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Sarah Luu

What A 5hit-load of dumb-asses. They are so insane & desperately afraid that they don’t think(like they ever could) before they speak.They are FVCKING THEMSELVES with their own words!

This is common sense. The thing that is as clear as mud is Alan Dershowitz. Seemingly he is all for rules, policies and laws that can return to bite his party (not the republican party). Otherwise, he stupidly for a party that is hell bent on destroying America?

Do you Anti-Trump types actually believe anyone other than Trump is a better person to save America? If you think a democrat; any democrat, at this point in our history is good for America you are a foolish person.

My Man Trump

So very true. They will make fools of themselves trying to get DJT. They do every time. That’s what desperation gets you. Great job luring them in Sir. Keep up the good work.


This regime is coo coo. Not surprised how low they go.


O’Biden wouldn’t like it if their executive privileges were waived, now would they?

Let’s review: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” -Luke 6:31


Biden wouldn’t like it if his executive privilege was waved!

Let’s review: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” -Luke 6:31

Looks like we need to go back to basics, huh Joe?

Mary Geiger

Biden shouldn’t be able to do a lot of things, but he does. His babysitter needs to tell him he has to follow the rules.


You mean quit breaking the laws.

Sarah Luu

Typical BS of this regime, They are obviously so scared & desperate, they pop-off without thinking, like they EVER could think. Noting but a bunch of wet bags of 5hit for brains. The INSANITY is only getting worse. They must be stopped NOW!! THANK YOU President Trump for EVERYTHING! I can’t say this quote enough – “In EVERY Revolution, There’s ONE MAN With a Vision” May GOD continue to Bless YOU & YOURS, Sarah Luu

Last edited 7 months ago by Sarah Luu

God bless and Godspeed President Trump🌹🦁🇺🇸 Much Love and Many Prayers 🙏 WWG1WGA💓MAGA


biden is a joke he did not win and he has no right to be in the white house.


Biden is very bad!

Spread the word of the 45th President!

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