She dropped out because her campaign was a complete failure

“Letitia James wants to politically weaponize her position as Attorney General instead of exemplifying impartiality and protecting the interests of all New Yorkers. While she pretends that she suspended her short-lived campaign for New York Governor to go after me, she conveniently fails to mention that she couldn’t garner any support and her poll numbers were abysmal—she had no chance of even coming close to winning. Despite weeks of campaigning, she was losing to Governor Hochul by what would have been a massive landslide. She didn’t drop out of the race for a higher purpose, or to “finish existing business” (I wonder what that would be?). She dropped out because her campaign was a complete failure, possibly because the citizens of New York saw how unfairly and viciously she and other highly partisan New York Democrat prosecutors were treating President Donald J. Trump. It’s called Prosecutorial Misconduct. Rather than continue to waste her time and taxpayer resources on a long continuing Witch Hunt against the Republican Party and me, she should focus her attention on helping to resurrect the once Great State of New York where crime and poverty continue to wreak havoc, with murder, rape, drug sales, and just about every other form of crime at record levels, and now with a just-announced highest unemployment rate in the Nation. New York is dying before our very eyes, and all the Democrat Prosecutors are focused on is how we can get and punish Donald Trump, who many would say has done, over the years, a spectacular job for New York!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Steven E. Morris

Hello Mr. President. I wanted to pass something on to you. Ken Matthews, fill-in guest host for Rush Limbaugh and radio talk show host on WHP Harrisburg, PA is tomorrow going syndicated nationally from noon to 3 pm. He is a staunch supporter of yours. I thought you would be interested to know. Have a great day. Steven Morris


Mr President, you must be the most investigated American politician in history. And what crime did they find you committed? Zero! Zilch!
The real reason they keep coming after you is simple.

You didn’t just TELL the American people how much you loved your country, you actually did something wonderful and rare for a politician; you showed the world you really did care with your ACTIONS, in improving the lives of ALL Americans during your far too short term. Promises made, Promises kept really is a great and rare achievement.

Your courage, honesty and ability, such a contrast to many in The Establishment has them running crazily scared. And why may you ask? Because you as President are a dire threat to the exposure and punishment of those in high places, and not just in the US, who are essentially, corrupt.
The world, not just the US needs you back in the saddle.
God Bless and best wishes always.


A spectacular job-like cheating on your taxes, devaluing your properties, etc. trump would do anything to be accepted by New York society. Also, it’s former president (aka the loser)

Johnny Appleseed

Here is the truth… most of us know taxes are fucking illegal to begin with….

But I am sure every person in this conversation reported every dime they are being giving under the table to spew bullshit…

Then again… maybe I am wrong…

I am writing this for free… are you???

My Man Trump

Sadly NYC has become a very dangerous and sad situation that never needed to happen. It’s just in the name of dirty politics; power and greed. Destroying these large democrat cities in order to bring down a country. And for what purpose–For all the elite around the world to become more powerful and richer. How much money do you need? I thought you hated capitalism. I know you hate all of us. You have made this a war between good and evil—It didn’t have to be this way. Remember, you wanted this, not us.


Escape from New York a 1981 Movie is becoming the truth.


Yes, it is Robert.
This is escape from “New York Part II- The Commie-Libs in Charge”!
Kurt Russell AKA “Snake Plissken” which is a Hollywood Commie-Lib Will Not Be Able to Help This Time!


Not Surprised!
That’s what happens when vote for and support Commie-Libs!

john schweers

I’m in IL and we’re doing our best to compete with NY for worst state in the nation. It’s disgusting stuff going on in all of the large blue states. The good news is that people are waking up about how bad the Dems are in EVERY position from DA to Gov, dogcatcher, and anything else they do.


NY sure has become Swamp #2 (after Washington DC)


Well either New York or California…they’re neck and neck for worst.


I Can Truly Say NY Is Going Down The Drain.This Could Be A Beautiful City And It’s A Crying Shame. Drain The Swamp President Donald J Trump~God Bless~MAGA

Yuk Chun Birch

Her corrupt nature fits NYC politics. Thank God she cannot fool the majority suburban voters! 🙏


She and Governor Hochul are doing to New York what Dictator & Fascist Newsom is doing to California turning both into communist states. The devil take them all!


Amen Vicki!

Nicola Spagnolo Jr.

Sadly, New York has become the cesspool of “WOKE” retarded leftists and clowns. Glad I left there many years ago and never went back.


Quite an effensive statement Nicola. You cant blame the citizens living in these demorat run states. I exposed the deep state swamp and hollywood elites who are guilty of sadistic crimes. “We the People” will not comply nor will I ever. This whole cover up has been quite disturbing to watch. The fake news media know I had exposed Nancy Pelosi in the underground rooms of Epstein island and the names in the flight log. It has been nearly three years since I exposed them all and the media remaines silent!


Well have to say I kind of agree with Nicola, unfortunately. There are a lot of Republicans and conservatives upstate (one of my peeves–there is much more to New York State than NYC!), but our voices are outweighed statewide by the Democrat cities. Our governor is a dictator, our legislature is leftist, and you know who our two senators are. I like all the history here in New York; I like our climate (well, 5-or-6-month winters get old but we don’t get hurricanes or earthquakes, etc.); I love our beautiful mountains. But politics-wise I loathe NY and am embarrassed to be a New Yorker now. Moving out is impossible for me right now but there are times I wish I could!

Ken Locke

Some have been blessed with the simple things of life and are very content. Job or their own business,home they bought or built themselves, a garden they work. You know, the good simple things. And then there are the few, that have chosen to throw out such ways, disregard Our freedom and their Oath to office. Time for Trump and We The People, Our Republic to stand up and work together and Get it Done.


DONNY seems angry & sad…


Dino seems that YOU are a Commie-Lib.


I see that you never get tired of spewing hatred. You’re a faithful Demoncrap through and through.


It’s alright to be angry and sad. These are natural human emotions. Much better, than being dead inside. Many of us feel angry and sad.

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