your head straight Mr. Leftist idiot.


Please explain how you are intending the use of the word “stalwart” in your id. Are you intending it to mean “pretend” or maybe “I wish I was”? Since at best you are Pierre Dilecto’s twin, but I think we all know what you really are. You give off that very distinctive unwashed leftist odor, even in your smelly posts.




Those poor people actually know who shot Ashli Babbitt.


Nowhere. BUT WE ARE DEALING with corruption on many levels, beginning with the 1871 treason that converted America into a corporation.


What 1871 event are you referring to? I’m genuinely curious. I know a lot of history but that doesn’t ring any bells…

Stalwart Republican

Oh Jesus. “The 1871 treason.” Bet you think income tax is illegal as well, sovcit.


Everyone is trying to earn off of the Trump Name.

Spread the word of the 45th President!

We need YOUR help