Statement on NYT’s “Air DeSantis” Report

“The New York Times published a report Saturday on “Air DeSantis.”

The story notes: “Ahead of an expected White House bid, Mr. DeSantis has relied heavily on his rich allies to ferry him around the country to test his message and raise his profile. Many of these donors are familiar boosters from Florida, some with business interests before the state, according to a New York Times review of Mr. DeSantis’s travel…A half dozen lobbyists and donors who spoke with The Times said they became accustomed to calls from the governor’s political aides asking for planes — in at least one case, for a last-minute trip home from out of state and, more recently, for a flight to Japan.”

Statement from Karoline Leavitt, spokeswoman for Make America Great Again Inc.: “Ron DeSantis has become the embodiment of a political sellout. This story of secret luxury travel, along with his expected private campaign ‘launch’ at the swanky Four Seasons Resort, proves he has become a mere puppet of the ruling class. Ron DeSantis claims he will shake up the system. That’s nonsense. He’s owned by the system.””

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Sonette Tippens

do not bad mouth republigans. i am voting for you, but i do not like republicans fighting other republicans. stick together

Nancy A. Daylo

Dear President Donald J. Trump, With all this underhanded, double-dealing going on, it is a good thing you did not choose him for your VP. Everybody thought what a great boost that would make for your campaign to have someone who has made an impact on Florida. But, you know best and I am glad that you are watchful and careful of who you will choose to run with you. Hopefully, you do not choose an ambitious woman.They would KILL you to get ahead. Some others that I thought would be good are also ambitious and are showing their true colors and they run against you. PIGS! No, competition is good, but not in this case. You should be supported ALL THE WAY.I pray for you everyday many times and JESUS loves you. HE forgives all the imperfect things you have done and promises to help you everyday. Nancy A. Daylo


Desantis = RINO PUPPET!
TRUMP 2024!

Sarah Luu

WHY? Why are so many people APPEAR to fear this guy. Yes, It’s true, he has been a pretty good GOV. for FL, BUT HE IS NO DONALD J. TRUMP! – NOT ANYWHERE CLOSE. This is the ‘ol GAME of DIVIDE & CONQUER. The media is trying EVERY game in the book to fvck up President Trump. This one is to DEFLECT your attention AWAY from TRUMP on to others. QUIT WORRYING ABOUT De Santus! FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS on the honestly elected PRESIDENT, D. J. TRUMP! IGNORE THE “FAKE NEWS” & their desperate tricks. CONCENTRATE on REPAIRING THE STOLEN ELECTION & NOW!!!



John Mehoff

WOW! Move to another country sweety, Trump will NEVER set foot in the people’s house again!


WOW!! Very interesting.

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