Speaking of Leaks

“Speaking of LEAKS, Special “Prosecutor” Jack Smith (What did his name used to be?) leaked massive amounts of information to The Washington ComPost. This is illegal, and I assume this Radical Left Lunatic, much to the chagrin of his Trump Hating wife and family, will be PROSECUTED? He is a totally biased Thug who should be let loose on the Biden Documents hidden in Chinatown, and the 1,850 BOXES secretly stored in Delaware, which Biden REFUSES to give up. Biden is guilty of Obstruction, I am not!”

By Donald J. Trump

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Sarah Luu

Speaking of LEAKS, They should be punished as they do in Singapore. Take Bragg, The Clinton’s, Biden’s, The Obama’s & the rest of those crooks, strip them naked, bolt them to stocks and BEAT their bare asses wide open with split bamboo canes! That might stop some of the BS going on in this country. I would be glad to volunteer to use the cane. Sarah Luu

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