Stop saying that unemployment is low!

“Why are people getting away with saying that unemployment is great, only 3.5%. Millions of people that are unemployed but not looking for jobs make that number FAKE, like so much else in our failing Country. There were 7 million more people working during the Trump Administration than there are now. Stop saying that unemployment is low!”

By Donald J. Trump

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I don’t donate money ever to anything. Moreover; Biden’s economy makes it easy to hang onto any money one can get. As for job numbers: I believe anyone with some awareness can see for themselves that Biden is such a liar he knows not reality.

I’ve tried and tried to gain employment in a local union job – took all the tests and did well. Yet, they came up with a lame excuse not to hire. This job is an apprenticeship entry level job. I have worked in this field prior to applying. The Union asked if I had any prior training. I said yes. The training I received in the past was from a none union employer. The union wants to see proof of the training or no hire?

This is odd? If I said that I never been trained would I been hired. No other prospective employee has to meet these standards? What I feel the reason this Union doesn’t want to hire me is age.

I have kids older than the guys applying for this job. Hey! I am fit and still alive and need money like everyone else. Age discrimination is a real thing and must end.

So when slow Joe Biden touts his greatest that no one that hasn’t been brain washed by the LEFTIST MACHINE of DESTRUCTION believes he can simply ask the real people of America and not the fake people he thinks are still alive.


NOBOBY will hire you if you are over the age of fifty no matter how much experience you have!
That is why I RETIRED!


I laugh everytime I hear that from Biden and the fake news.
They really expect people to believe their lies.


What I want to know is, what are these unemployed people living on?


What people are living on? Savings, wealthier relatives, etc., and when those don’t come through: CRIME, as in robberies, etc., as in the huge spike of late, largely due to the democrats’ high unemployment rate and the release of huge numbers of violent criminals from prisons by insane democrat DAs installed by Soros money who call their horrific actions “criminal justice reform.” It’s all part of the Great Reset plan where all our lives would be strictly controlled by demonic globalists like Klaus Schwab. He REALLY loves covid.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND HAPPY FLAG DAY, PRESIDENT TRUMP! God bless you and God bless America 🙏🇺🇸


They manipulate numbers like the chronic LIARS they are, no surprise. Question is, when does justice finally hit them like the wrecking ball they so richly deserve? In this life and/or the next, there’s that old piper that always gets paid, in full.

Mark Rakow

Unemployment, itself, is not great, as anyone who has ever struggled to find a job can surely tell you.

The unemployment RATE of 3.5%, however, is indeed great, by historical standards. The weekly numbers of first-time applications for unemployment benefits are the lowest since 1969 – which is truly astounding, considering that the number of Americans in the labor force has more than doubled in tht time, from 77.9 million in 1969, to 161.2 million in 2021.

Post-pandemic, record numbers of Americans have started their own businesses, becoming their own bosses. MIllions of people are choosing to “retrain and retool” and are furthering their education in an ever-widening variety of fields. Meanwhile, untold millions have decided to prioritize home and family, even as they work part-time, and/or attend school, yet keeping their focus on the children. We know this, because homeschooliing numbers are at an all-time high. All of these facts stand as evidence that Americans are resourceful and adaptable.

Still, many employers are having great difficulty finding, and retaining, enough qualified and willing workers. There’s no question that these are serious problems. Fortunately, Americans are also problem-solvers. Problems such as these can be corrected, and thus solved. The question is, are American employers willing to correct, and thus solve them?

Until the enswer to that question changes from “no” to “yes,” these problems will go unsolved.

Last edited 11 months ago by Mark Rakow

Another Crack Head Genius like Hunter and Brandon.
Save America!


Great insightful comeback…


Trump had it solved; then came your race riots, plandemic and brandon and all the swamp floaters back into full power and to hell it all went. I don’t think you could get any crazier with the disinformtion if you tried.

Mark Rakow

It all went to hell. Really?

In that case, Trump can go to hell, too.

Last edited 11 months ago by Mark Rakow
Mark Rakow

Had Trump been a decent President, these matters could have been resolved with relative ease.

Sadly, though not suprisingly, however, Trump was an indecent President.


Trump had everything either resolved or well on the way to resolution. Your “progressive” evil clown administration is destroying everything. But then you know that…it was the plan.


With the FORCED vaccine mandates the WOKE work environment people are either getting FIRED, QUITTING, DROPPING OUT of the labor market which the government DOES NOT COUNT since the Obummer Regime or RETIRING!
The TRUE unemployment number is around 15% to 16%
FJB! and the Commie-liberals!

Pat McGroin

LoL… the “true” unemployment number? Do know what metric they use to determine unemployment? They count the number of people on unemployment. It is what it is. #simplemath


100% Correct.
They began using that matrix under the Obummer Regime.
The Corrupt Government use to also include people take were Not working and NOT collecting unemployment.


Agree. In New York city, teachers who refused to get vaccine were put on leave with no pay, not fired. So can’t apply for unemployment. I, also, know a nurse not vaccinated, was fired and told can’t apply for unemployment. So unemployment numbers are all fake!!!


Very Sad but TRUE!
Things can ONLY get better from here!

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