She is bad news!

“I hardly know who this person, Cassidy Hutchinson, is, other than I heard very negative things about her (a total phony and “leaker”), and when she requested to go with certain others of the team to Florida after my having served a full term in office, I personally turned her request down. Why did she want to go with us if she felt we were so terrible? I understand that she was very upset and angry that I didn’t want her to go, or be a member of the team. She is bad news!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Strap that creature Cassidy to a lie detector and it will explode. But she’d scream like a banshee if approached with the wires, would not be caught anywhere near any polygraph. Great talk by Jesse Watters here, says it all pretty much: The TDS trolls should really love it, lol.


When is Truth social available in UK? I’m chomping at the bit. I feel like I should have been an American, I am so dedicated to its politics. If I ever got the chance I would be over there in a shot and be a true patriot.


Former President Trump, you nailed it right there, there are consequences for not being loyal. I hope you tossed an entire big mac on a priceless plate at a mirror with a lot of catsup (or ketchup) to express yourself like the child you are at heart. Words are no sufficient in times of crisis, you must lash out and throw your toys, which is why you are such a great leader.

After I typed that, I tossed my Big Gulp at my office window in solidarity Mr. Trump. We shall overcome.


Oh look, a really really clever comic right here, such great material, ain’t it something? Hearsay from a nut case, and you desperate kooks run with it and expect the public to be duped as usual. The very distinguished and reliable long-time Secret Service Agents beg to differ with the fictional tales. But since when does the truth hold any weight with those who are corrupt to the core and shameless to a ridiculous degree?


Oh you heard she was upset when you personally turned dow her request. But you hardly remember her. You are the one full of crap. Do you think most people in this country believe you after all of your lies? Move on. If you don’t do it yourself, the country will continue to move away knowing you are an unhinged loser. Aside from what happened in “the Beast”, the committee has already proven that you had great culpability in the events that happened on January 6th. You are done.


Why won’t they allow the actual SS agents to testify, marxist?


Everything out of you people is a lie; you even have the wrong vehicle, it wasn’t the Beast, it was the Presidential Limo, and the Agents in there with him that day want to testify on Trump’s behalf to prove Hutchinson is a lying hearsay tool, but Pencil Neck and crew turned them down. Try telling the truth some time, it’s not all that hard, unless you’re on the wrong side of everything.

Stalwart Republican

HAHAHAHA! This is a great article about how much of a pussy coward you are, Donald. Donald Trump melts down on Truth Social over Cassidy Hutchinson’s Jan. 6 testimony (


MSN “news”?? You’re hilarious. I’d rather eat capers (I hate them) than look as MSM garbage even for one moment. And you as a “progressive” are using “pussy” as an insult? Stop embarrassing yourself.

Stalwart Republican

Hey Donald! How’s everything in Lard-O-Saggo? Listen, the American voting public is very interested to know why you throw food against the wall when you’re having a temper tantrum. Care to comment?

Angela Hanson

So, she heard it from a friend who, heard it from a friend who, heard it from another? Sounds like a song I know. Maybe it was playing in the background when they drummed this up?

Stalwart Republican

Right? I mean, it’s not like she’s ever said anything like Trump usually says right before he drops yet another lie. What’s his favorite crutch? “Many people are saying..” That’s it.

Anyway, if you still support this traitor, here’s hoping that the fleas of a thousand camels come to nest in your armpits and pubic region.


Spoken like one who’s very familiar with bugs swarming all over his hairy regions and munching away. I get the feeling you’re Mitt Romney, letting loose in here like the lunatic RINO he is, anonymously.


People lie for money and fame! The “Truth” doesn’t ask for anything, but justice, freedom and the pursuit of happiness. God bless and Godspeed President Trump🌹🦁🇺🇸 We have everything and justice is coming.

Stalwart Republican

Do you have everything? All the “receipts” and other nonsense? Would be nice if you silly people would finally publish everything. What’s more likely? You and the other Trump traitors are full of bs.

My Man Trump

She is a horrible person and an opportunist. Your security force are willing to testify that everything she said was a complete lie. Their requests were ignored. What a country we live in. All these rinos and commie dems must go….NOW!

Pat McGroin

The secret service is in complete cooperation and the committee is asking them to testify. So wherever you got your information, it’s incorrect, as usual. What will be you excuse after they confirm what she said????


The Secret Service said today 6/29/2020 that her statements were False!
Since they would not let them testify at the “Political Circus!”


That is an outrageous, bold faced lie. The agents in the limo with Trump, Tony Ornato and Bobby Engel, want to testify and were turned down today. Why would that be? Anything (except for the truth) to try to pick up better ratings though, eh? In a recent poll, the public is not interested in your J6 circus; they’re far more concerned with Bidenflation and all of the other miserable failures since Jan. 2021. Remember when Trump had everything greatly improving? Of course you don’t, because you hate the USA, and freedom & prosperity.




Sick of people lying and never accountable unless they are on President Trump side. I read rumors about Governor De Santis getting support for 2024. I will vote for president Trump because he is a sure thing, I know exactly what he is capable of, and it was awesome. Foreign policies and peace, border secured, abondance of energy, trade with other countries, riddance of useless government laws crippling infrastructures building and small businesses, low taxes, veterans protection, huge support of the military, drug, gang, and sex trafficking fight, protection of the 2nd amendment, and much more. De Santis could be Vice President and this way we would secure 12 years with 2 people we can count on. Furthermore, President Trump has unfinished jobs. I am sure he knows what I mean.

