Sorry Justice Roberts, but so true!

“The disgraceful judicial system was on full display yet again with the Danchenko Verdict. Durham could not get a fair shake in the Swamp of biased and partisan juries, where you are told that no Republican based or supported case can be won no matter how good it is, & judges that are so biased, unfair and angry that it is literally dangerous to be in court! I was told by many that Durham’s case was a great one but he has ZERO chance of winning in “that Court.” Sorry Justice Roberts, but so true!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Save Our United States

RINO judge appointed by a RINO President.




Sorry Robert’s but NOT SORRY!

My Man Trump

Justice Roberts is and always has been a rino hack. Why is he so weak and pathetic and sympathetic to commies. Must be greed and power. The majority of Americans are no longer tolerant of rinos and commies.


That’s crazy. What’s wrong with these people? We have a corrupt justice system. How can we ever be safe? My thoughts go to the January 6 prisoners, where’s their justice?
Scary times.

Kreg Vergith

At least now we have FBI agents’ testimony on the record.

Could come in handy someday…


Two dominos down, no indictments but great exposure of CORRUPT FBI, even if no one is convicted it might get people’s heads out of their ass and see the depth of depravity on the left. CONVICTIONS would be a start on restoring normalcy in the US.

Kreg Vergith

Yeah, Durham is a sneaky devil.
He’s got something going on.
Convictions would be nice, but his admissible evidence is piling up.
If he finds an unbiased court, the Left is toast!

Our Country will soon turn around and be what it was meant to be.

Karl Young

Trump thinks that since he appointed 3 of the 9 Justices, he can tell them how to vote. Even if they wanted to, they can’t. They’re JUDGES. They can’t break the law. Remember, there are 6 Republicans on the Court and only 3 Democrats. That’s 67% Republican. The Judges aren’t ALLOWED to always do the Republican thing when it’s a Republican, and only the Democrat thing when it’s a Democrat. They can only do the LEGAL thing, whatever the American Constitution allows, and whatever American laws allow. Every time Donald Trump accuses the Supreme Court of corruption, he is sh*tting on the American Constitution, and acting like a person who hates the United States of America. Real Americans don’t tell lies about the Supreme Court.

Kreg Vergith

SCOTUS wimped out on several rulings, and the lower courts went around the Law to throw out cases which don’t fit the Left’s narrative.

President Trump has valid reasons to complain.
Political bias (on either side) is anathema to justice.

It’s not his agenda he’s fighting for.
It’s for the good of the Country.


How are things on the Russian front Comrade Karl?


Justice Roberts is a DISGRAGE to the Supreme Court and the United States legal system!
He is Just Another Piece of Shit Rino like Bush 2 that appointed him!

Karl Young

Calling the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States of America “Just Another Piece of Shit RINO” is like calling Brad Pitt and Scarlett Johansson ugly. You would have a right to say it, but it only makes you sound weird. “Michael Jordan was a fake basketball player!”. See? It’s just bizarre. Since you are an expert on the subject, which Supreme Court Justices are the highest level legal scholars in the United States, and which ones are just pieces of shit, according to Stuart. I know that your answer (paraphrased) would be ” Well, whoever Donald Trump hates is a piece of shit!”. Fine. Donald Trump is not a lawyer, right?. He wouldn’t be able to become a lawyer even if he wanted to, right?. How is Donald Trump more skilled than the Federalist Society and everybody else in the Republican Party at analysing Judges? If you say the Federalist Society was wrong (and all Republicans except from Donald) then you definitely can’t ever call yourself a Republican ever again. Stuart the Rino. Or is there a slight possibility that Trump viscously attacks anybody, no matter who, no matter for what reason, even universally respected Republicans, when they tell him he is wrong about something? Does Trump think he is perfect?


FJB! the Commie-Libs and Piece of Shit Rinos and YOU!

Karl Young

It’s the Supreme Court of the United States of America, with a 6-3 Republican majority and 3 judges that were hand-picked by Donald Trump. It’s not “that court”. Only criminals call American courts corrupt.


Rino = Republican in Name ONLY!
FJB! Roberts and YOU!


Not to worry.Durham isn’t going after the low hanging fruit.He is using the low hanging fruit as the ammunition that he requires to get to the top.Those at the top will take the low hanging fruit down after Durham takes down those at the top.


If he knows that, why didn’t he request a change of venue? Corruption is everywhere. The courts are not doing their job! The deep state must be massively eliminated from our society. WHEN?


Change of Venue to Iowa, Missouri, Tennessee. etc.?


Is there a branch of government that has not been corrupted?





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