“Mitch McConnell’s push for Republican Senators to vote for Gun Control will be the final straw. Just like he gave away the Debt Ceiling and got NOTHING in return, or handed the Dems a great sound bite and victory with the Infrastructure Bill, which is actually all about the Green New Deal, he is now forcing approval of the FIRST STEP IN TAKING AWAY YOUR GUNS! Republican Senators SHOULD NOT VOTE FOR THIS CAREER ENDING BILL!!!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Angela Hanson

I wonder if this means that congress violated Federal law 5. U.S.C. 7311 (1)? They swore an oath to uphold the Constitution of America. There are severe penalties for those who don’t. The Supreme Court ruled that New York violated the constitution by requiring residents to have “proper cause” to carry. The regulation was unconstitutional and New Yorkers have been living under it for a hundred years. No more though. Thankyou Father, Thankyou Jesus, Thankyou Trump, & Thankyou Supreme Court Justices. I wonder if this new bill they all signed violates the constitution also. You warned them that they were advocating for something that violates the constitution. You warned them that they should not vote for this career ending bill. Federal law 5 covers it all. Quite BLUNTly I might add. Thankyou for all you do President Trump. Like you always say, we’ll just have to wait & see what happens. I’m feeling good about it though. How bout you?


No more gun control!!!

Cheryl Driscoll

Get this old goat “gone”!


I see him as more of a turtle in the swamp than a goat. 🐢

Cheryl Driscoll

Yes. Resembles more. (But that’s rude!) I was referring to his “stubbornness”, to be a RINO, against his own party…YESS. a turtle.


If any sane Republicans listens to worn out Mitch McConnell has no brain.
They will go down with the radical Democrats as the worse politicians in history.
“We the People” will stop this lawless effort.

Save Our United States

Good advice.


These treasonous demons need to be fired. They don’t care about ” we the people”!!


He is taking steps to mitigate the ever-growing gun violence that plagues our Country. As far as the debt ceiling, the government was going to shut down had they not raised it. You raised it a couple of times during your administration. You could give a shit about what is good for the Country in criticizing McConnell on these issues. I don’t really care for him, but what I do know, he has moments of clarity where he is doing something good for America. You have had no moments of clarity. You don’t give a crap about anything that doesn’t benefit you somehow. You have run your businesses into the ground and now you want to run America to the ground. Go away.

Mary Geiger

👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎
Where is the down vote arrow on here?

Last edited 11 months ago by Mary Geiger

You must really hate America. Being you disagree with anything good for our Country and seem okay with all the bad politicians and the things they are doing.
Your opinion doesn’t matter here.


I love America. What is bad about passing a law that provides funding for security at schools, mental health programs, and enhance background checks for anyone under 21. There are no mandates or bans for law abiding gun owners, no new restrictions, including waiting periods. What is wrong with that?


You are FULL of SHIT!
FJB! and YOU!




This is a Violation of the 2nd Amendment of The United States Constitution!
FJB! and Dumbo Mitch McConnell!


Gun restrictions are illegal since they are against the will of the people. Gun restrictions will only be good for the criminals and massmurders. Lawmakers can and will be prosecuted for ruling against the will of the people when law and order is restored.

ULTRA MAGA Trump Supporter

Any of the congress critters in D.C. who voted in favor of “Red Flag” gun laws,and others associated laws,violated their oaths of office and the 2A/4A of the Constitution of the United States of America.What they have done is illegal and unconstitutional.Because of these violations,all who voted in favor of them can and must be arrested by U.S. Federal Marshals, and removed from office.Because of these violations,”We the People” do NOT have to follow these illegal and unconstitutional laws.The Federal government is BOUND by the Constitution of the United States of America and the Bill of Rights,and cannot violate them without consequences.

Karl Young

This is pretty basic common sense, but I guess it isn’t clear. Mitch McConnell, the most powerful Republican in Washington D.C, has no interest in “TAKING AWAY YOUR GUNS!”. McConnell has served the Republican Senate for 37 years. Nothing he does is “career ending”, and Donald Trump, the World’s leading expert in ending careers for people, is an unreliable source regarding anything involving McConnell.

Mary Geiger

👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎 👎


Great job on the Thumbs Down!
Karl Young = Karl Marx



My Man Trump

There are not too many Republicans worth a shit and that is not even talking about rinos. Mitch McConnell is neither a commie Dem or a Rep…He is just a reptile out for himself. The Republicans never learn, the rinos are nothing but commie dems and the commie dems are greedy control freaks. I know you are working real hard DJT, and timing is everything but I know you thought you had a party that would have our backs. We do not! Hurry back while there is still a resemblance of America and its people.

Cheryl Driscoll

AMEN! WELL SAID! ENOUGH ALREADY! IM SICK OF IT! AND ALL OF YHEM! AND THE *SHOW, ALL OF IT! WISH I COULD LEAVE THE COUNTRY TODAY! I’m over politics! How disgusting it all is! Manipulations, lies! Good luck find ING ANYONE REAL! (Except my man TRUMP!💪🇺🇸🙏📯


McConnell is working with them! He does not have this country’s best interest at heart! He is working against America in plane sight! We need to have a strong senate leader who is for America first!

Karl Young

*plain. Saying that Mitch McConnell is working against America is downright bizarre. Trump told lies about Ronald Reagan also. Who do you think was more trustworthy, Ronald Reagan or “the Donald”?


Karl if your backing McConnell that tells me one of two things, your an evil leftist or just not to bright! McConnell has financial ties in China. He has sided with dems numerous times to bankrupt this country. Not once did he ever ask the question, why did we have over a million people at capital nor cares some are being held with no bail but not being charged! That bizarre enough for you? Getting to your question about Reagan, he was a good president but he screwed up with giving amnesty to illegals, that’s why California is in the mess it is now. As far as Trump, he’s the BEST PRESIDENT EVER!!





Rosanne. Choate

Right, but at the same time, if these Republican senators want to vote a career ending vote, it’s on them. They’ll regret it later, Mr. President.

Steve F.

Yeah, it’s time to remove McConnell from his leadership position and eventually retire him. He simply no longer has what it takes to fight the good fight.


A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. – the 2nd Amendment, as written in the US Constitution.


Yes Sir!

Michael Jenson


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