Sorry FoxNews, life doesn’t work that way!

“So FoxNews, which is down 37% in the Ratings, doesn’t cover my getting the “Man of the Decade” Award (because of my great trade policies!) in Michigan, or my Keynote Speech for Faith & Freedom in D.C., and then wants me to show up and get them ratings for their “Presidential” Debate, where I’m leading the field by 40 points. All they do is promote, against all hope, Ron DeSanctimonious, and he’s dropping like a rock. Sorry FoxNews, life doesn’t work that way!!!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Lol, they deserve what they get. I don’t watch Fox, they’ve gone woke and selective journalism.
They are like the democrats, they try to convince you and force you to accept the unspoken and the untruth.

Sarah Luu

Normally I’d say DON’T DO IT because it isn’t necessary to defeat him. HOWEVER this COULD be an opportunity to GET THE M.A.G.A. news out. Set the rules. NOTHING PRERECORDED, LIVE DEBATES ONLY. BREAK THE RULES, INTERRUPT THEM WHEN YOU FEEL IT NECESSARY TO GET YOU WORDS OUT. CALL THEM OUT ON EVERY FALSE STATEMENT. AND OF COURSE, USE YOU FABULOUS SENSE OF HUMOR!! I KNOW you’ll make the right decision to do it or not. Sarah Luu



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