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Sarah Luu

How Often have we heard this, TRUMP WAS RIGHT! 100’s of times? I feel sorry, in a way, for the citizens of Europe, but NOT THEIR SO CALLED LEADERS. They likely came to power the same way Biden did – CHEATING & RIGGED ELECTIONS. How often has the US came & saved Europe from disaster, i.e. WW1&2, without getting anything but sacrificing our people, billions of $$’s, & spit on for doing so in return. IT WON’T BE LONG that the Chin-Lee & “The NEW Soviet Union” will be stabbing them in the back ( and other places ) and come CRYING TO US to save them. History has repeated it’s self too often. Will they EVER learn? TRUMP WAS ( AND IS ) RIGHT!!! (As Always!). These LEFTIST, GLOBALIST, COMMUNISTS Must be made to ” see the light”, & be replaced with some simple, COMMON SENSE thinking leaders, ESPECIALLY THE UNITED STATES, before WE ALL GO DOWN – WW3!!! Sarah Luu

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