Should have sent back to States!

“So the Democrats, RINOS, and almost ALL others said that Mike Pence, or any V.P., had absolutely no right to do anything but send the “Votes” to the Old Broken Crow, Mitch McConnell, even if they were fraudulent, corrupt, or highly irregular. The V.P. was merely a “human conveyer belt” and could do nothing. BUT NOW, the DEMS & RINOS are working to pass a Bill that stops the V.P. from doing what he was not allowed, according to them, to do. It was all a “Big Lie.” Should have sent back to States!”

By Donald J. Trump

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They lied to you and the public. Now they want to make sure we cannot find out the truth.
There has to be an investigation and a consequence for what they have done.
They need to be stopped from making their own rules.


100% CORRECT President Trump!
Now these Piece of Shit Politian’s WANT to change the law that Pence SHOULD HAVE USED!


They have to clarify the intention spelled out in the Constitution because you have spent your entire life trying to find loopholes so that you can cheat! Whether it is in business or politics, you will try anything to make sure things go your way. And you have been able to get away with it until now.


FJB! and YOU Stupid Liberal!
Go smoke some Crack with Hunter Biden and Overdose!
The United State would be a Better Place!

My Man Trump

Pence and the dems are a big part of the big lie and are in this together.


If you will notice Traitor Pence bought a multi-Million-dollar house outside of Indianapolis after the RIGGED 2020 Election.
I WONDER where Judas Pence got the money?

My Man Trump

That is very interesting. No need to wonder, is there. He is a commie rino in bed with commies.

Hang biden

pence turned out to be as great a traitor as biden is!! We the people demand justice for traitors as per our constitution!!! Hang them both side by side for the world to see!!!


Mike Pence is WORSE than Benedict Arnold!
What a Disgrace to the People of The United States!


You’re correct. And they’re all corrupt sellouts!

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