She’s nasty, disloyal, and bad for the Republican Party

“Fox News is putting on the terrible Nancy Mace of South Carolina at every opportunity they get. Fox Board Member (too bad!) Paul Ryan is pushing her so hard it’s ridiculous. She’s nasty, disloyal, and bad for the Republican Party. Her opponent, Katie Arrington, is wonderful and will do a much better job for both South Carolina and the Republican Party. Katie Arrington has my Complete and Total Endorsement!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Diane (Lion)


Marijo Makufka

Nancy Mace tried to fake out the American people by pretending she had your endorsement. No way! Your endorsements, Mr. President, are worth more than gold and are earned by true patriots. We the People prayerfully await the return of the GREATEST PRESIDENT EVER and the GREATEST 1ST FAMILY EVER!!!


Disloyal =’s does not kiss my rear!


Vote for Katie Arrington, Urinate on Nancy Mace and Rino Paul Ryan!

My Man Trump

Get rid of her you no good commie rino. Every one is succumbing to the regime for personal gain. It’s great, though, that people make it easy to identify what they really are. Go get ’em, Mr. President.


Right On!

Pam Knight

Donald I have information to give you about the Oklahoma Election to fill Senate seat of Retiring Jim Inhofe .
Pam Knight


R U really running in this position or just joking around??


Keep those endorsements coming, President Trump!!!

Baskin Robbins

Helping us turn the USA BLUE!

My Man Trump

In your wet dreams, commie.

Karl Young

I can think of another person who is nasty, disloyal, and bad for the Republican Party.


Yea, karl young!


Nope— STEWIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My Man Trump



Screw FOX News. They’re Unfair and Unbalanced. Can hardly stand to hear Hanity spew Russian hysteria and mass destruction lies anymore. Fair? NO. Balanced? absolutely NOT! They’re not reporting both sides, only one exaggerated side. Paul Ryan is the RINO globalist cabal mouthpiece! ALL should Dump fox and go to OAN!!! The Truth is refreshing!!!


Yep, she needs to go!


ah Paul Ryan, the first of the communists in the RINO clan, right behind his bud, Pierre Delecto.


Pierre “The DUMMY”!

Tommy Marshall

To HELL with ALL RINOs!!!


Paul Ryan is the guy you have to look up to find out he was the Speaker of the House before Nancy. He was an invisible, inaudible, do-nothing Republican Speaker of the House. Nancy ran the show from the floor and from in front of the microphones.

I certainly would not support his recommendation for the proverbial dog-catcher.


I don’t know Nancy Mace, but it’s safe to assume that she is actually a very good person who just refuses to play along with Mr. Trump’s election lies.

Johnny Appleseed



Hi, Johnny Appleseed. My comment was based on the fact that this tactic has consistently been used by Mr. Trump to try and destroy the careers of any politicians who:

(a) voted for his impeachment
(b) refused to back his attempts to overthrow the election, or
(c) both of the above.

I may have misspoken on this, however. I didn’t recognize her name but looked her up and did recognize the face and a recent video she made in front of Trump Tower that bothered me. Many politicians like herself have gone back and forth in their comments because they know that Mr. Trump will do anything he can to try and end their careers if they cross him. This is one of the reasons I admire Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney so much. In spite of what it may cost them, they continue to fight for our democracy.

Johnny Appleseed

I would do the same damn thing he is doing.

You think it’s wrong to kill a snake trying to hurt us.

I think I should reload and take the head from the hydra.


By the by… my old man said if a person admires lying back stabbing assholes they are probably too stupid to know they are one.

Last edited 1 year ago by Johnny Appleseed

The media knows I exposed all the names in the flight log to Epstein Island. They also know I exposed Nancy Pelosi in the underground rooms caught on the security cameras. I was given Q security clearance to the sensitive declassified information. I downloaded the declassified documents and I have all the files. I exposed the government swamp and Hollywood elite guilty of crimes on Epstein Island. There are going to be cancer diagnoses, sudden deaths and accidents. Many are getting arrested and executed for crimes against humanity. There are no coincidences why I was entrusted to expose everything. I was told to trust the plan and justice was coming. The swamp got caught and I have everything.


🙂 🙂 😮 HA! HA! So funny!!!! Shell must of been BomBShell regarding the facts
of the 45th President & all the “good” he did for our beloved America! So Shell,
you must like paying higher gas prices, higher grocery cost (Unless you are on
Food Stamps & think Americans “owe” you something) and you do not want to really
earn your wages through work! Uhmmmmm, I wonder. Wake up & smell the coffee nut


Diane, I would urge you to stay away from QAnon. It is a dangerous cult.

Johnny Appleseed

Why??? Because it questions your narrative??? Because it’s full of people that want to know the truth not just the bullshit you feed us with candy coated words??

Because people need to stay sheep for the slaughter for your masters???

Why is it not okay for people to seek information??


Na, she’s a traitor like those on the left and sell out RINO’s.


She’s a Globalist Ho!

My Man Trump

You do not need to know her. Suffice it to say she is just another American sell out like FJB, his regime and you.


Shell is just another Commie-Lib!

Johnny Appleseed

I don’t even like hearing that dude’s name. His name irks the soul.

Wisconsin guy

Paul Ryan High School … According to the yearbook, Paul was even voted Prom King his junior year.
And if all that wasn’t enough to predict a “bright future” in politics — Paul was also voted the “biggest brown-noser” in his class. He graduated in 1988.

You can look it up

As an ass kisser he is a natural for Fox News

Craig Barrett

Go Katie Go 👍👍👍

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