She’s working hard

“Kelly Tshibaka, who is running to oust one of the worst Senators in the United States Senate (and that includes many Democrats), Lisa Murkowski, was outstanding last night at the Rally. She’s working hard, and I really believe she’s doing it because she knows how bad Murkowski is for Alaska, having destroyed your jobs with the killing of ANWR, fractured your Lumber Industry, and so many other unbelievable Energy and Economic Development Projects, while at the same time decimating almost everything else great for the State. Also, her approval of Ketanji Brown Jackson, the most Radical Left Justice ever appointed to the Supreme Court, by far, will come back to haunt Alaska and our Nation in many very bad ways. Alaska, get out and vote for Kelly Tshibaka. Election Day is Tuesday, August 16th. It will be one of the best votes you’ve ever made, and you’ll get rid of the Worst and Most Destructive Senator in the History of Alaska, Lisa Murkowski.

She doesn’t care about you. She only cares about herself. And Dan Sullivan, your other Senator, who called me desperately needing my Endorsement to get elected (he was down by a lot and he won!), should be ashamed of himself for endorsing someone he knows is a disaster for the State.”

By Donald J. Trump

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Congratulations Kelly, drain the swamp in Alaska!

My Man Trump

Get rid of Murkowski. She is a commie out to destroy the great state of Alaska, and America. Go Kelly! Triumph over evil.

Michael Jenson



Time for some new Alaskan blood to represent the great state of Alaska in the US Senate.



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