She knew I did nothing wrong.

“So Cassidy Hutchinson was all set and ready to go to Florida with the Trump Team long after January 6th. She knew I did nothing wrong. She was a big Trump fan – but my people didn’t want her. What happened? Why did she so dramatically change? All lies. I guess even she didn’t believe her own bull….!”

By Donald J. Trump

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So let me guess. Everything Pat Cipollone says this Friday to 1/6 committee is nothing but lies. Right Donald? Man your in ALOT of trouble Donald.


Your people didn’t want her because they sensed/knew she was capable of going nuts and lying and betraying you and being used (as in useful idiot) by the enemy.

My Man Trump

Happy 4th of July! You know what would be really cool…Our Independence Day from FJB, his regime and all illegal crap that is being done to us and President Trump!


Your Team President Trump KNEW she was a Backstabber, and they did not Trust her!

Patricia McDermott

If your people didn’t want her, they had to have known something that you had not yet seen. That tells me that you have intelligent and knowing individuals advising you and that’s fantastic! And remember, the left is nothing if not incredible experts at lying. Thank God that she finally showed her true colors and is gone!


She couldn’t bark with the big dogs so she’s pissing on the porch with the puppies.


Very sad…maybe compromised or payed off?

Patricia McDermott

Both are possibilities. What a waste of life to become part of the destroyers.


Paid off by the Clintons and the DNC just like the Russia Russia B.S.!

Steve R.

Mr. Trump, please call the committee immediately and tell them you’re ready to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.


That’s right, under oath!

Michael Jenson

All that glitters isn’t gold sad just sad…..

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