She has now lost all credibility

“The woman, who was a BIG Trump fan long AFTER January 6th (if her Fake Stories were true, why would she want to be?), was let go and not wanted in Florida, so she made up phony and completely outrageous stories, the craziest of which has already been proven to be a complete lie. The Secret Service said, according to the Media, it wasn’t true. Wow! She has now lost all credibility, just like the partisan Witch Hunt perpetuated by the Unselect Committee of political hacks. MAGA!”

By Donald J. Trump

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She is a REAL piece of crap!


as are you Stuey/


Strap her to a polygraph and it’d be like the s**t hitting the fan.




If only they’d do that to everyone


Wow this post is nearly unitelligible. You are truly losing your mind over this. And by the way, she is extremely credible according to millions of Americans. You are done.


His statement is quite coherent…it’s the freakish democrat concocted issue that is unintelligible. FYI, Cassie “something to the effect of” Hutchinson is extremely suspect and non-credible to more millions of (smarter) Americans. She knew it, that’s why she was so sweaty in that air conditioned room. Everything about her screamed: LIAR

And, if Trump was “done” as you continually punctuate your TDS BS with, you’d have no need to be totally obsessed with him every day, month after month, year after year, right?

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Right On Laura!


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