Karl Young

Why doesn’t he deny any of the batshit behavior she described? That’s “bad news.”. She said Trump was throwing plates at the wall. She said he put his arm around a secret service agent’s neck and grabbing the steering wheel while the agent was driving. Did Fox report this? No? Why not? Aren’t they the news? Trump, remember, agrees all this happened. He just says his Chief of Staff’s assistant is ” bad news”. Donald Trump himself is “bad news”.


Hutchinson’s is the batshit behavior, but never let truth get in the way of your despising Trump for all the great things he did as President.

Patriot Oathkeeper
Please help a disabled veteran out.


God Bless ALL American Vets!


Just heard that the Secret Service agents who were in the car want to testify in the “hearing” to state that the incident NEVER HAPPENED (of course it didn’t!). Think Pencil Neck will allow them in? Cassidy’s hearsay is the very lowest form of sleazy “testimony.” She heard someone else say it??? Their desperation is off the charts.


Spot On!
Thanks Laura!


It’s plain and simple, this Hutchinson person is a stone cold liar, getting revenge. The whole “insurrection” was deliberately caused by democrat operatives, so they should have shut up about it all a long time ago. But since when do they ever do anything proper? They only keep on getting worse. after STEALING a presidential election. Pray for justice.


If the democrats gave as much attention and energy to running and improving the country, as they do to defaming and trying to remove from the political scene, President Trump, the USA’s economy, security and society would be so good, that Americans would want them in government for ever.
But what else could you expect from the small minds of small men and small women of the democrat party, and their ‘useful idiots’ in the media and sadly, a few in the Republican party? They are proud experts in cheating, hypocrisy and deceit.
Let’s hope pride does indeed come before a monumental Fall, not just in November.

Save Our United States

Did I hear somebody say deformation lawsuit, Trump v. Hutchinson? This will be too easy to win!


Deformation? Did she make him deformed?


You are a Deformed Liberal.

Pat McGroin

Bad news for you. How about the part where you knew people in the crowd on jan6 had AR-15’s and you responded with “well, I’m safe…they aren’t here for me!”

A sitting president saying this. Deplorable.


Are you on drugs or just stupid?


Why hasn’t Trump announced that he’s running for president yet?


He Will!
He will WIN for a THIRD TIME Too!
MAGA 2.0!

R Minoglio

We the people are getting weary of all this BS. We are going to kick butt in November.




They are desperate and relentless on witch hunts.


Think witch hunt has neen upgraded to a criminal trial 🤔


You MUST be on Drugs!


It never will be, because in a criminal trial, both sides are allowed equal time. That’s the LAST thing corrupt insane democrats want. It’s Hillary, actually, who should be brought up on charges and tried for her serious crimes. But in BrandonWorld, truth and justice are despised and trashed.


More witch hunts.


I paused a “Salty Cracker” video to see this notification here then went back to Salty only to find out his video is about this loon Hutchinson. Dose that count as a delta ?

Patricia McDermott

Amen to that President Trump!

I’ve been trying to sign up for Truth Social. I never get the email they say they sent. I’m not certain whether Truth Social is not sending it, or, if Comcast is blocking it. I’m pretty sure it’s Comcast blocking it. Any suggestions?


It is the communists blocking it. Truth is invented by our President and works perfect. Dont give ammo to the enemies

Patricia McDermott

I’m not giving ammo to the enemy Andy. Nothing is perfect and mistakes can be made, but re-read – I’m blaming Comcast!


Comcast is a LIERAL network!
What do you expect?


Excuse Me: LIBERAL network

Glenn Shepherd

No excuse for you Stooie




I too have had the exact same issue. Never received the Email link. I use Charter/Spectrum email on laptop. ATT on my phone. Not Comcast. I want Truth Social!

Michael Jenson

is she that minister of truth or something like that woman and if she heard someone say something where are they at, I’m not Perry Mason but hearsay is still hearsay where is the horse’s mouth? Cause she is looking like a Jack-Ass Hee Haw Someone heard something??


I watched her today on television for about ten minutes.
You could tell she was MAKING up stories as she spoke!
Cassidy Hutchinson is just ANOTHER Ambulance Chaser!

Pat McGroin

An ambulance chaser that worked 15 steps from the Oval Office and was in every meeting with meadows??? And yeah, I’m sure she (yet another republican working in Trumps world) is willingly cooperating, under oath, just to then lie to congress and risk perjury . That makes much more sense, right? Lol


She got caught Lying Today!
That is called PERJURY!


If she was making up stories, she would be nailed for perjury. Donald Trump could go before the panel to clear himself, under oath.


But he won’t, and never will. He wants to stay as far away as possible from any court as long as he can


Are you insane? Nobody but those who despise Trump are allowed in that political circus; no testimony from anyone else will get anywhere near that kangaroo court. Shows just how confident those goons are in their “evidence” against Trump. Wow, the lowness of democrats knows no bounds!

Pat McGroin

The evidence they are bringing forward doesn’t lie. Watch it. It’s not all “hearsay”


Trump has access to his own unregulated freespeach media platform, which he only calls people lies from and fails to provide any evidence. If I had ANY VIABLE PROOF of VOTER FRAUD, I’d be blasting that instead of WHINING on it!!

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