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She is a disgrace to leadership and the Commonwealth.


“Commie-Lib Rino Liz Cheney” NEEDS to stick her head in the sand and hide!

My Man Trump

Fingers crossed!!!! That evil snake also needs to drop out of society. She is an unfit human.

Dan for DT

Yes- Good riddance to bag rubbish- she is a traitor- We’ll…. Bye….


i sure hope so also i have great hopes that dr. oz will win.

Becky Peterson

I’d like you Mr President to file the same way after Matt Gatez endorses you to run against Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the House!
Your help is needed now, America can’t wait till 2024.

My Man Trump

Donald J Trump was elected to be our President in 2020. He will be back way before 2024, as our President. Have faith! DJT and his patriots will never let the steal prevail without reversing it. This is not just about the 2024 race, this is about the integrity of our nation. Stay tuned.


100% Correct!


I hear echoes of “Another One’s Gonna Bite the Dust”


Cheney got elected because “my daddy voted for her daddy”. Hopefully Wyoming and the country is learning that it is okay to talk about religion and politics. She wouldn’t have gotten elected if the people spent a couple hours studying who they want to represent their ideas in Washington. It does matter.
She visits her military industrial complex daddy Dick at Wyoming resorts; she doesn’t even live there.
Term limits are not the answer. An educated electorate is the answer.
Our number one priority should be school vouchers, everything else Quid Pro Joe is doing for us.
We need to be able to send our children to schools that teach history, The Constitution, logic, and reason, which the Teachers’ union has decided not to do. Our future depends on it.

Save Our United States

So long Elizabeth. One RINO down, one too many to go.


Many more to go, even 1 is too many. Same for DINOs.
The exception is, when you DO represent your constituents even if it goes against party lines, you are still doing the right thing. People first, party second.
it’s time turn that job back into a public servant job, remove all possibly lobbying or benefit of any kind to those in the position, for life. Think like a monk.
Who would you trust with the public’s welfare more, a politician or a monk?


If only Trump had as much character has Liz. Then he might be a decent human being!!!


Quit smoking crack Commie-Lib.


Oh, they are BOTH Characters.
I’m fairly certain you def #3 from Websters-Merriam 3 moral excellence and firmness

ex. “a human of sound character”

But for Liz Cheney, you should probably be aware of 1a :  one of the attributes (see ATTRIBUTE entry 1 sense 1) or features that make up and distinguish an individual

ex. This is a side of her character that few people have seen, but more and more people are realizing she is part of the establishment swamp creatures that are the enemy of any democracy or free people, and must be booted out of politics completely before our nation is truly free again.

Other nations should do the same, as well.


Please say it’s true! The buffalo died because they were killing food sources to subdue the Indians. They aren’t doing anything new, it’s all been done before, we just need to keep our eyes open this time for these repeat offenders.


We only hope!


Can’t be soon enough for her to decide not to run. Rino!!!

Linda M

Wouldn’t that be wonderful. We don’t want RINOs. We need politicians who are working for we the people. ❤🇺🇸❤ Like the Great MAGA King.

Mitch Hagen

God’s winning…..always

Gloria Hensley

That would be a very big blessing, even bigger would be McConnell and McCarthy and Pelosi along with her!!! (And most of those bad dudes in Ca). That 15% approval rating may be too high! I thank the Lord now, even though we can’t see it in the physical – yet. Call those things that are not, as though they were. Amen.


Sounds good to me! Maybe a few prayers will help this along.


MEGA MAGA Movement crushes Liz Cheney. Can we get them to crush Schumer, Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler and other psychos?

Michael Jenson

And by the way when I read history books in school wasn’t their herds of buffalo or bison so big it covered three States, were they all killed because of climate change they farted too much and settlers were helping the Ozone, would “All Out Crazy” (thanks Rick) AOC Agree. Read your History Books……

Donna Damore

Good riddance to bad rubbish.


Oh it’s coming more and more rhinos will be leaving. McCarthy and McConnell NEED TO GO!

My Man Trump

Big time, John. You could also add Lindsey to that list, and more. Put them out to pasture.

Michael Jenson

As the dem-witts cry huh hu MAGA hu huh Waa SUPER MAGA sniff sniff huh hu waaaaaaaaa ULTR MAGA …snowflakes crying brings joy to my MAGA SOUL

Michael Quinn

That would be so fantastic!! Liz Cheney makes my skin crawl. I hate the traitors in our midst!! Any chance of a third party?? Perot almost pulled it off!! Draw true conservatives from all parties and then we could wage this battle without getting stabbed in the back every other day!! I hate being a Republican except for the President Trump contingent, the “GREAT MAGA KING”!! 😊 Can you even BELIEVE they will make Kevin McCarthy the next Speaker!!? More of the same, that fool hates President Trump even though he’s kissing his ass right now. TRUTH PARTY.…it’s got a ring, you have to admit that!! Imagine loyalty!!

Dean Anoia

All I can say is ….hahahahahahahahahaha sorry not sorry.


Our prayers are focused on that along with many other things. Let’s take back the W.H. in 2022!!


How do you plan to do that?

Patricia McDermott

We can absolutely hope and pray that she will drop out!!! And hopefully many more of her ilk will follow that lead!!! Please God!!!

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