Statement on Mark Pomerantz Letter

“A Radical Left lawyer who works with Chuck Schumer’s brother at a Democrat law firm is upset the District Attorney of New York has not yet pursued phony charges against President Trump. It’s troubling how politicized our justice system has become, where Democrats are loaned out to gin up crimes against their political opponents. President Trump built a great business, and did nothing wrong. New York should get back to solving their skyrocketing crime problem, rather than spending so much time and energy on partisan witch hunts.

“On top of everything else, their firm represents the DNC, Democrats, and is Hillary Clinton’s law firm. This is disgraceful behavior and how somebody like that and others from his firm can be let loose to become prosecutors of a great Republican President is disgraceful. So bad, in fact, that professional prosecutors resigned in protest of this presidential persecution. They thought it was very unfair. Will this Radical Left law firm be held legally accountable for what they have done?”

Liz Harrington, spokesperson for Donald J. Trump

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We agree, whole heartedly!


FJB! and the Commie-Libs!


evil begets evil and karma is great feel their time is coming.


Who are the professional prosecutors who resigned in protest? Two resigned because the District Attorney wouldn’t go forward at this time. Haven’t heard of anyone resigning in support of trump. Another lie!


FJB! and YOU!

My Man Trump

No one on the commie side is held accountable. That is why this disgraceful display of partisan politics continues openly and freely. They commit egregious acts and then flaunt it in our faces. Despicable! But why not. Just like the steal…..Who is stopping them.

Craig Barrett

Every damn one of the corrupt trash should be disbarred, in the history of eternity they will be DISGRACED

Freedom Fighter

More of the same …….The corruption is really showing itself at all levels. The elite are trying a huge power grab while they can under the plandemic….. Trudeau is not liked globally due to treating canadians likes slaves and locking canadians out of freely traveling. Many Canadians are prisoners in their own country not able to leave while Trudeau strips them of their jobs, houses, means to support themselves. UN parliment called him a dictator. When will all of North America stand together to get rid of Biden and Trudeau…both owned by the elite. Instead of standing up for another country lets stand up for FREEDOM in NORTH AMERICA…..north america has been taken over and it is openly blantant….look how everything is falling apart since the elites have their elitist puppets in place. Biden and Trudeau are the enemy of the people and should be dragged into the streets just like they would do in any other country that the leaders over step their power and go against the people they are supposed to represent. It is no secret any more…. the elite talk about how they have control over our governments….this is treason at the highest level against the people and our countries.


You mean the aged NYC law firm of Paul Weiss et al, or their spin off firm of Rule Garza Howley???


Praying for God’s restitution for you and all those who look to HIM in this time!!!! Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness sake!!!


Sorry Liz but DONNY is a better liar !

Cary Miller

Hold them all accountable and correct the 2020 Election. It was stolen and LETS GO is a Criminal that needs to be prosecuted, Judged and delt with. They all do. So do it. Let me know if you need help.


New York Democrats are so corrupt and dishonest (fools) they make Hunter Biden look “honest”.

We were thrilled to hear about the lawsuit you filed yesterday against crooked Hillary, the DNC and the other fools.

When will a class action lawsuit be filed against the same group of fools for the trillions of dollars in damages that they cost the people of this country?

Gerald Warner

Sue the hell out of them….Since WA DC is not a state everyone in the country shoiuld be able to be on any jury needed in WA DC….We need to stop all private organizations from profiting or deciding who gets into office. ABA, GOP DNC. Why are we letting the ABA deciding who our judges are and GOP and DNC getting paid for being on committees

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