She is destroying sane life & security in New York

“Letitia “Peekaboo” James, the JOKE of an Attorney General in CRIME RIDDEN New York State, is being booed out of existence because of her pathetically weak & ineffective rules and regulations on the State’s “through the roof” numbers on murder & every other type of crime in the once great State. She wants defund the police, sanctuary cities, no cash bail. She is destroying sane life & security in New York. Other A.G.’s think she is the WORST IN COUNTRY. With her, New York will NEVER be safe!!!”

By Donald J. Trump

By Donald J. Trump

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Maybe the Criminals and the Illegal Aliens being bussed to NYC can get into a fight and eliminate each other?
This would take care to TWO problems!


This would take care of TWO problems!


What other AGs think she is the worst AG in the Country? You and your pathetic He Said, They Said, Everybody Said. That’s seems to satisfy your cult following, but it doesn’t satisfy me or most of the folks I know.


She’s a loser already.

Kreg Vergith

We know what we, and you, can do about that…

Kreg Vergith

No, nothing violent.
We vote a psycho out of office, and kick the AG to the curb.

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