She doesn’t have a clue how to stop it

“Letitia “Peekaboo” James has the worst record on violent crime in the Country, people are fleeing New York in Record numbers, and she doesn’t have a clue how to stop it. That’s why she is avoiding a debate with her highly respected crime fighting opponent, Michael Henry, who is now leading in the polls. She couldn’t win a debate if Abraham Lincoln stood by her to help!

By Donald J. Trump

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She needs to do her job in prosecuting crimes in New York, not on you. That is a waste of money. And you are innocent.

My Man Trump

LOL! President Trump busts me up. But he is so right about commie “Peekaboo”. Bye, Bye you incompetent, criminal bitch.

Meg P

New York sadly, has been taken over by the rich elite Dems for quite some time now. It is truly sad how far they will go and how much money, a sin, they will spend to support these evil people

FYI: Zuckerbucks has now lost 100 Billion Bucks in just over one year, putting him at the Top of the List of Billionaires who have lost the most business money in Bidenville, (Bloomberg’s’ Billionaire List).
Sounds like he really was a “Zucker” after all, to spend all that money on all those drop boxes in Wisconsin and elsewhere, just to get the regime in, who would destroy our economy. Boy talk about stupid. Did he forget that he made his money through America’s Free Enterprise system. Now he’s stuck in “Potterville” with that HUGH (Trump’s famous word) LOST. While he is trying to rap his head around that kind of loss, he is left begging investors (what investors, they all gone) to stay with him and he promises with his new named company, he will reward them!

While the rest of Americans are on survival mode, NOW THAT IS JUST SWEET NEWS!


Abraham Lincoln what was she thinking


Make New York Great Again!
Vote for Michael Henry!


Hard to believe anyone would vote for her, she’s a danger to the citizens and the State.

Michele Prince

Now is your time freedom loving New Yorkers to rally for your freedom. Remove Letitica James and bring our great New York back to life.


Avoiding a debate should be the clearest sign for New Yorkers to turn against her.
Thats clearly a sign of great weakness and incompetence.
She should have never been voted in, in the first place.


That seems to be the norm today.
Put someone in office that is Incompetent!


Unfortunately you’re right.



all they truly know how to do well is destroy.


Letitia James doesn’t want anything to get in the way of going after President Trump, including her JOB.

Wild Bill

Peekaboo couldn’t win a debate even if Paul Pelosi wore his tinkerbell costume and danced around the room spreading magical stars over her! God bless President Trump and his Beautiful family!


When you see her as facilitating criminals and crime, it all comes into perspective.

Rowland L. Holland

Now you’re … about to …. go too far !!!



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